Beauty and the Beast S2E10 - "Ancestors" Recap

Vincent appears on The Talk and is interviewed by Sharon Osborne and Julie Chen. Tori watches from backstage as Vincent tells them he has no memory of the past ten years. Tess meets with Cat, who tells her she doesn't want her or anyone else walking on eggshells around her anymore. Gabe interrupts their girl talk, calling them in.

Vincent is annoyed after the interview, sick of hiding the truth and the fact that he is lying more then he ever has. Tess and Cat meet Gabe and Agent Dana Ladon, who killed a suspect and now wants Cat to pose as Mara to go undercover. Tess and Gabe think it's too dangerous and she agrees at first. But when a news flash about Vincent appears on her phone, she decides to take on the task, clearly to spite him.

JT is trying to reach Vincent, who shows up then and finds that his place has been ransacked and JT has been beaten. JT has been researching the skeleton found in the antique shop passageway. JT tells them it is over 10,000 years ago and has some of the same beast markers Vincent's DNA has. Muirfield must have synthesised their injections using extinct species. JT is surprised by the fact that his attackers only stole the shackles but not the skeleton itself. Vincent uses his beast powers to track the culprit, with Tori tagging along.

Cat is getting prepped with only a few hours until her mission begins. Gabe finds the whole job to be too dangerous and pulls Cat out in the hallways to try to talk her out of it. She tells him this is important for her to do in order to get back to who she was before Vincent.

Vincent tracks one of JT's attackers to his apartment but there's no one there. Tori wants to focus on their future but Vincent wants to follow this lead and get answers about his past. Tori worries that his fixation on the past means getting back with Cat but he assures her that this isn't the case.

Cat is at the bar in an all black ensemble and she hones in on the gang leader. When she breaks protocol about not asking questions, he pulls a gun on her and she fights him off. She puts his gun up to him and makes him apologise, maintaining her cover all the while. Vincent and Tori show up, having followed the trail. When Vincent locks eyes with Vincent, she kisses Patrick, the gang leader's younger brother. Tori walks in and assumes that Vincent had tracked Cat and walks out, offended.

Vincent returns to JT's place and tells him that he doesn't know what happened and how he could have lost the burglar's trail. JT gives him a pep talk that sends him out again. Vincent follows the trail again and finds Shorty, from the gang Cat is infiltrating. He questions Shorty, gets some answers, snaps his neck, and then finds the shackle under his bed.

Cat reports back her findings on the gang to the FBI. Gabe unleashes the full wrath of his worry-wart-ways and and insists on Cat wearing a wire. Cat meets up with the gang again, where Pete has just learned that Shorty is dead. Pete is highly suspicious of her now, and tells her she is wearing the wrong outfit. They take her to the waterfront and Pete declares his belief that she is a cop. He wants to scan her for a wire and before he can attempt it, she is able to cleverly reveal her location to those listening in. She then grabs one of the lackeys and jumps into the water which short circuits the wire. She is pulled back into the van and scanned for a wire but the device doesn't beep. The plan is back on track.

Cat and Patrick share a moment at the hideaway. They're about to kiss again but they're interrupted because it's time to head out. Gabe and Landon are at the waterfront and Gabe judges the heel marks, convincing Landon to trust Cat and let her play out the sting. Agent Landon asks him how long he's been in love with her because let's face it, subtlety is not one of his strengths.

Cat and the gang head into a Russian consulate, disguised as caterers. Cat is tasked with pickpocketing a general, which she successfully does. She gets the keys to Patrick and while walking around the party with her tray of champagne glasses, encounters Vincent who is attending the party as a guest. They warn each other to not get in each other's way, though they're both after the gem.

Vincent heads upstairs with the general's wife and things are getting hot until he lightly his her pressure point, knocking her out. He heads to the safe but then Patrick jumps down from the vent and pulls a gun on him. Vincent is prepared to kill Patrick but then Cat shows up with her gun and holds Vincent at gunpoint. Vincent beasts to the safe and Cat realises that he killed Shorty, which Vincent doesn't deny. He knocks Patrick out and makes off with the gem, as she asks him, "What happened to you?"

Cat and Patrick return to the hideout, where she convinces him to leave and get out of this crime-ridden lifestyle. At the station, Landon grills Cat about her story that claims she doesn't know who got the gem. Cat is also suspicious of Landon putting her on the case. Landon reveals how her husband was killed and has been following leads that connect this gem to Cat's paternal ancestry.

JT analyses the gem and says that when paired with the shackle, it is like a collar for beasts.Vincent is set on finding the people who were after these items, wanting answers about these beasts. Gabe and Tess talk about Cat over the station's coffee area. Cat comes over and thanks Gabe for trusting her. She then kisses him.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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