Bad Education S1E5 - "Football Match" Recap

Fraser comes into Alfie's class to tell them about the upcoming football match between Abbey Grove and Middleton House, the school Alfie attended. He wants Alfie to manage Abbey Grove's team since the gym teacher is currently unavailable and Alfie agrees to do so. Alfie decides to have his pupils be the team after the actual football team, both first and second, ostracises him. They're largely hesitant. Stephen offers up his services but Alfie tells him not to be silly. Grayson comes in and says he wants to be on the team to beat up people from the other school. In the end, his pupils only agree to join the team after he records an embarrassing and inappropriate outgoing message for his phone.

Mistress Pickwell summons Rosie to her office. She's wearing strangely, clownish, overdone makeup. She asks Rosie how attractive she thinks she is because she's heard that Middleton House is looking for a new Deputy Head and wants to be transferred. Rosie lies and says that her make-up is subtle.

The charters from Middleton House arrive and Alfie ends up bullied by the team's coach. There's a bit of a scene in front of Rosie and she's horrified by the outright bullying. Alfie tells her there was a bit of an incident in second year and she assumes he means that the coach molested him. Fraser shows up with cornrows in his hair to try to help make the school seem like it's part of a "thug life."

Pickwell is trying to impress the coach so she can get a job there instead.

The game begins and Alfie is forced to be the goalie since they're one player short. Middleton quickly gets the lead: 6-0. During half time, Alfie is horrified to learn there is a second half. Rosie pulls Alfie out into the hall to give him a pep talk, saying what happened to him wasn't his fault. He returns to the locker room and rallies his pupils into fighting. Since Remmington is injured, Stephen asks if he can play and Alfie agrees. Stephen proves to be an incredible football player and gives Abbey Grove its first goal. With Stephen's help and the team's being inspired to perform better, the game is now tied at 6-6.

Humpitch, Middleton's coach becomes furious and attempts to play in the game against Alfie. Alfie has visions of Humpitch taunting him for quitting. He collapses and an ambulance is called. He apologises to Alfie, saying he only ever wanted the best for him, and Rosie unleashes her temper on him, still believing he molested Alfie. When she calls Humpitch a rapist, Alfie then tells her she has misunderstood and that he quit Humpitch's sports team. It turns out Alfie was an Irish dancer and Humpitch is furious over the fact that he was talented enough to have gone pro. Humpitch asks Alfie to do it one more time. After some hesitation, Alfie shows his dance moves and the game is called as a draw.

Bad Education airs on Tuesdays on BBC Three.


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