Beauty and the Beast S2E16 - "About Last Night" Recap

Cat wakes in Vincent's arms (and bed) after spending the night and dreaming of their relationship. She quietly grabs her clothes and sneaks out. Vincent tells JT about what happened while Cat tells Tess the same. Their friends both want them to talk to each other about it. Cat is insisting it was just break-up sex but Tess isn't so convinced. Sam, still in jail, injects another inmate with the serum, thus creating another beast. Following this, he escapes.

Cat apologises to Gabe at the station for not calling the night before. He learns she didn't tell Vincent she needed to stop seeing him. Tess comes over and tells them about Sam's escape. Vincent calls Cat and she tells him last night was a mistake. Vincent is not convinced by what she says and says she knows they are meant to be together. She then tells him about Sam's escape and the new beast. He promises to get JT to bring the antidote before telling her that he won't give up on them.

Sam visits Judge Westbrooke, demanding justice for his son. Turns out Westbrooke is part of a secret organisation of sorts. Sam knocks the judge out and trashes the place to find a pin.

Gabe tells Cat that he's disappointed about her changing her mind about their relationship. She tells him she's simply not ready to move in together. He confesses his love for her and says that he is the right guy for her while Vincent is bad for her.

JT and Vincent track Sam's last known location down by hacking into surveillance cameras. Vincent heads out to Judge Westbrooke, telling JT to call Cat who shows up with Gabe. Vincent and Gabe bicker and Cat tells them they need to focus on finding Sam. Gabe's attempts to question him prove fruitless and in the end, Vincent has to scare the answers out of him by unleashing his beast face. He learns about a secret society that likely has a particular member that Sam is after. The pin Sam stole will get him into an event that all the members will be present at.

Gabe and Cat pose a married couple to get into the event, since all members are married couples. Gabe gets recognised so Vincent has to step in as Cat's pretend-husband. They're in masquerade masks, undeniably reminiscent of old times.

JT and Tess argue while trying to track down the people that Sam is after. Conversation shifts to their hook-up and Tess admits that he's not her type which is why it drives her crazy to think about being with him and then they kiss.

JT learns that the secret group was actually behind Muirfield creating beasts. They were responsible for doing tests on sick children, one of which was Sam's son. Gabe tells Vincent about this and then tells him to stay away from Cat, who by now has been apprehended by guards who know she is an impostor. Vincent comes to rescue her right after she had been taking them out with her mad fighting skills. She gets angry at him, saying she's not a damsel in distress in need of a knight if shining armour.

Sam tracks down a man named Andrew Martin, who he holds responsible for the experiments done on his son and injects him with a serum, turning him into a beast. He orders him to kill everyone. Cat and Vincent find the new beast and Sam. Vincent and Andrew fight in beast form and Cat tells Gabe to pull the fire alarm to evacuate the building. Vincent stabs Andrew and a distraught Sam goes to a ledge on the building, preparing to jump. Vincent try to talk him down, and Cat appears moved by Vincent's words. Sam tries to jump anyway but Vincent saves him, after which Sam is arrested.

Gabe drives Cat home and they end their relationship. He is snide and condescending and won't listen to Cat's claim that Vincent has indeed changed. He says that one day Vincent will hurt and she'll be sorry. She says she's only sorry that things didn't work out between them. Gabe vows to not let Vincent hurt her. That can't mean anything good. Probably means petty meddling will come.

Cat is back at her apartment and finds her window open. She heads up to the roof where she finds Vincent waiting, still in his suit. He gives her a rose and tells her he loves her. She says, "I love you, too" before they kiss.

Cat and Vincent wake up the following morning in her bed. He tells her he doesn't ever want to hurt her again and they kiss. They're interrupted by a knock at the door and Vincent is arrested for the murder of Kurt Windsor, Tori's father.

Beauty and the Beast will return on the CW on June 2!


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