Beauty and the Beast S2E11 - "Held Hostage" Recap

Cat and Gabe are preparing a surprise birthday party for Tess. Cat is irked by the fact that Vincent and Tori are in the papers with her wearing the stolen necklace. Cat says the necklace belongs to her because of her ancestor owning it. Agent Landon calls them in to show them the same paper and has Cat arrest Tori for possession of the stolen necklace. Mid-arrest, Cat also points out that Vincent has pranced Tori around like bait with that necklace.

Some mysterious men attack Gabe and Vincent at Vincent's place while others head to the precinct and hold everyone hostage. They want the necklace and are content with just sitting tight until their helicopter arrives to get them and the necklace away. Cat coaxes the bad guys into being locked up with Tori, saying that if the rich white girl gets hurt, they'll have more people coming after them.

Vincent sneaks a peek at some NYPD blueprints to try to get the necklace back. He's not all that interested in the hostages until Gabe tells him Catherine is amongst them. Cat manages to bait Tori in order to get her to break free from her restraints and their cell. Tori runs off to get the necklace while Cat is left to run around, still in her restraints. Tori finds the goon with the necklace and snaps his neck. She puts the necklace back on and Cat comes across her. Something is up with this necklace because Cat is able to overpower and knock her out. Vincent drops down from the vents and Cat asks him to help her save the hostages but he's not so keen on it. They bicker like the unresolved couple that they are while Vincent takes the necklace off of Tori. Vincent is convinced that the necklace is some sort of Beast leash.

The goons learn that the womyn have broken from their cell, their comrade has been killed, and the necklace is gone. They begin shouting out that they will kill Tess and Cat pleads with Vincent for him to help, expecting him to be able to hear from far away because of his Beast powers. He changes his mind about leaving them and comes out, telling the goons he has the necklace. He has put it somewhere safe and promises to show them if they let the hostages go.

Cat cuts the breaker, making everything dark so Vincent can fight them off and the hostages can escape. Cat comes in and nearly is killed by one of the goons and tells Vincent to throw the necklace away since it was effecting his abilities. He jumps to save Cat from a sniper that takes out one of the goons before he can tell them anything about who he is working for.

Cat tells Gabe that she's not ready to get back into a relationship yet, just like he knew she was. She heads back into the station and finds Vincent under a desk searching for the necklace. He decides that working alone isn't the best approach and agrees to work with Cat again. They're on better terms now and he tells her he didn't hear what she said (because of the necklace). Tess comes over and hugs Vincent, thanking him for saving her on her birthday. She invites him to her party and he politely declines, saying he needs to get Tori home.

Finally, the drunk man that had been in the station during the hostage crisis is shown to have the necklace and hands it off to someone in a limo.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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