Bad Education S1E6 (Finale) - "Politics" Recap

Alfie's pupils gather around to watch and make fun of a video of him singing when he was 16. He can't take it down because he forgot his password. Another student named David Millbeck comes in to try to get the students to vote for him in the upcoming student election. Mitchell then pulls up a video of a man "singing with his nut sack." Alfie sends it to Fraser, who loves Peter Gabriel, who then accidentally displays it on a screen in front of several more students. Grayson films and posts it. It goes viral and Fraser is suspended from his position.

Pickwell decides to take over the school. She has already expelled a student after planting marijuana in his locker because his parents were wanting compensation after a javelin accident. Alfie and Rosie become competitive towards one another regarding the student election. David is Rosie's candidate so Alfie decides to have Joe run to utilise the sympathy vote. "Everybody loves a chubby virgin." He delegates tasks to his pupils to help Joe's campaign.

Alfie meets with Fraser and agrees to try to help him get his position back. Through some strategic work, David's brother Edmund becomes her class candidate instead of David. Rosie is further perturbed when she sees Pickwell trying to get the tree she planted in the school garden in memoriam of her brother cut down. Mitchell and Rem Dogg end up hacking the FBI's database instead of their given task and as a prank, put Alfie on the Most Wanted list before spotting a man that appears to be the school's P.E. teacher.

The speeches have begun and Alfie introduces Joe before giving him a speech he wrote for him himself. This speech ends up being little more than a message to Rosie expressing displeasure at her treatment of him. Rosie gets up to speak instead of her class candidate and tells Alfie he should be more of a real teacher. They bicker in front of the entire student body and Rosie then threatens Pickwell, telling her not to touch her tree.

Alfie and Rosie are called to Fraser's probationary hearing and Pickwell assures them they will lose their jobs once she is headmaster. Alfie speaks in favour of Fraser and ends up highly amused by the fact that Fraser's actual first name is Shaquille. He then says that Fraser loves the school and would do anything for it. The committee asks Alfie to say even one thing Fraser has accomplished as headmaster and is unable to provide anything useful. It's then Rosie's turn to go in.

Jing shows up and brings Alfie the school's accounts, which show that Pickwell has been stealing money from the school's funds. When Alfie confronts Pickwell with the paper, she tears it up, chews it, and spits it out at Alfie. Ying tells Alfie in Chinese that there are no copies, but Alfie threatens to expose her if she doesn't speak in favour of Fraser and rig the school election in favour of Ben, a candidate dressed up as Spiderman.

The school celebrates with a dance party and Fraser is drunkenly elated to have his job back, having spiked the punch. Chantelle coaches Jing on how to get the attention of David. A slightly intoxicated Rosie snogs Alfie and Mitchell then plays Alfie's horrible song over the speakers.

Bad Education will return on BBC for Series 2.


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