Da Vinci's Demons S2E6 - "The Rope of the Dead" Recap

Ima brings Leonardo to her room and tells him that soon he'll get into the vault of heaven and that they must become one together. He interprets this as a marriage proposal but they're then interrupted by her father, who wants to put Leonardo through trials to earn her hand which he will presumably fail and die in.

Zoroaster tries to make a move to kill a sleeping Riario but Zita stops him, insistent that she knows the goodness in Riario better than him.

Lorenzo is chained up and being whipped by Alfonso who wants Lorenzo to tell him about his wife. He asks what he has that charmed her way back when. Lorenzo tries to tell him it was a very long time ago but Alfonso is furious by Ippolita's seemingly unresolved feelings for him. Lorenzo snaps back that it was his tongue and the beating carries on.

Leonardo is brought out to begin his trials for Ima's hand. She presents him with one of her hair pins and he reluctantly gives her Lucrezia's ring that he has continued to wear around his neck. Another person must submit themselves to spill blood on Leonardo's behalf. Riario is chosen and Zita attempts to take his place. Riario tells her he requires to stay safe and that God will protect him.

Lorenzo is put back in his cell. He has a vision of the ghost of his brother when Ippolita comes to visit. Lorenzo asks her how to win this game and she says that it's a death trap which consists of him having one arrow to kill a wild horse that has a rope tied to it that will hang him if he can't kill it. She suggests he use the arrow to kill the king which will make her queen. The only problem with this is that he would be dead. Once she has left, he continues the conversation with his dead brother. He advises Lorenzo to think of whom he hates more than anyone in order to steady his aim since hate is what spurs him on most.

Leonardo must put his hand in a box containing a poisonous snake. He is bitten and the poison begins taking effect. Riario must go into a corn field where he will be hunted by three predators. Not only must he survive, but he must find the antidote for Leonardo's snake bite.

Lucrezia is on the road to Constantinople with her assassin. She is uncertain about her father's motivations, remembering how he did not react strongly to seeing her after so long. The assassin passes and then Al-Rahim arrives, admitting to having drugged him. He wants to prepare her for the possibility of the Book of Leaves falling into the wrong hands. He summon her sister's spirit and Amelia tells her the deaths that have and will happen have to to happen. She wakes her assassin and the three of them head towards Constantinople. Al-Rahim tells her she must remember her training and the fact that there is a labyrinth if she is to stop the potential evils of the Book of Leaves.

Leonardo is give "The Rope of the Dead" by Ima, which he drinks. She then suggests that they unite their bodies as one and though he is fading in and out, they have sex. All the while, Leonardo goes back and forth between seeing her as Ima or Lucrezia. He then has a vision of himself being told by Ima to follow the three turtles. After doing so, he sees himself as a baby and there are other spirits. A voice calls him and it's Guiliano, who presents him with a riddle. Once Leonard solves that, he is sent down another doorway. He follows it and has a vision of the Mona Lisa in a museum. He speaks with a man about why the painting is important and they note that the background is odd. Following this, he sees a vision of himself as a dying old man who warns him that he mustn't fail, lest the Book of Leaves fall into the wrong hands.

Riario wakes in the middle of a cornfield with body paint on him. He is attacked by one of the hunters but is able to kill him. He hides in the dirt and attacks another, successfully taking him out. The last attacker proves more difficult but Riario is able to stab the man's eyes out.

Lorenzo is brought forth to complete his test. He ends up using the face of his brother to steady his aim. He resents his brother for many things, particularly his dying before him. Lorenzo is successful in killing the wild horse. The prince is enraged but the King appears almost impressed. Lorenzo shouts out, "No more games!"

Riario's final task is to kill Zita. She tells him to be swift. Leonardo is struggling to exit his vision while Zita continues to coach Riario through what must be done. She reminds him that he has said many times that Leonardo must live. With her guiding hand, Riario kills Zita and cries as she dies. Leonardo sees Zita on his way out of the vision and she tells him to tell Riario that she forgives him. Leonardo makes it out just in time and is given the antidote. Everyone has passed their tests. When alone with Leonardo, a heart-broken Riario warns him that if they do not get the Book of Leaves, he will kill him.

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