Beauty and the Beast S2E14 - "Redemption" Recap

Vincent has a dream about getting hot and heavy with Cat. At a coffee shop, Cat confesses to Tess that she accidentally called Gabe "Vincent" during their trip to Cancun. The pair are reunited at Gabe's pretend funeral. Sam is present and offers his condolences to the group before Tess follows after him, discretely of course. Vincent admits to JT that he wants Cat back and wants to prove his worth by going cold turkey regarding his beast powers.

Gabe tells Cat that Tony Barnes liquidated his estate right after Sam went missing. Tess calls Cat and tells them that Sam is visiting someone in the quarantine ward. Conveniently, it's the same hospital that Vincent did his residency at. Vincent accompanies Cat to the hospital where he ends up caring for a patient that was mistreated by those that brought him in, effectively saving his life. Cat smiles and says it's nice seeing the old him.

Cat tells Vincent that the patient's name is Jacob Sutter but they can't get in because the CDC is putting him in lockdown. Cat also learns that another patient named Jacob Sutter was brought into a different hospital with the same symptoms but died. Vincent runs into Dr. Marcus, who was his mentor in medical school.

Gabe recognises the name Jacob Sutter as someone from his orphanage. Sam must be looking for the right Jacob Sutter and injecting all of them until he finds one he can turn into a beast. Vincent puts on a (sexy) white coat and resumes his previous identity as a doctor to learn more about Jacob Sutter. He asks the boy's mother about his symptoms and what might have led to his sickness.

Cat visits her father to get information and he tells her that the orphans all had a gene that made them pre-disposed to become beasts. Not all of them got the serum because Cat's mother helped them to escape when she learned what Muirfield was doing. Reynolds wants her to finish things and says it will consume her as it did him. He also wants her to kill all the beasts, including Vincent. Those without the gene that are injected have their systems overwhelmed and they die.

Cat meets Tess at a construction site and they find another Jacob Sutter that Sam has injected. Sam is watching from afar as the man turns into a beast, slams Cat when running past her, jumps through a window and ends up shot with tranquilliser by Sam. Gabe patches Cat up and discusses how they also need to figure out what Sam would want a beast for.

Vincent has stolen a sample of the infected Jacob Sutter's blood for JT to try to find a cure. He also admits that this experience is making his miss being a doctor. Cat arrives and tells them about Sam creating a new beast and asks Vincent to track him down.

Sam tells the beast-Jacob that Vincent will be coming after him and that hopefully he'll be able to kick his ass because of how potent the serum is. Vincent tracks beast-Jacob down and they fight for a bit. Beast-Jacob tells Sam he has finished Vincent off. In actuality, beast-Jacob let him live. He tells JT what happened and when JT encourages him to fight him off next time, Vincent tells he doesn't want to. He wants his human life (and Cat) back. JT has finished the antidote, though he doesn't know if it works yet.

Vincent goes back to the hospital, pretends to be a doctor, and gives Jacob the antidote, though he is then caught by Dr. Marcus. He pleads with Marcus to trust him and and that this is his only choice. Marcus chooses to not call the authorities and tells Vincent this had better work.

JT tells Cat about Vincent's "quitting being a beast" and tells her that he is trying to be more human to win her back. Gabe calls and says he thinks Sam might actually be Barnes, having killed the real Barnes and assumed his identity. Vincent's not helping at the moment so Gabe says he will help instead since he knew beast-Jacob in the orphanage.

Cat calls Sam, who says that all of this is his way of getting revenge for his son's death. Sam arrives at his loft where he has beast-Jacob tied up and finds Gabe trying to get him out. He then shoots Gabe with a tranquilliser.

Dr. Marcus tells Vincent that Jacob looks as if he'll make it. He agrees to cover for Vincent since he saved Jacob's life. Vincent apologises for getting involved but Marcus tells him that saving the life was all that matters. Cat shows up and tells Vincent Sam has Gabe and will try to re-turn him into a beast.

Sam is preparing to inject Gabe but Cat and Vincent arrive and stop him just in time. Sam shoots at Vincent before getting away. Vincent and Jacob fight and Cat shoots Jacob right before he was about to inject Gabe. Sam is shown to have tracked down a man named Xavier Wright, another person from the orphanage.

Cat and Gabe return to his apartment. She admits she feels bad about what she did to Jacob and for asking Vincent to help. He says that Vincent is still a beast and that her relationship with Vincent is getting in the way of their relationship. Sooner or later, it will have to be resolved. "Vincent has to go."

Cat visits Vincent at his houseboat. She tells him they need to stop seeing each other and that things are getting confusing. He tells her, "screw Gabe," and that she's supposed to be with him. Tempers flare and she shoves Vincent. He hits his head on the way down and Cat screams. She then wakes from her nightmare.

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