Bad Education S2E7 - "Christmas Special" Recap

Abbey Grove is preparing for its Christmas Play. Fraser wants Alfie to direct it but Alfie is reluctant due to the memory of his doing the Nativity Play as a child, being promised by his mother that she would attend, and looking out in the audience and seeing his mother's empty chair. Fraser tells him he doesn't have to do the Nativity Play and could do something non-denominational instead. Fraser also advises him to get Stephen involved due to his many theatrical endeavours in the past.

Alfie has his class vote between doing a play on Robocop or the Nutcracker. The results end in a tie so Alfie decides that they should do a mash-up, called "Robocracker." It's up to Alfie to write the play and Jing agrees to help him with the auditions. They're largely unimpressive, with the exception of Stephen who does a tremendous number from Flashdance. Much to their shock, school bully Frank Grayson arrives to audition too. Alfie agrees to give him the co-lead out of fear.

Mitchell asks Fraser for help in getting Alfie's mother's to come to the play he will be putting on. Fraser calls her but lies and says that Alfie has been in a horrific car crash. Alfie begin rehearsals with his class plus Frank. He casts Joe as the play's villain, Kim Jong-un. Stephen is playing Robocop and Frank is a boy who wishes his toy Robocop to be alive. The class splits into pairs who take turns rolling atop each other as a trust exercise. Alfie is stuck partnered with Joe and begins to flee when Chantelle roll-chases after him. He bumps into Rosie who asks them who will be joining her and Alfie to go that evening to volunteer at a soup kitchen.

At the soup kitchen, they meet a Scottish homeless man who begins giving students advice when they begin rehearsing their play. He tells them he used to be an actor but his career spiralled downward to the point of him ending up with a roll on Hollyoaks. IT's time for the play and Alfie has invited several of the homeless folks to attend to impress Rosie.

Fraser tells Mitchell Alfie's mum is at Gatwick and they need to figure out a cover. Fraser gives Alfie a neck brace and tells him to put it on because narrators can get hurt doing all that reading. The play begins and things are rough. Frank has refused to wear the lower half of his costume, opting to wear gym shorts instead. Stephen falls off the stage in his first scene before climbing back on to carry on. The homeless actor heckles them and Frank's acting is poor with his lines being delivered too loud. Mitchell moons the audience and Alfie tackles him before calling an interval.

The play resumes and Alfie is amazed when he sees his mother arrive. The play carries on and towards the end, Frank delivers his moving lines and snogs Stephen (when it was supposed to be a hug that brought him back to life as a real boy). The play receives a standing ovation. Alfie greets his mother and learns about Fraser's lying, saying he was in an accident, as well as the fact that getting her to come was all Mitchell's idea. Alfie's "Uncle Xavier" mistakes Rem Dogg for Alfie before having his mistake corrected. Alfie introduces them to Rosie and his mother announces they will be staying until he is better.

They all gather around for Christmas dinner with everyone from the play, staff, and some additional guests. Frank reveals to Stephen he had sent him the West Ham ticket for Secret Santa and asks him whether he wants to go. Stephen agrees and Frank says it's not a big deal. Stephen tells him to "give it up, babes." Alfie asks Mitchell if the donkey he had asked him to get (to adopt for Rosie's Christmas present) had arrived and Mitchell reveals that they are currently eating it for dinner. Rosie presents Alfie with his present, Michael Buble's Christmas album. Alfie is thrilled and Rosie tells him she loves him.

Bad Education will return for Series 3 on BBC Three.


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