Bitten Recap S1E13 (Finale): Ready

Elena gives Clay a bath. He needs to get ready, she tells him they’re ready, the mutts haven’t moved yet. He thinks that he failed her, that he couldn’t save Philip, but he didn’t fail her. Because of her Philip was in danger, and she finally knows the truth. He sacrificed their love for her life, no more sacrifices she tells him. She puts his wedding ban back on is finger, and he kisses her hands.

Nick loads firewood. Jeremy and Nick prepare to torch their records to protect everyone should the mutts get ahead. It’s not just for the sake of the werewolves against humans, but against the mutts too. Jeremy tells him that there are secrets down there passed down from Alpha to Alpha. Nick grabs the kerosene.

Daniel Santos tells James Williams, that the pack getting Clay back isn’t the end of the world, they still have a chance. He asks if Santos knows what rubble does to Italian leather, but by the scuff marks on his shoes he doesn’t. Williams isn’t confident in Santos’ thought process, but he thinks Santos may have tortured the fight out of Clay. Santos knows that didn’t buy them much, he should have killed Clay when he had the chance. Williams points out that he has another chance, everything is in place, but they have to strike now.

Rachel and Logan find a cheap motel, until their flight. Logan tries to comfort Rachel, but she’s worried about Elena and the rest of the family. Logan looks around, but he doesn’t have answers. He offers some comfort food, pizza with anchovies. Logan plans to pamper his baby’s momma from here on out, and she likes the idea.

The phone Elena planted in Santos’ vehicle still hasn’t moved. Nick asks after Clay, and Elena admits that he isn’t good, that they did a number on him. Elena is worried about him, about Nick too, and plans to make the mutts pay for everything they did to the people that she loves. She tells Jeremy that Clay is resting but he needs days not hours. Jeremy doesn’t want to toe around the distance between them. Elena tells him that neither of them can change the past. Clay did what he did to protect them from eachother, without protecting himself. She vows to stand between anything that threatens him, even Jeremy.

Marsden reads the writing on the wall of the town, and LeBlanc wonders if he’s gone bonkers. Marsden is a very smart man, he learned hobo code to further himself, and refuses to ever sleep scared in a field as a wolf again. LeBlanc mocks him, stupid mutt. Santos comes and tries to prepare them for war. It’s Marsden’s turn to mock. He bid on the wrong pony in this race. Santos uses Williams’ words about gravel and Italian leather, but the words means less with his own scuffed non Italian leather shoes. Marsden is the only one of the group probably wearing or accustomed to wearing Italian leather. Santos says they’ll see how they look when his feet are using Jeremy’s head as a footrest.

Jorge checks in with Jeremy. He’s cleaning is done in Toronto. Jeremy asks about Philip. He’s gone to France. The website for James Williams is a fake, and it’s ran by Nate Parker, who has gone missing. Last known address is Churchhill, which just so happens to be where his father Malcolm died. Jorge points out that Malcolm didn’t die easily, and he needs a show of force against the mutts. Jorge thinks that he and Joey should head to Stone Haven, but Jeremy declines. He knows the mutts are after Elena, and he needs to know that if things go South, another wave of pack will fight to get her back. He tells him if he’s worried about Elena to send her to Vancouver. Jeremy won’t do that, the pack is stronger when she’s with them, and it’s the only chance they’ve got.

Elena tends to Clay’s wounds. Clay tells Elena that she owes her a bottle of bourbon. After she came to apply to be his research assistant, Pete bet him a bottle of bourbon that he’d fall in love with her. He lost, but they both won in the end. She kisses him, and her computer goes off. Santos’ car is on the move. She brings the computer to Jeremy, as long as the phone has battery left they can track him. Clay grunts in pain, and Jeremy decides to wait and let them come to him. Nick sees it as a disadvantage, giving them what they want, but Jeremy thinks that they can pick them off one by one. Elena sides with Nick, but Clay is with Jeremy, knowing that they will have to kill them to take anything. Jeremy declare they will win or die there, but at Stone Haven they are strongest together.

Rachel gets an earful of her neighbors in the lovely cheap motel. She sends Logan a text, as the noises get worse. He tells her he’s having car trouble, to hold tight.

Nick brings in a big bag of bear traps. The mutts are twenty minutes out. Jeremy rearranges furniture, Clay and Elena board windows. Nick puts a big pot of oil on the stove. Elena and Clay set some bear traps. Jeremy shows Nick a secret passage in the Legacy room. Nick asks how he never knew about the passage, and Jeremy admits that they survive because of their secrets. He tells him that he met his mother once, that Antonio didn’t want anyone to know he was in love, but seeing them together it was obvious. Antonio didn’t say a word that day, just staring at her. Nick admits that he asked Jorge to find her, but Jeremy tells him that he doesn’t have to do that, he knows where she is.

Rachel looks in the fridge, it’s empty. She heads out to find snacks, because that’s totally the safest thing to do when you’re pregnant and on the run.

Clay sits in pain. He’s clearly not ready for this. Someone pushes their way in, it’s Logan. They all sit and wait. Jeremy asks how Logan is, and he’s fine. Jeremy admits that he was scared, Logan asks because he left or because he returned. Jeremy tells him that bringing Rachel here complicated matters for all of them. Elena tells everyone that the mutts are getting closer. Logan tells Jeremy that right or wrong it clarifies things, he cannot adhere to the rules. He refuses to steal his son from Rachel so that Jeremy can raise him. Jeremy points out that he was half way to somewhere else, so why did he come back. Logan thinks it has nothing to do with pack rules, but because they’re his family. No one else is going to die, not today. Jeremy asks where the mutts are, they’re outside. Jeremy decides its time to go out and greet them. The pack head out, but they don’t see them. It says he’s there, but they don’t see anything. Rachel comes running out of the woods, taped up, with Elena’s cell phone in her pocket. Logan runs to her, and a mutt comes out of hiding. Jeremy spots it, and heaves an axe towards it as Logan runs with Rachel in his arms. The axe hits its mark, landing in the wolf’s skull. With Rachel in Logan’s arms, the pack heads inside, bracing for the worst. Jeremy tells him to hide her. Oh they’re ready. Elena sees that they’ll have to fight as humans. There’s no time to change. They’ll fight in pairs, no one fights alone.

Logan takes Rachel up to Elena’s room, and unties her. She was blindfolded, and stuffed in the trunk. She heard the men say they weren’t going to stop until all of them were dead. She grabs him tight, and then pushes him away angry. He knew it wasn’t over, and he left her. He confesses that he couldn’t leave her not yet. He shows her a hidden room in the wall, and tells her to get in. She asks if he plans to strangle someone else into submission, no, silly girl he plans to kill them. Rachel finally thinks she realizes what she’s gotten into. She gets into the hideyhole, and Logan runs off.

LeBlanc wonders why they don’t just burn it down. Santos tells him that its his house to Mardsen’s amusement. Santos sends them in, but he’s not coming. A true king leads the first wave, Marsden remarks, but Santos is no king. He has more minions heading in, nothing more than meat. Santos doesn’t see Marsden running in, but he’s not the heir apparent, nor is he meat he makes clear. He’s just the pain in his ass, he tells Marsden, and sends him to babysit Marsden. Marsden tells him that he’s going to get everything that he has coming to him, shaking his hand before heading off.

The mutts begin with an explosion, as a pair of them come in through the kitchen. Jeremy and Nick head off after them. Another explosion, this time near the foyer,  and a lone wolf comes in. Clay throws a bear trap his way, ensnaring the wolf, who Clay easily kill. Two more come in, one the wolf that Clay removed all his teeth, Samuel Boggs. He’s back with some metal chompers, how very Jaws of him. The pair beat at Clay and Elena, and Jeremy is given a bath upstairs. It’s a very wet and wild fight. Elena holds her own against her mutt, and when he hits her with a battering ram, she uses an iron pole against him. Another grenade sounds, and Clay gets battered with the battering ram.

A mutt enters Elena’s room, and Rachel tries to keep quiet, peeking though the small hidey hole, as Nick takes him on. Jeremy finally drowns the worthless mutt, as Marsden and LeBlanc storm the castle. Marsden tries to get LeBlanc to focus on Jeremy, but he still wants a piece of Elena. Elena still goes toe to toe with pole boy, and Clay finally knocks the battering ram out of Boggs’ hands. It’s an all out brawl in the kitchen, but Elena is faring well.

Nick and his mutt continue their fight around the bedroom, as Rachel struggles not to make a sound. The fight is right in front of her, and she watches in horror as Nick finally kills the guy. Nick opens the door, sexy and a little out of breath, and Rachel tells him that she’s so scared that he heart is going to explode. She wants to get out, but Nick makes her promise to stay there, he will be back for her when he can. She makes the promise.

Williams arrives with a big briefcase to the front gate of Stone Haven, where Santos is waiting. Santos gleefully tells him that everyone is inside, but Williams questions why he’s not in there too. The orders were to storm it, take it, but Santos decided to watch it from afar. Williams points out that’s no way to show Elena the real alpha, and he moves to show Santos a secret of his future house. On no! My bet is that Williams is Malcolm, former alpha and Jeremy’s pops and he’s about to show him the secret tunnel into the house. Good thing they didn’t hide Rachel in the tunnel.

Elena’s fight takes her down to the basement, aka cage and Legacy room. The door to the dumbwaiter opens and a big black wolf jumps out, attacking the mutt. And that is how the pack rolls. Logan rips into the man, when another enters the basement. Logan takes off after him, as Elena finishes him. LeBlanc grabs Elena from behind, by knife point. LeBlanc wants to make a new scrapbook, and Elena taunts him to drop the knife and take her on fairly. Marsden snatches Elena from LeBlanc’s clutches. LeBlanc is tired of his orders, of the rules to not touch Elena, when all he wants to do is touch her insides. She some sort of prize, but he’s not into prizes, and he moves to slash her. Marsden hits him with a punch that sends him reeling though the nifty glass map. Marsden tells him its not because she’s a prize, but because she’s a lady. The man does have a code, and well LeBlanc has been shitting all over it. Elena guillotines him with the map, and it ends up in his chest, same result. Marsden declares mutiny, and although Elena has no reason to trust him, he’s declaring it anyways.

A bloody human Logan walks back to the house from the woods. What is the point of shifting back? There’s still a war going on inside.

Clay and Boggs fight around the kitchen, and Clay uses Nick’s oil to disarm the mutt. He knocks out his chompers while he’s at it. Elena and Marsden emerge from the basement, and Clay moves to protect Elena, but she stops him. Marsden is now a good guy. Clay thinks he’s a Trojan horse, that they should kill him before he betrays them, but she refuses, he saved her life. Boggs makes a run for it, but Elena stops Clay from giving chase, they have to find Santos. Clay turns his attention back to Marsden, telling him that they let Jeremy decide. Jeremy and Nick head back downstairs. Still no sign of Santos, the pair set out to find and kill him. Logan goes to Rachel’s hiding spot. Damn girl is gone, dammit Carl stay in the house, what the hell is wrong with that girl. Logan tears through the house, and out the way Jeremy and Nick went. Elena and Clay head out too. Logan tears off into the woods, to look for Rachel, Nick goes with him.

Williams and Santos seek inside through the tunnel, and find a dead LeBlanc. Now they go upstairs Williams tells him. The house is empty, and Santos spots Marsden looking out a window. Santos sounds surprised that he’s alive, thinking that must mean that the pack is dead. They aren’t, Marsden tells him that it’s all to hell in a hand basket. Santos doesn’t understand why he’s just standing there. Marsden was warned that if he ran they would follow, and he believes its better to face the music anyways, even if it’s a swan song. Santos, coward that he is, makes a run for it. Santos doesn’t get too far, surrounded by the pack on all sides. Santos runs back towards Marsden, but he too blocks his way. Jeremy understands that Marsden has had a change of heart, and Marsden admits to recent wrong doing. Santos turns on Marsden, blaming him for the crimes of Scott Brandon, the mutt that killed three people before he was killed himself. Marsden doesn’t deny it. Jeremy questions how he knows that this recent awakening of conscious is permanent, and Santos pops in with a “you don’t.” Even Marsden tells him the same. Elena tries to speak on his behalf, but Marsden stops her. He admits that until recently, he never chose a side, lived a solitary life, only pledging allegiance to the long con. Santos thinks its still a long con. For Marsden it isn’t. All he asks for is a swift death. Jeremy finds more use in his life, and Marsden is moved, Clay is shocked. Marsden tells him that if he thinks that is best, then he is at his beck and call. Santos is outraged that his empire of mayhem has fallen, and that Jeremy finds use for Marsden. He roars that Jeremy never even saw it coming, but Jeremy sees how it is going to end as Clay grabs Santos from behind. Santos is resolved to let Clay kill him, but Clay isn’t going to be the one to go it, Elena is. Santos finds joy in it. He always wanted to put his hands on Elena, but its her that is putting her hands on him. He overstepped wanting her, her life, and her children. He tells her that they would have been perfect as she grips his throat, telling her that she would have been the most important member of their kind. Clay points out that she already is. Her future, her everything was never his for the taking, and he tells her that she always had his heart, and now she plans to break it. She grabs his heart in her hand and crushes it. They all breathe a sigh of relief.

With the house is a mess of carnage. Mutts dead all over in nearly every room of the house, and still Williams has not been seen. Logan and Nick continue their search of the woods looking for Rachel. Nick stops him. He doesn’t smell anything, and that’s the problem. Nick wants to turn back, but Logan can’t stop. He has to find her. When he finds her he plans to go off the grid. Nick hugs him for what may be the last time, and Logan heads off to find his woman. Nick turns back to the house.

Jeremy carries Santos’ body from the living room, and Williams comes from upstairs. The two come face to face, and its not a happy reunion. Jeremy drops the body, and he’d hoped that the rumors of Malcolm’s death were true. Malcolm is on a nostalgia tour, and he isn’t happy that his bedroom has been turned into Jeremy’s craft space. Jeremy has always been such a serious child, and he admits that he never wanted a son like him, had he not been hiding behind his grandfather’s coattail, he’d have killed him years ago. So there goes his father of the year award. At least with Santos, he listened. Jeremy is ready to defend his alpha crown, but Malcolm doesn’t want it or even Stone Haven. He wants Elena. Jeremy has let his affections get in the way of Elena’s full potential, and Malcolm thinks he’s a fool. Jeremy warns that he’ll have to go through him to get to her, and Malcolm is counting on it, telling him that he hasn’t seen his best yet.

In Malcolm’s car, the computer programmer, Nate Parker, sits. He tells Malcolm he didn’t even have to go inside, that she came out to him. See Carl, again, stay in the house! Malcolm introduces himself to Rachel, and asks if she liked his gift. She sits as far from her kidnappers a possible, probably wanting to die of fear, with no sexy Nick to save her this time.

Clay removes the axe from the fallen wolf. Elena finds dog tags on another, and recognizes the last name. She plans to tell his father of his son’s death, and blames herself for what happened. She left the pack and her job keeping track of the mutts, and the mutts capitalized on that. She plans to never let that happen again, to team up with Clay and keep up the dossiers. Clay likes the sound of that, but first Elena has something to do.

She heads back to the house, to her room, and places Clay’s ring in her finger. She moves to the mirror to admire the way it looks on her and spots something on her bed. The entire episode the wolves’ sense of smell has absolutely sucked, really and truly. She moves towards the bed and sees Philip’s head sitting there, and lets out a banshee scream, and that is the end of the season, possibly series since it has yet to be picked up by Space and Syfy.


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