Da Vinci's Demons S2E5 - "The Sun and the Moon" Recap

Da Vinci and his crew arrive on the shores of the New World and he's now sporting the long locks seen in the flash-forward of the season premiere. Vespucci and Zoroaster spot the wrecked ship that Riario had been on up until the storm. Da Vinci is quite intrigued by all the new sights to see and experience but Zoroaster is not fond of roughing it in the jungle. They encounter some Natives briefly before being descended upon by more and being captured by them. Da Vinci wants to decode their language and communicate while the rest are too busy being terrified.

Lorenzo and senior Da Vinci are imprisoned by Prince Alfonso of Naples, whose wife had been formerly "involved with Lorenzo. Alfonso had also previously been seen duelling Da Vinci with two swords in hand. They are invited to have dinner but after Alfoso drops several insults regarding Leonardo being a sodomite, the pair pass out from the drugs within their food and wine.

Carlo de' Medici is placed on the board of the Medici bank and there's a great deal of sneaking, as they seem to want Carlo to betray Clarice, whom Carlo had previously been flirting with in her bedchambers. Vanessa overhears this conversation and relays it to Clarice, who is furious. The bank announces that they want Clarice to stand down. They call for a vote and Carlo exposes the treachery in the bank's council, siding with Clarice instead. He presents a treasonous letter to her that leads to one of the bank council members being taken away.

Leonardo and the other captives are led up a mountain trail. Zoroaster escapes from his restraints and a scuffle ensues. The Natives are able to maintain their upper hand and lead the captive men to a native woman who appears to be high ranking within their society. She takes the key that Leonardo is wearing around his neck.

Lorenzo wakes up in a dungeon to find the King of Naples dissecting a human body. Lorenzo pleads for Florence, but the King simply continues to pull out organs while rambling about the banks. The King shows Lorenzo through his Black Museum, where he keeps all the bodies of his victims. Meanwhile, Clarice begins a sexual relationship with Carlo, which Vanessa spies while walking through the palace.

Leonardo, Zoroaster, and the others are brought forth to a ritual complete with the high priestess seen from the season premiere. One of the captives is pulled forward and is forced to choose one of the items  off of an alter. He chooses one, saying he wants to be a warrior, and then a native takes it from him and bashes him in the head repeatedly. Another captive chooses a chalice of wine and is also killed. Next up, it's Zoroaster's turn to choose an item and Leonardo's mind races to figure out the riddle. Leonardo can tell that the native woman from earlier wants them to succeed while the male in charge wishes them all to fail and die. Finally, Leonardo uses his brilliant mind to piece everything together, realising that the natives worship corn and the various items on the table are items used to plant corn. He rushes up and utters words in their language (which he has apparently now decoded). Zoroaster is put back, while Leo reenacts the planting of corn. The natives begin chanting and Leonardo and Zoroaster are permitted to live. The native woman quietly speaks to Leonardo and even tells him his name.

Leonardo and Zoroaster are placed in a cell where they find Nico and Riario already there. Zoroaster attacks Riario but after a bit, Nico stops him, believing that the only way for them to get out of their predicament alive is to work together. Leonardo agrees, much to Zoroaster's frustration. They are then visited by the native woman, Imaca the high priestess, who tells Leonardo that she knew his mother. She also reveals that she can speak English. She takes Leonardo out of the cell and teaches him about his mother and her quest for the Book of Leaves.

Da Vinci's Demons airs on Starz on Saturdays at 9PM.


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