Hannibal S2E6 - "Futamono" Recap

Hannibal plays the harpsichord and writes notes on sheet music of the song he is composing. Will is visited by Jack who informs him of the attempt on Hannibal's life. Will denies any involvement in it but does says that the orderly only killed the bailiff whereas the Ripper killed the judge. Will says that the Ripper (Hannibal) has been eating people because he sees his victims as livestock. Jack doesn't believe Hannibal is a cannibal but Will insists that they have both likely consumed human flesh at Hannibal's table.

Hannibal slices up a heart while Alan watches. He's making skewered food because his own heart feels skewered. He feels as if the noose is still around his neck and is having nightmares about his attack. Alan tells him not to be his own psychiatrist and advises him to process his feelings. He's working through it by composing new music. He says he needs to get his appetite back and he pulls up a business card for a Sheldon Isley and a recipe for a dish that uses a kidney. Transition to a body strapped to a Sakura tree in the middle of a parking lot with flowers blooming from the body's open abdomen.

Jack and the agents surround the scene and examine the scene. The vines have been grafted throughotu the body and nearly all of the organs have been taken except the lungs. Jack notes that the Ripper has taken a great deal of work and takes pride in it. There are flowers for each organ and they are all poisonous. The Ripper must have felt that this victim was a toxic individual.

Jack and Hannibal drink and discuss the new Ripper victim. Hannibal has to let this all go and can't dwell on death anymore and they both need to focus on life. Hannibal invites Jack to his dinner party and Jack says he wont' miss it. Will tells Gideon that Hannibal will kill him too. Gideon think he's safe in jail but Will tells him he's not. Will tells him Chilton should be nervous too and that Chilton and Gideon will only stay alive if the Ripper is stopped. Chilton is listening in on this entire conversation. Gideon describes Hannibal's room perfectly and talks about how Hannibal wanted to see what happened.

Chilton records the conversation and shows it Jack, who says Gideon is nothing more than a lunatic. But Chilton notes that the description shows he had to have been there and that he has listened to all their conversation and Will has never described the home. Jack asks Chilton if he knows what Will is claiming and Chilton says that Hannibal once served him tongue whilst making a joke about feeing him his own tongue. He now only eats salads at Hannibal's. Jack is now considering the claim and tells him that the Ripper is killing again and Hannibal is having a dinner party. Chilton tells him that cannibals is an act of dominance. Hannibal is still composing and appears to have finished his piece.

Zeller works on cutting the victim loose from the tree. A songbird nest was the victim's crown and the victim was posed before rigor set in. The lungs show a strange manner of drowning, leading htem to a 50 mile radius where he might have died.

Alana and Jack walk Will's dogs through the wood. Jack notes that Will's attempt to kill Hannibal was righteous in his own mind.  Alana believe that Will has now become dangerous and manipulative. Will is shown to have antlers sprouting form his head before returning to normal and greeting Hannibal who has come to visit. Hannibal feels his perception of their friendship is different from what Will sees, and Will implies that he knows that feeling. Hannibal says that Will is angry at himself for Beverly's death but Will says he is singularly angry at the person who did the killing. Hannibal says Will knew what he was doing when he tried to have him controlled and that Will is more in control now than he has ever been. He then wonders how many more people will die because of Will's action. He promises to give Alana his best and leaves.

Hannibal begins pulling out several business cards and recipes and prepares several appetisers and entrees in preparation for his dinner party. Jack stares at the tree as the victim's body is wheeled away. Gideon is brought back to his cell where Chilton is waiting outside it. His cell has been tossed and Chilton tells him the hospital staff members he has killed were all well liked. Gideon is then put in the cage and talks to Jack. Gideon lies and says that Chilton was the one who described Hannibal's dining room. As Jack prepares to leave, Gideon calls out and says that the nurse/orderly Chilton hired was the one that tried to kill Hannibal and that Jack should think about that instead of blaming Will. Gideon is brought back to his cell and the guards beat him when he insults the nurse that he murdered. They end up dragging him up the stairs and thrown him onto a grate above an orderly doing paperwork.

Hannibal's party is underway and countless guests are being served the human appetisers by fancy food servers. Chilton is with Jack and tells him he will not be eating the food. He says that Gideon's lies only make him more certain of the truth of what he was telling Will. He then tells Jack he doesn't want to be seen speaking to him lest he be seen as a threat. Hannibal comes over and Jack says he can't stay but would love to take some food to go. He asks for a container and begins placing some appetisers in it before heading out just as Alan comes over to greet him. Hannibal looks suspiciously at Chilton.

Jack brings the food to the lab and tells Zeller to test it. Alan is playing 'Chopsticks' on Hannibal's harpsichord and he comes over and she says that Jack is treating him like a suspect. Hannibal says he can't escape Will's accusations. Alan can't forgive Will for what he did to him and they kiss, leading to a hookup. While Alana sleeps in Hannibal's bed, he takes a handkerchief and wipes her lipstick off a wine glass. He covers her with a blanket before sneaking into the hospital where Gideon is lying in a hospital bed. Hannibal is wearing scrubs and greets Gideon.

Jack comes into the hospital where Gideon is gone but a guard has been strung up with fishhooks. His entrails are on the bed below him with his badge atop them. Zeller says that Gideon couldn't have done this with his injuries and that the Ripper found Gideon.

Alana wakes with Hannibal next to her. They say that they have both buried Will as a friend and there were several reasons that they had sex. The doorbell interrupts their post-coital kissing. It's Jack and he tells Hannibal that a hospitalised Gideon was taken and a guard was killed by the Ripper. He asks Hannibal where he was the previous night and Hannibal says he was there all night. Alan comes in and verifies the alibi. Hannibal tells him he's not just asking where he was last night.

Hannibal prepares one hell of a meal and serves it up to Gideon who is sitting while connected to an IV. Hannibal has cooked the meat with clay and says he loves using it as it makes the meat more succulent and the meal more theatrical. Hannibal asks if he should carve and Gideon says he already have. Hannibal tells him his legs were no good anyway because his injury left him paralysed. That's right, Hannibal is serving Gideon one of his own legs. Gideon asks if he's really meant to eat part of himself as a last supper and Hannibal says he is. Gideon relents and eats a piece and tells Hannibal, "my compliments to the chef."

Jimmy tells Jack the appetisers were all animal protein but says that the Ripper was using people parts in the flies he ties. Optical nerves from the judge, Beverly's hair, and several others. Jimmy says these ties are identical to those found in Will's house and the new lures have body parts from Abigail Hobbes and Georgia Madsen. Jack realises that Will didn't kill any of the people he's accused of harming, nor was there ever a copycat. This was the Ripper's way of claiming credit for all his murders.

Zeller traces bark to a tress that's almost non-existent but it's within the area where the tree guy drowned. These overlap to a barn in the area. Jack heads there while Hannibal is shown to be playing on his harpsichord. Jack breaks through the barn's door and heads down into the cellar. He flips on a light switch and opens up a trap door. He follows it down and finds a grate. Upon opening it, he finds Miriam, the missing FBI agent. Her arm is missing and Hannibal has had her captive for a few years.

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