Community S5E11 - "G.I. Jeff" Recap

In an animated fashion, the team fights alongside G.I. Joe to defend the Taj Mahal. The team is put on trial after Joe kills a bad guy, since no one has ever killed Destro until now. "Wingman" (Jeff) points out that if noe one kills Cobra, the fighting will never end. They're thrown in jail and meet "Fourth Wall" (Abed) who tells them he thinks they're all a cartoon. He tells them about Greendale, a word that causes Jeff to have headaches and fall over, having a vision of a commercial for G.I. Joe toys.

Cobra has a funeral for Destro. The speaker says that it doesn't make sense, since they have been shooting at each other for 20 years without anyone dying. Cobra attacks the base and a blast frees the gang from their cell. J tries to lay down a suppressive fire and ends up killing several more people. The group gets away in a jet but Wingman passes out yet again when Fourth Wall mentions Greendale.

The group returns to the base where Greendale is and Wingman begins to remember his old life as Jeff and all the original character's names. He sets out to find the truth and finds his ID which makes him realise he is unconscious after drinking and taking some pills. It's his birthday and he was lying about his age so this reality is his means of dealing with it. Fourth Wall tells him that they need to get back to reality which is separated from this reality by a "child's commercial" reality that he sees in his visions. Cobra and G.I. Joe's team crash in, having teamed up as G.I. Jobra since they can't kill each other.

Wingman has been taken prisoner and tells them he wants what they want. They warn him that he is too powerful but he says he just wants to hang out with them and blow stuff up. They agree and release him from his restraints. They then ask him questions about real life, beginning with what boobies feel like. Wingman becomes disillusioned by the fact that they've never seen a naked woman or tasted scotch. He decides he wants to get out and runs off, flying away on a jetpack. He flies towards reality while Destro holds onto his leg, being killed by the transition. He's then shown as flying in a child's commercial and the kid holding him says he's not controlling the action figure.

Jeff wakes in the hospital, surrounded by the group, the Dean, and Chang. Jeff then confesses to the group that he's 40. They say that they had a feeling he had to be close to that age. He says he had a crazy dream about G.I. Joe where they were all animated in it. Britta gives him his present, an "It's a Boy" mug with the word "old" drawn in before the word boy.

Finally, we see Buzzkill (Britta) lecturing some children who had vandalised a park. Fourth Wall arrives and says that they should keep the messages short and simple.

Community airs on Thursdays on NBC at 8PM.


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