Hannibal S2E7 - "Yakimono" Recap

Jack send Miriam off in an ambulance while his team investigate the cabin where she was found. She has samples taken from her hair, fingernails, and appears to be in shock. Afterwards, she showers and puts on clean clothes. She meets with Jack and thanks him, saying she knew he wouldn't stop looking for her. She learns that they haven't caught the Ripper and her help is needed to find him. She says she doesn't remember who he is but he got inside her head. She talks about dreaming of drowning, being awake, being not, being herself, and being not. She remembers waking to the smell of flowers and the sting of a needle. She says she wasn't afraid because fear and pain were far away.

Jack apologises for being reckless with her life but she says she was the one who was reckless. She tells him not to apologise and says that the Ripper was kind to her even when he cut her arm off. She says he had said he would give her arm to Jack but never saw his face. Jack asks why he didn't kill her and she says he was saving her for last.

Hannibal is questioned by Alan, who says that they have found a survivor. He asks if the witness is watching right now and knows that he is a suspect. He says they must be testing to see if the witness recognises his voice and stands, staring at the double paned window. Miriam tells Jack it's not him and Jack asks if she is sure. She replies that he is not the Ripper.

Chilton heads down to Will's cell where he is dressing to go home. All charges have been dropped. Chilton tells Will he would love to see Hannibal behind bars and doesn't want to end up on his menu. Will warns him he will be next and that he should tell Jack everything. Though his career will be over, his life may be saved. Chilton asks why Hannibal didn't kill Will and Will says it is because he wants to be Will's friend. Jack meets Will and tells him about finding Miriam alive despite their still not having found the Ripper. Jack says that Miriam sat in a room and didn't identify Hannibal as the Ripper but admits it isn't definitive enough for him.

Jack brings Will to the cabin where he found Miriam. Will investigates and determines that the Ripper has been using the place since it had been condemned several years prior. There is a room with a surgical table and all kinds of equipment including the glass sheeting used on Beverly. There are several jars of Beverly's blood. Jack believes the Ripper knows they are close to catching him. Will says that everything has been theatre and that Miriam had been brought there to be caught, with every murder they have investigated leading them to that point. Will says they will find something that will lead them away from Hannibal and that they can't trust any of what they find at this site to be what it seems.

Will returns home and is reunited with his dogs and Alana, who introduces him to a new rescue dog belonging to her named Applesauce. Alan tells him she was wrong about him but not in the way he initially thinks. She was wrong about him because he tried to kill Hannibal. She tells Will he was wrong and that what was done to him doesn't excuse what he did to Hannibal. She asks him he will try to hurt Hannibal again. Will can tell that she has gotten involved with him. He warns her to stay away from him because he is dangerous. He brings his dogs in and she leaves with Applesauce.

Chilton visits Jack and offers to help with the Ripper case, pro bono. Chilton admits his desire to stay alive is his main motivating factor. He says that he was able to help Will recover several memories and when Jack questions why Will hasn't shared those, Chilton says it is because he had told Will his memories were meaningless. Chilton offers to help Miriam recover memories but Jack tells him she is not his patient.

Miriam is fitted with a new prosthetic arm. Will visits her and says he was incarcerated at a mental hospital, courtesy of the Ripper. She says that Jack had told her he was a guru with a peculiar cleverness. He tells her he's hear she doesn't remember a lot of what happened to her and says he had the same problem but now remembers much of it. He says the Ripper used light to induce seizures that cased him to black out and lose time. Miriam admits she remembers a light, a silhouette, and chamber music. She remembers a low, steady voice telling her things. Will says they are part of his design and that he wanted them to be free. She says neither of them are free and the Ripper is not done.

Hannibal knows Will is in his house because of his "unfortunate aftershave." Will holds him at gunpoint and says their previous kitchen conversation was interrupted by Jack but wants to pick up where they left off. Will asks how Miriam found him and Hannibal merely states that he now knows what it is like to be wrongly accused. Hannibal says that if he's not the Ripper and Will kills him, he'll have killed an innocent man. If he is the Ripper and he kills him, no one will be able to answer his questions. Will puts the gun to Hannibal's head but then lowers it and leaves.

In a flashback, we see Miriam meeting Hannibal and introduces herself as a trainee target. He tells her not to call herself a trainee. In the present, we see her with Hannibal but this time, Jack has brought her there. He says that the Ripper has sent him a message with her voice on it from after she was taken. She wants to hear it but after listening to it, she doesn't recall saying it. With her permission, Hannibal uses a strobe light and does some therapy to help recover her memories with Jack staying and watching it. While under the influence of the treatment, she beings saying what she said on the message. Hannibal asks what the last thing is she remembers before making the call. She turns to Jack and sees him with swords in him and utters, "the wound man."

A partial print was recovered from a petal that matches Hannibal but it's not enough to use in court. They also found psychotropic drugs in Miriam's blood that were used by Chilton on both Will and Gideon in their therapy. Jack says to bring both Chilton and Hannibal in for questioning. Chilton returns home and hears the beeping of a heart monitor. He heads down to his wine cellar where he finds Gideon hooked up with his arms and legs removed as well as other incriminating things in his cellar. He runs upstairs, trips and falls, and is calmly confronted by Hannibal in his plastic suit. There is knocking at the door. Hannibal tells him when he wakes, his only choice will be to run. Hannibal presses a chemical-laced cloth to his mouth that knocks him out. When he wakes, he finds he is covered in blood with a gun in his hand and follows a blood trail out to where the FBI agents have countless weapons stabbed in them.

Chilton packs his bags and visits Will, still covered in blood and asks to use his shower. Jack and his team investigate the crime scene. Gideon has been dead a few hours but steaks have been carved off of him for several days. There are some old medical books on his shelves and one contains a diagram that resembles the body on the table with the instruments in it. Jack notes that Chilton was working the Ripper case when Miriam disappeared and that both Beverly and her had made the connection. He had been part of the case before both Will and Hannibal were on it. Chilton says that his profile has all the similarities to Hannibal and was therefore a perfect scapegoat. A car pulls up and Will tells him he called Jack. Chilton tells him not to do anything, pulling a gun on him, but Will says that he is not a killer and heads out to meet Jack.

Jack has come alone and Will warns him that Chilton has a gun. Jack draws his weapon and heads inside. He finds that Chilton has fled out the back. Jack chases after him, shooting occasionally, and catches up to him. Chilton surrenders and is taken into custody. His clothing and personal items are logged. Chilton asks to speak to Will but his request is denied.

Chilton is cuffed and interviewed by Alanna. She is certain it was him and says he was using coercive therapy to make Will and Gideon believe it was Hannibal. He tells her that she won't see the truth until it's too late and refuses to say anymore until his lawyer arrives. Miriam listens to his voice and becomes frantic, claiming it was him. Jack hugs her to try to calm her, but she grabs his weapon and fires it right into Chilton's face.

Hannibal is visited by Will, who says he needs to deal with his feelings about Hannibal and that it's best for him to do so directly. Hannibal says that the Ripper is over as is their friendship. Will says that Miriam was compelled to take Chilton's life in order to get her own life back. Hannibal asks him how he will get his life back and Will says he wants to resume therapy. They sit and Hannibal asks, "Where shall we begin?"

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