Bad Education S2E2 - "The American" Recap

Alfie and his pupils are playing Class Wars but are interrupted by new teacher Kevin Schwimer, an American. He says that he has been tasked with taking over Alfie's class and Pickwell has merely failed to tell him so. Fraser calls an assembly to welcome Schwimer to the school. He begins listing his accomplishments including winning a gold medal for Team USA at the recent London Olympics. He also begins cracking jokes to charm the students and staff. Alfie tries to crack jokes but fails to charm people in the same way.

Alfie expresses his displeasure to Fraser about losing his class. Fraser tells him that Pickwell has threatened to report him to various child-services if he doesn't do what she says. Alfie then confronts Pickwell, saying she can't take his class away from him but she remains unmoved. She introduces him to his new form, 2J, and they are a wildly rambunctious group. He tricks Schwimer into leaving the class to aid an injured (fabricated) student. He speaks to his pupils and finds that they have grown fond of Schwimer and are impressed by his many accomplishments.

Alfie attempts to flirt with Pickwell to get his class back but when she demands sexual favours in return, he's unable to go through with it. He is upset to find that Rosie, his pupils, and even Grayson prefer Schwimer to him. Alfie embarrasses and injured himself trying to do a skateboard trick in front of his former pupils and Schwimer.

Alfie begins packing up his belongings and Jing then comes in asking to talk to him. She says that Schwimer isn't who he says he is. She finds that one of his photos of his accomplishments is poorly photoshopped and claimed to have attended Harvard in California when it is actually in Massachusetts. She tells Alfie that although he is an idiot, at least he is a kind man. They then team up and begin finding the inconsistencies in his story.

Alfie and Jing confront Schwimer at recess in front of the pupils about all the lies he has told. Jing calls him a compulsive liar and he admits he just wanted them to like him. Schwimer is dressed in armour to teach a lesson and has old-fashioned weapons. Alfie believes they are more lies and begins waving a gun around. It goes off and Joe ends up shot in the bum. Alfie fires the other gun into the air as a distress signal and ends up shooting Pickwell's hawk. He puts the guns into Schwimer's hands as Pickwell comes running over. She is distraught over the death of her bird and Rosie looks after Joe, asking Alfie what he has done. Schwimer says that he is responsible and admits his lies, saying he has a problem. He then begins changing his accent repeatedly and tells a few more lies. Pickwell threatens to rip his balls off if he ever returns to campus again. Alfie is given his pupils back and they rejoice.

The episode ends with another game of Class Wars.

Bad Education airs on Tuesdays on BBC Three.


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