Bad Education S2E1 - "Swimming Gala" Recap

Joe returns for the new term with a bowl cut performed by his father. Mitchell has gotten a tattoo of Chinese characters up his side that are his order whenever he orders takeout. Alfie comes in and has the same bowl haircut as Joe, also done by his father.

Alfie is under the impression that Rosie is now his girlfriend. With the upcoming swimming gala, Mr. Fraser decides that that they will pay homage to "Splash!" by having the gala end with a synchronised diving competition. Each teacher contributes money to a pot that will be won by whomever coaches their class to victory. Alfie then learns that Rosie is not his girlfriend and has changed her Facebook status to 'In a relationship' after having begun a relationship with a former pupil of hers, Alex, who is a girl.

Alfie has bribed his students with the promise of a trip to Nandos in order to get them to enter the synchronised diving event so he can win the cash prize. Rosie demands that her class be excused from the event and opts to have them participate in non-violent protest against Pickwell's demanding her pupils starve themselves to achieve an Olympic-level body mass. After Mitchell is injured, Alfie determines that Stephen and Joe will dive for his class.

The swimming gala begins and Pickwell's swimmer's sweep the various events while Rosie's class is indeed boycotting the events. When it's time for the synchronised diving event, Pickwell gets a zero when her partner passes out from starvation and falls far before Pickwell. They earn a zero. Alfie gives Joe a pep talk, as he is self-conscious about his body. Stephen's ankle is injured and Alfie opts to dive with Joe, despite having a strong chlorine allergy. Alfie and Joe score low but still gets them a victory. Alfie's eyes swell up to the point of hardly being able to see. Grayson steals his clothes and towel after he showers. He then pushes Alfie out into the lobby where he encounters Rosie and Alex, along with the rest of the pupils and stuff.

Alfie then brings his pupils to Nandos where he has to buy three beers per person as part of his escalating bribes for their participation.

Bad Education airs on Tuesdays on BBC Three.


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