Beauty and the Beast S2E9 - "Don't Die on Me" Recap

Cat gives Special Agent Hendricks from the FBI's Internal Affairs her account of what happened involving her arrest of Agent Reynolds. She gives all the details minus anything related to Vincent or beasts. She tells Gabe she still feels responsible over Vincent and is still broken up over his not choosing their side.

Vincent is still dealing with his wound which is still bleeding. Tori thinks he should go to a hospital, saying he could claim amnesia but Vincent refuses to risk exposure. Cat shows up and gets an earful from Tori and then she bickers with Vincent, with both believing the other was in the wrong. She didn't want to shoot him and tells him she didn't want things to end this way.

Cat wants to move on and get back to work but then she's pulled into an interrogation room for more questioning from Agent Hendricks.

Vincent and Tori go to JT for medical help; really though, shouldn't they have done that earlier? He's tasked with stealing some medical supplies and blood. Tori gets a call from Laura Scott, an associate with the law firm representing her father's estate. There are some papers she needs to sign in order to keep her father's secrets, well, secret.

Hendricks continues to question Cat but she sticks to her story. He tells her a bullet was found at the scene, matching a standard police weapon. This bullet had blood on it, which would indicate someone was shot. She still won't budge on her story and is suspended, with her badge and gun being taken. Gabe offers to make the bullet disappear and he remains determined to help her. Tess comes over to say that JT has been arrested for trying to steal meds.

Tori meets with Laura and learns that her father owned an antiques store, though he didn't care about antiques. Tori tries to get some answers but when Laura threatens her, Tori goes all beast and runs out. Tess picks up JT and scolds him for being careless. She tells him there is a difference between being loyal to a friend and putting oneself in such dire circumstances.

Cat checks in on Vincent and tells him about JT's arrest. He finally admits to her that he doesn't want to go to the hospital and be identified as Vincent Keller because he doesn't even know who that is anymore. His concerns aren't so much about being identified as a beast. Tori comes in and tells them what had happened. Vincent wants to go with Tori to check the antiques stores but neither of the womyn are going to let him hobble around with his injury. Cat shoots him with a tranquilliser and accompanies Tori instead.

Gabe visits Reynolds and tells him about Cat's suspension. Reynolds is willing to do anything to help Cat and also gives Gabe him seal of approval in regards to his obvious affection for Cat, preferring an ex-beast to a real one. JT and Tess find Vincent tranquillised and JT begins panicking and blaming himself for Vincent's condition. He reveals that he was one who signed Vincent up with Muirfield. At the time, he believed that it would increase his chances at surviving the war. Tess reminds JT of all the good Vincent has done as a beast and that he should take responsibility for this as well.

Cat and Tori reach the antiques store. It appears largely abandoned and they can't figure out why these lawyers would want the place. Tori asks Cat why she is still helping Vincent and Cat doesn't know entirely. She then spots something on the wall and before they can figure out what it is, Laura and her henchmen reveal themselves. She tells them the thing Cat spotted was a retinal scan. Tori refuses to look at it but then they threaten Cat's life. Tori looks into the retinal scanner and a secret passageway opens up. When Cat was forced in, she fought her captor off and Tori closed the door, locking Cat in (to keep her safe). Laura is furious but now Tori is free to fight them. Cat has a small flashlight and discovers the skeleton of a beast in shackles in the passageway. Vincent arrives and saves Tori right as the henchmen get the upper-hand on her, and then passes out from his wound. Tori lets Cat out and then they call 911. Cat tells Tori to tell them that Vincent saved her, as it is the truth and also conveniently provides a plausible explanation for his gunshot wound.

Gabe tells Cat that the results came up as "No Match," as he switched the bullet with the help of Reynolds. She tells him that helping to save Vincent and seeing him save Tori made her feel like she didn't owe him anymore. She feels liberated. Gabe returns her badge to her and says that hopefully this will be the end of the cover-ups. He asks her out for coffee and she agrees.

Vincent wakes up in the hospital with Tori in his room. She tells him the police took his fingerprints, so they will learn his true identity. She convinces him that he has nothing to apologise for or be ashamed of so he shouldn't run and hide. He can tell the story of "Vincent Keller, war hero," without the bit about his being a beast, of course. So Vincent holds a press conference and announces to the world, "My name is Vincent Keller."

Beauty and the Beast airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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