Beauty and the Beast S2E15 - "Catch Me If You Can" Recap

Vincent hacks into the police surveillance system to track Sam down instead of using beast senses. He is still determined to show Cat that he is more man than Beast. Cat tells Tess about her Vincent nightmare. She wants to find Sam so that she can focus on her relationship with Gabe.

Vincent and JT are searching for Sam on the block they saw him on in the surveillance footage. JT tells him he should use his beast senses to find him since this isn't working. He does so and sets off on the trail. Gabe tells Cat he is building a case against Sam for identity theft and murdering Tony Barnes. Cat says that captures Sam will help them move forward as a couple. Gabe gives Cat a key to his apartment.

Vincent captures Sam and locks him up in the beast cage in the tunnels. Sam goads Vincent into turning into a beast right as Cat and Gabe arrive. Talk about bad timing. Gabe explains to Vincent about how he's trying to build a case without beast info. Gabe tries to bluff to Sam to make him think he already has a case against him but Sam turns around by telling him that he has already captured a new beast candidate that will die without food and water. Vincent senses that Sam is telling the truth.

Gabe asks Vincent to release Sam, saying they have no choice. Sam returns to his new beast candidate who is chained up and in the midst of transitioning into a beast. Sam tells him he will help him get revenge on the people that killed his son.

Gabe visits Vincent at this boathouse and tells him he knows that he's trying to win Cat back. He tells him to stay away, saying it's better for Cat. He can give her a normal life that will be free from beasts. JT finds Vincent playing pool and advises him to be himself. It's in his best interest to balance his human and beast sides.

Tess has tracked down Sam's new beast: Xavier, a history teacher. Vincent also gets on his trail and is almost hit by Cat. The bicker before deciding to team up to find Sam and Xavier. They end up in a car accident orchestrated by Xavier. He looks in on them before running off to avoid being seen by a car. Vincent gets them free from their seatbelts (they're initially upside down) and they re-discuss their game plan. Gabe calls and tells Cat the address of a new building Sam has leased as Tony Barnes. The fire department then cuts them out of the car.

Sam has sent Xavier to download some secret files from a server. Vincent tracks Xavier down and finds he's wired with a bomb. Cat holds Sam at gunpoint but he detonates the bomb anyway. Cat fights Sam and cuffs him, telling him he's dead if Vincent is. When Cat finds Vincent, he is performing CPR on Xavier, trying relentlessly to bring him back. Xavier wakes and gasps for air. Vincent asks Cat if she's okay and she responds with a hug, telling him he could have died. It's then Gabe and Tess find the pair.

When Gabe and Cat question Sam, he's all snark and no apologies. Sam tells them he used to believe in god but stopped after his son died. Sam asks Gabe if he has any children and says he can't understand what it is to lose one. Gabe tells Cat he doesn't understand why she keeps ending up in Vincent's arms. Cat assure him that she's with him and he tells her to tell Vincent that.

JT tells Vincent that Xavier is now fully human again, much in the way that Gabe died and came back to life as a human. JT commends him for saving him using both his human and beast sides. In prison, Sam throws up a vial of the serum that he had previously swallowed.

Cat visits Vincent at his houseboat and tells him that not only is she with Gabe, but she won't be able to move forward with him unless she stops talking to or seeing Vincent. Vincent tells her Gabe is a good guy who cares about her and he completely understands. But then the eye contact starts to smoulder and they kiss. Vincent picks Cat up and brings her to his bed.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 9PM.


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