Game of Thrones Recap S4E2: The Lion and The Rose

The Bastard of Bolton chases after Cassie. Sending the poor girl tearing through the woods as he and his dogs chase after her. The girl is felled by an arrow shot by Miranda, who is jealous of her. Theon now called Reek is forced to participate, and the hounds are given the spoils.

Tyrion tries to enjoy his meal, but his brother does not seem to be eating either. Tyrion makes a toast to the Lannister siblings, and Jamie knocks over his wine. Tyrion sends away the servants, and Jamie admits that he can no longer fight.  His instincts are all wrong, he just needs to learn to relearn. Tryion sends Bronn to reteach him. Bronn is a tough teacher, but he gets Jamie fired up enough for a good lesson.

Bolton returns home, with his new Walder bride in tow. He wants to see his son’s Ramsey Snow’s prize, Ramsey brings Theon to him. Theon is very obedient, someone flayed tends to have the fight taken out of them. Theon was a valuable hostage, not his plaything. Bolton needs to take the North and to do that he has to go through the Greyjoys. Ramsey reasons that Theon was their enemy, but Reek will never betray them. Bolton thinks that he puts too much trust in Reek. Ramsey tells Reek to shave him, and with blade he does. Ramsey asks Reek about the Stark boys, Bolton thinks that they are dead, but Reek admits that it was a ploy, they were a pair of farm boys. Bolton offers up a pretty prize if Ramsey can bring the boys in. Reek doesn’t know where the boys are, but tells them that their brother Jon Snow is at Castle Black.

Viserys tells Tyrion that he was seen with Shae, and it was reported back to Cersei. Viserys cannot put his neck out of Tyrion to deny their affair, but tells him that there are those across the sea that could help him. Shae refuses to go, thinks that there is no danger. Tyrion head to the King’s breakfast, where many are presenting Joffery with gifts. Cersei points out Tyrion’s whore, and Tywin says to bring her to his tower before the weddcing. Joffery does not appreciate Tyrion’s gift. The book will bring him no knowledge. Tywin’s Valarian sword goes over much better. Joffery uses it to cut apart the book.

Tyrion wishes to send Shae abroad. Tyrion does not wish to have Sansa hurt, or Shae herself. Shae wishes to fight his sister and his father, but Tyrion is forced to make her see that she is not fit to bear his children, that she’s no more than a whore. He breaks her heart and his own for her own good.

Melisssandre burns more upon her fire, the King’s brother in law dying among the people. They burned for their sins, for their false idols, ones the king himself use to worship. Stannis cannot stand the meal at hand. The Queen tries to make light conversation, but The King is short with her. The Queen speaks her daguther, thinking that she is spiteful, and that the God frowns on her, otherwise he would not mark her face so. She suggests that Melissandre visits her. Melissandre does, and she speaks to her of Gods, and hells.

A wolf hunts, and eats a deer. Meera awakens Bran. He was seeing through the eyes of Summer. Jojen reminds him that he cannot live through Summer, that if he stays in Summer too long he will forget himself. The four travel, when they see a direwolf. Bran tells Hordor to take him to the tree that the wolf was standing before. There seems to be a face in the tree, and when Bran touches it, he sees a vision of many scenes. It tells him to look for me beneath the tree.  He knows where they have to go.

Margery is walked down the aisle, brought before Joffery.  The cloak is laid upon Margery’s shoulders, and their hands bound. The pair are wed, and there is celebrating thoughout, but Sansa and Tyrion both do not sound happy. Tywin and Olenna talk of the high cost of the wedding. Wars are expensive, and the Tyrell money will likely be needed again, but for tonight they will celebrate young love. Bronn assures Tyrion that Shae is safely away, and he sends him to drink to his heart’s content. Lady Olenna pays Sansa a visit, to give her her condolences about her brother. Olenna wishes for Sansa to come for a visit to highgarden. Joffery loses his patient with the musicans and throws coins at them to leave. Margery calms Joffery, and asks him to announce her. Margery makes the announcement that the left overs from the feast will be given to the city’s poor. Sir Loras takes and interest in Prince Oberyn. Jamie has a little chat with Sir Loras, warning him against sleeping with Cersei. Brianne comes to give her congradulations to Margery and Joffery. Cersei gives her gratitude to Brianne. Brianne tells her that in truth Jamie saved her life. Cersei sees that Brianne loves Jamie, and she turns bitter, and nasty towards her. Cersei gives the Maester instructions to have the left overs feed the kennel, not the people, as Margery has ordered. Prince Oberyn introduces Cersei and Tywin to Ellaria. The pleasantries are practically hissed. Joffery calls for the floor to be cleared, so that the war of the five kings can be played out with midgets. Joffery pointedly looks at Tyrion, the jerk. Margery finds no humor in the show, and Sir Loras even less. Joffrey is the only one enjoying himself during this spectacle. With the show over, he dares any others to fight the victors. Tyrion does not rise to the occasion, but rather turns the tables back on Joffery with his sharp witt. Joffery, ever the child, pours his wine opon Tyrion’s head. Margery calls him back for a toast, but Joffery alludes that he cannot toast without wine, and asks Tyrion to be his cup bearer. Tyrion takes up the honor, and even as Joffery continues petty displays, Tyrion plays along. Margery looks for distraction, but it only lasts for but a moment. Joffery eats his pie, and calls Tyrion back as he tries to leave with Sansa. Tyrion comes back, but Joffery begins to choke. Sir Dontos comes, telling Sansa if she wants to live she must go now. Joffery dies in his mother’s arms, poisoned. Cersei accuses Tyrion of the crime, and demands that he be taken.


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