Beauty and the Beast S2E13 - "Till Death" Recap

Cat and Gabe visit JT's lab and after they kiss, Cat has flashes of when he was a beast. She spills her coffee and is able to hear it dripping down into a secret cave under the lab. Agent Landon and Sam are going to renew their vows on Valentine's Day. Cat and Tess meet their new captain who tells them he wants them to solve more cases.

Vincent is mourning the loss of Tori, and JT wants to shake him out of it. JT shares his interest in buying flowers for Tess for Valentine's Day and Vincent confesses that Tori's last words were, "You belong with Catherine." Cat and Tess arrive to ask for Vincent's help finding Tony Barnes. Cat gets a call from Landon saying that Sam was attacked. He wants Cat and Vincent to be security at their vow renewal and they agree, leading Cat to cancel her Valentine's Day plans with Gabe.

Cat and Vincent investigate JT's lab. Vincent finds a furnace used for burning bones and JT later confirms that the bones were from human remains. Tess later complains about a hideous bouquet of flowers sent to her, in front of JT, not knowing he was the one who sent them. Sam is brought in for questioning and is forced to admit to Vincent and Cat about the bodies being burnt. He only remembers one of their names - Clara. He also remembers seeing Gabe, or at least resembles him.

Cat and Vincent later find that Clara Bledsoe was in the same orphanage as Gabe at the same time. Cat decides that they should investigate Gabe and Vincent tries to ask her if this is really about the leads or if it's about her questions regarding pursuing a relationship. JT finds that Gabe had bought tickets to Mexico. Cat confronts him about Sam ID-ing him and about Clara Bledsoe. He then admits that he was acting strange because he had been planning a Valentine's trip to Mexico for them.

Vincent snoops around Gabe's apartment and finds a vial of the serum JT mixed while prisoner. He storms in and confronts Gabe about it and Gabe claims he's never seen it before. He and Cat have an argument and he leaves her and Vincent alone. Vincent believes Gabe has never seen it, since he's essentially a human lie detector.

The new Captain tells Tess she got a great review from a professor regarding a case, thus boosting her and Cat's number of closed cases. (The professor is actually JT). Tess calls Cat and says that the fingerprints from Sam's attack are from Michael Donaldson, an ex-Navy Seal. Michael has been receiving e-mail from someone called "Blind Chemist," and they think he might be Barnes. The e-mail had ordered him to "just scare him" but now they're telling him to "put him in the ground."

Vincent admits to JT that he still has feelings for Cat and feels guilty about having messed up her love life. JT wants him to start wooing but Vincent would rather be noble. Cat visits Gabe with food in hand and apologises. Vincent calls them to let them know that the bones belong to victims that were all from the same orphanage as Gabe. It would appear as though Sam may be trying to frame Gabe.

At the vow renewal, Vincent hears a beeping and follows it until he finds a bomb under the chapel. It's set remotely so it would appear that the plan is to blow all of them up to get them off of Sam's trail. Gabe pulls Sam aside to confront him and Vincent tells Landon and the other guests about the bomb. Gabe confronts Sam about his framing him. Sam remotely sets the bomb off and Vincent rescues both Cat and Gabe.

Cat tells Landon they must all act as if Gabe died. Landon has an opportunity to decide whether or not to go into witness protection. Vincent apologises to Gabe and offers some friendly advice on dating Cat. Gabe apologises to Vincent for trying to kill him.

Vincent tells JT that he still loves Cat but doesn't deserve her. JT is still determined that they will be together eventually. Tess tells JT that his calling in the fake case was the nicest thing anyone has done for her and gives him a hotel room key.

Cat tells Gabe that he isn't the same person he was before, and she trusts that now after getting confused along the way. He promises he won't hurt her and Vincent watched from afar as they kiss.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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