Beauty and the Beast S2E12 - "Recipe for Disaster" Recap

Cat and Tess are at a cooking class. Tess is annoyed that she has been single for too long. She tells Cat that Gabe will be leaving the precinct soon since his work there is done. Vincent calls to discuss the gem and tells Cat about how her ancestor found the gem by going to a particular dungeon home to unique artefacts. He also tells her that the sooner they resolve this, the sooner their issues will be resolved. Tori whines to Vincent about his talking to Cat again and Vincent assures her she's just trying to help them. She tells him he just wants him to say he doesn't want to go back to Cat and instead, he says he wants to get the gem before Agent Landon finds out what's going on. Outside, Agent Landon is listening in on their conversation with some high-tech equipment.

The gang throws JT a party for winning an academic grant. Vincent talks to Cat and Gabe about trying to find where the dungeon is and Tori feels excluded since no one had filled her in yet. JT comes over to hug everyone and bask in his giddiness and even awkwardly hugs Tori to keep her from feeling excluded. It doesn't do much and she heads out, pouting like a spoiled child. Vincent follows her out and she confesses her fear of losing him. He eventually tells her they should have some time apart to think things through.

JT leaves to check out his new lab but not before inviting Vincent along, who politely declines. Vincent re-convenes with the group about their plan going forward with finding the dungeon. Cat and Vincent are left alone and they note that they're friends now, somewhat. Cat says that they still care about each other and advises him to talk to Tori. He tends to shut people out and it's bound to keep her guessing. He apologises for being such a pain and the eye contact between them is still somewhat heated.

Tori returns to the boathouse and finds Agent Landon snooping. JT arrives at his new lab only to be taken prisoner. His grant-winning was just a hoax orchestrated by a man named Frank Darnell, who wants him to help recreate the Muirfield beast serum. There is another man already there as a prisoner. They became interested in him because of his secret research.

Tori has taken Agent Landon captive and Vincent is furious upon returning home and learning this. He attempts to untie her but Tori nearly beasts out when yelling at him not to do so. Gabe and Cat discuss possible locations of the dungeon. Conversation shifts towards his departure and their feelings but then Tess comes in and says she thinks JT has been kidnapped.

Vincent has let Agent Landon go and tells her he will show her all the research on what he is, given that the alternative is killing her, which he doesn't want to do. She takes it in stride, staying surprisingly calm. He wants her help in finding the gem and the men behind it and she is keen on it, given that they killed her husband Sam. Cat and Gabe come in with the news of JT's kidnapping. Through a cryptic e-mail sent by the kidnappers, they know they want JT's beast associate. Vincent is ready to storm in to save his friend but is interrupted by a call from Tori, who wants to apologise. He then tells her about JT's kidnapping and she says she can help track him since she saw him leave the party but Vincent hangs up on her.

The group separates, with Cat telling Vincent that he should save JT and they will save him. Tori storms in to the lair, having successfully tracked JT but is tranquillised by Darnell. She fell into their trap and has the necklace placed around her neck. Darnell doesn't realise that she isn't the only beast looking for JT, though. Darnell begins draining Tori of her blood.

JT is working when Vincent comes crashing in. He tears the cell door off its hinges to release the other prisoner and tells the pair to escape while he goes in search of Tori (following JT's announcement that she came after them). Cat and Gabe are on the road whilst coordinating with Tess and Landon about where to find the dungeon. They come up on JT who runs out in the road in front of them.

Vincent comes across Tori, who tells him it is too late. He apologises, saying he should have protected her and she tells him he should have known that he belongs with Catherine. Darnell comes and shuts the gate on Vincent, trapping him inside with the dying Tori. Cat comes in and shoots Darnell before opening up the cell. But by this point, Tori is dead. Cat tells him it isn't his fault, but he's still blaming himself. He says that his shutting people out is because he's afraid of them getting hurt and he says he made the wrong decision when Cat gave him the ultimatum about choosing his humanity.

Cat tells Gabe that she wants to be with him - clearly the writers want to draw things out and make the viewers work for a Vince-Cat reunion. Tess is handed a file on Frank Darnell, learning he was just a frontman to whomever is really in charge. Agent Landon goes to question the prisoner and finds it is Sam, her thought-to-be-dead husband. It's a powerful, emotionally potent moment.

JT visits Vincent to thank him for saving his life and brings a bottle of scotch. Vincent blames himself for his being in danger in the first place. JT then confesses to Vincent about how he was the one to sign Vincent up for the Muirfield experiments. He wanted him to be safe in battle, though it didn't work out that way. Vincent is shocked by the admission but simply continues to drink with his friend. He tells JT he buried the gem where he hopes no one will ever find it again. JT reminds Vincent of all the lives he has saved over the years and how it's a good thing. They toast to Tori and find they're back to where they began.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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