Community S5E13 (Season 5 Finale) - "Basic Sandwich" (Part 2) Recap

Greendale is set to be sold to Subway and in order to stop it, the study group goes off in search for the computer lab of Russell Borchert, the school's first Dean. They're hoping to find tremendous wealth which they could use to save the school. Hickey and Shirley come in with the school's blueprints which starts their search, while Chang sneakily follows. Jeff, Britta, Annie, Abed and the Dean head down a secret passageway while Shirley, Hickey, and Duncan stay behind to try to fend off Chang and the school board members set on completing the deal with Subway.

They reach the lab and discover Russell Borchert alive and hiding inside. Chang and the school board members begin interrogating Hickey and Shirley to learn where the others went. There is a bit of a moment between Annie and Jeff with some prolonged eye contact and her subtly telling him that he's making a self-destructive decision by wanting to be with Britta but she will support him anyway.

Chang and the board members come into the lab and steal the millions of dollars Borchert had stowed away and offered up to the gang. They put a magnet on the hard drive and run out, thereby locking the group inside. Borchert tells the group that the computer responds to feelings and that he was the one who founded Greendale. Jeff finds documents in the room to support Borchert's ownership of the school. Jeff makes the group turn around and harnesses his feelings for Annie to surge the computer and get the door open, springing them free.

The study group heads up and interrupts a press conference taking place for the Subway deal. When the Subway executives learn that Russell Borchert would be their partner if they go through with the deal, they call the whole thing off. Jeff and Britta decide to not get married but remain on good terms. Chang is offered a job on the school board and his first task is to deliver the money to the city office. He instead uses it to have all his teeth replaced with diamonds. Abed breaks the fourth wall to say that they'll be back next year.

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