Community S5E12 - "Basic Story" (Part 1) Recap

The gang experiences a rare moment of contentment as they find they have accomplished everything on their to-do list. The Dean learns that Greendale will be visited by an insurance appraiser the following day. He delivers this news to the Save Greendale committee and their initial reaction is panic. Jeff tells them all to relax and that they have done great work on the school.

The Save Greendale committee gets to work on double-checking everything to make sure the school is in tip-top shape before the appraiser comes. The appraiser arrives and is named Ronald Mohammad. He conducts his evaluation and finds that the property actually has value. The owners of Greendale are thrilled by this news because they want to shop around and find a corporation to sell the property to. The Save Greendale community is devastated by this news.

Greendale is sold to Subway. Annie tries to brainstorm ideas to save Greendale but Jeff points out that none of what she has come up with will work. Chang reveals he is now loyal to Subway. Annie and Abed head to the Dean's office to help him pack up his belongings. Abed finds an engraved plate on one of the pictures that says "The truth is behind this picture." Abed moves the frame and finds a slot in the wall containing a small scroll. He, Annie, and the Dean open it and gasp at what they see.

Jeff is offered a job from Subway, along with a Subway Black Card that will offer him $5 Footlongs for life, whatever that means. He heads to the study room and tells Britta about his job offer. They agree that they are both looking forward to having some sanity and reminisce over the fact that all of this began with him trying to nail her. Britta is about to leave to go clean out her locker and Jeff suggests that they get married, saying that this is what will make everything matter. She says yes, they kiss, and they decide to lock the doors, pull the shades, and have sex on the new table (which they have yet to christen). It's then that Abed, Annie, and the Dean crash into the room to tell them there might be buried treasure on campus and this could potentially save Greendale. Change eavesdrops outside the room and laughs maniacally whilst taking notes on what he has overheard.

Hicky and Duncan share a drink and learn that Hicky was stationed in Lincolnshire, where Duncan is from. They have a brief moment where they wonder if Hicky might have slept with Duncan's mother, but then they realise it might have just been his aunt instead. The awkward moment returns when they realise he might be Duncan's cousin's father.

Community airs on Thursdays on NBC at 8PM. Tune in next week for the Season 5 finale, "Basic Sandwich" (Part 2)!


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