"Archer Vice: Palace Intrigue: Part II" - S5E11 Recap

The shelling stops right as Archer was hooking up with Calderone's wife in the butler's pantry. The team then learns about Calderone's buying a million copies of Cherlene's album. Cherlene runs out crying, feeling humiliated. Calderone's wife is angry and is about to reveal her affair with Archer, who interrupts the moment by firing the gun at Cyril. Calderone and his wife throw dishes and china at each other before each leaving to go to their respective rooms. Cyril is revealed to be alive because he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. The team wants to leave but Mallory won't head out until Calderone pays for the weapons. Archer fires the gun again when Lana is about to reveal his affair with Calderone's wife. The news gets out anyway and Mallory decides that they should indeed leave. She also advises the team to be sure to grab Cherlene and anything else that might be valuable.

Krieger is bonding with the clones of him, deciding he's better off with them instead of the team, whom he overheard choosing to leave without him. Cyril has been tasked with finding a getaway and finds Calderone's massive collection of luxury cars. Calderone is trying to make Cherlene feel better, telling her he wanted to distribute her record to the poor to spread her music. She doesn't fall for it since she knows they don't even have record players. Archer and Lana are looking at Calderone's giant white painting and Lana slashes it out of the frame whilst making a symbolic insult to Archer's penis.

Calderone offers to divorce his wife to be with Cherlene and have him stay but Calderone's wife hears it and is furious, saying she will never divorce him even though she has never loved him. She draws a gun and tells Calderone about her affair with Archer. Calderone draws his weapon and pulls it on Archer. He fires the weapon and Pam jumps in the bullet's path. Cherlene beats Calderone with her guitar and uses it to absorb the bullets being fired by Calderone's wife. The pair get into a fight and Pam stands up, wearing Cyril's now-invalid bulletproof vest. She is injured but not out yet. Calderone makes his wife drop the gun and Cherlene still lands some slaps on her. Calderone says that his word is literally law in his country and declares himself divorced from his wife and married to Cherlene. He announces that everyone is to be executed except for Cherlene. Krieger overhears this from the surveillance feed. One of Calderone's men comes in and announces that the rebels have made it past the base. A tank comes in and the men drop their weapons and declare their surrender. Cyril then pops up and reveals that he is the one in the tank.

Archer Vice airs on Mondays on FX at 10PM.


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