Da Vinci's Demons S2E3 - "The Voyage of the Damned" Recap

Da Vinci impersonates Riario to get the ship back but Prince Alfonso sees through the disguise and the two engage in a swordfight. Zoroaster jumps ship to avoid being captured and Leonardo loses the sword fight, fleeing afterwards. But before jumping ship, he spots slaves below deck, and tosses his knife down to them.

The pope declares Florence excommunicated after learning that Lorenzo has reclaimed the city and Cardinal Orsini has been hanged. Vanessa struggles to adjust to life in the palace and butts heads with Clarice as to what's best for her child.

Da Vinci decides that if he can get the slaves on the ship free, it will help him to reclaim the ship for his journey. Lorenzo tells Clarice about the ex-communication and how now no Christian will be able to trade with them.

Da Vinci examines animals at the market to try to determine a means of travelling on or under water. Zoroaster punches out a merchant who had begun to recognise them on wanted posters. Lucrezia orchestrates an attempt on Cardinal Lupo Mercuri's life in order to threaten him and force him to break into the cell and speak with the mystery man.

Lorenzo and Clarice argue. She thinks he blames her for Guiliano's death and slaps him for being subtle about the implication. She tells him she has tried but he has kept her outside her heart. She takes a knife and cuts up his portrait of Lurcrezia, pointing out how his instinct was what allowed a Roman spy into their wall. Lorenzo is horrified upon learning that Lucrezia was a spy and that she played a part in bringing about his brother's death. He promises to save Florence and leaves in disguise.

Da Vinci has built an old-fashioned submarine to get him and Zoroaster to the ship. Lupo breaks into the jail, kills the guard and addresses the man in the shadows of his cell. The man identifies himself as "the one true hope," and reveals himself as the real Pope.

Amerigo boards the Sentinel and sells Leonardo out to Alfonso. Alfonso searches for Da Vinci's discarded blade and one of the slave womyn rushes forward and tries to kill him with it. He takes the knife from her and renames her "Toy" before having her sent to his chambers. Lupo learns that the real Pope has been in prison while his brother has been acting as pope. Lupo tests him by asking why the fake Pope took the name Sixtus and the imprisoned man is able to provide the real answer.

Da Vinci and Zoroaster have to paddle harder in the submarine to avoid hitting a wrecked ship, thereby using up more of their limited oxygen. They've made it under the Sentinel and clamped on but now the sub is leaking and they're quickly running out of air.

A black man visits Clarice in the hospital, claiming to be Carlo de Medici, a love child. She doubts his claim but he knows about a secret room and other details about the palace. Lupo confronts Sixtus about his name, and the Pope reveals he is an impostor.

Leonardo and Zoroaster must wait till it's dark before they break out of the sub and while they wait, Leonard hallucinates about Lucrezia and Al-Rahim. Zoroaster gets both of them out and Amerigo starts a fire on the ship before throwing them a ladder to climb on board. Leonardo visits the slaves and asks for their help. While they are being unchained, he heads up to confront Prince Alfonso who is in the midst of raping the slave woman. Leonardo and Alfonso engage in a sword fight that brings them out on the deck of the ship. Just when Alfonso's about to kill Leonardo, the slaves reveal themselves and stop him from doing so. Leonardo claims the ship for his own and before Alfonso is taken away, the slave woman Adana carves the word "Toy" into his chest in her language.

Lupo visits Lucrezia and asks her how she knew about the pope. She tells him the the real pope is her father. Now she wants to see him. Alfonso is sent off the ship after he spouts some more rudeness at Leonardo and Leonardo reminds him that he has lost. Leonardo tells the slaves that they are free to get off the ship at the next port, or if they like, they may accompany him on his journey and get half of what they find. Leonardo has a vision of Al-Rahim who tells him he might kill those who help him and his plan will either bring enlightenment or loss.

Da Vinci's Demons airs on Saturdays on Starz at 9PM.


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