Lost Girl Recap S04E13 (Finale): Dark Horse

Alright folks, it all ends tonight. Break out the tissues, there’s a battle brewing and there will be casualties.

Bo walks away from Rayner. He tells her that his intentions were true, but Bo still feels the fool. She stood in front of her friends and chose Rayner over them. Rosette was his trusted warrior, she was turned against him, and she threw herself into a fire. Her father is someone who even the blood king fears, he manipulated all of them. Rayner knows they have an advantage that he never predicted though, they share something real something good. Bo’s neck hickey flares, and she doesn’t know what is happening to her. Bo sees it as his mark, and Rayner tells her that they will figure it out together.

Rayner takes Bo to the Dal. Trick thinks that Rayner did it to her, and the bad blood between them flares. Bo stops them, and tells Trick that it’s the Priapus doing it. She tells him that they ran into some horse god worshipping nuns, and they think that he is her father. Rayner adds that they bound together to break his curse, but they unleashed something worse. Trick thinks that Rayner should have never left the train, the one that Trick put him on for challenging the blood laws. Rayner asks when he will take responsibility for the chaos that he’s caused. Neither men are backing down, but Bo tells them that her father is close, she can feel him. He’s trying to cross the bridge, he needs her out, the dark Queen, Bo. Bo has always known she was dark but now she needs him to tell her everything about her blood.

Massimo digs, he’s driven past the brink to complete insanity. Nature and Nuture have worked together in him to make a monster. Massimo thinks that he will be a god, but with the death of the last Zamora heir he knocked out his chances. Lauren mocks that his only chance for immortality will be a pop song about the tragedy of his mommy issues. His hair has gone grey, and he swallowed the seed, and now the unamense is trying to devour him. Lauren reasons that it took six fey to control the unamense power, and the human brain can only take so much. He wishes to make Evony proud, but Lauren doesn’t think the Morrigan would want this. None of his past actions made her happy, not the Valkyrie hair, not the maiden, he remembers she did want the maiden, and he plans to bring her the succubus’ head.

Trick admits that the true identity of Bo’s father remains shrouded from him. Rayner continues with his petty bickering, but Bo puts a kibosh on it. Trick tells them that when Aoife attacked the dark when her mother was lost, he had no choice but to hand her over, that he had to prove that his blood laws were infallible. Rayner realizes that Aiofe was her mother. Aiofe spent centuries in the dungeons being tortured and used, she has Trick’s light blood, the blood of a mage, blood that drains life from nourishment. Bo has the blood of her father, that allows her to draw life from many victims, but she can also transfer it to someone other than herself, which is from her mother. She has hybrid blood. Trick fears that blood will help her father escape. Rayner sees that her blood can lift curses, resurrect armies as they fall on the battlefield, or enslave them if she’s coerced by the wrong hand Trick points out. Bo wants to check out the portal, but Trick thinks it’s a trap. Bo asks where he suggests she go, and Massimo has an answer for her. He tells her that he has Lauren, and all he wants is Bo dead at the Morrigan’s feet.

Dyson comes to see Kenzi. She tells him that Lauren’s blood is everywhere, her cell phone left behind, and she was looking for something in the dark archive, and she found some painting that looks like Bo. Dyson wonders what happened there. The Morrigan tells them that she goosed Lauren’s berries right where Kenzi is sitting, and Kenzi scrambles off the bed. Evony is still experiencing hot and cold sensations, and Kenzi jokes that she’s going through fae menopause, but Dyson smells different, she’s human. Kenzi punches Morrigan, having waited forever to do that. Dyson asks how that happened, and Evony admits to Lauren’s miracle snatch did it, that normally she’d have incinerated her, but that her son took her. She need Lauren alive, to fix what she’s done. Kenzi asks if her son is vex, but the Morrigan laughs, as if she’s let her son wear “that too old to be goth shit if he was.” She admits that Massimo is her son, and Kenzi flies at her, claws out, before Dyson catches her. One night with a human led to the birth of the infection that is Massimo. Dyson locked him up in the Dal, but Kenzi reveals that Vex let him out. Dyson asks where Massimo would take Lauren, he’d go to the archives.

Bo asks if Evony sent him, and if she wasn’t so busy dealing with a real threat she’d make him pay for what he did to Hale. He asks her if she’s ever heard of a Rayju, thunder beast, and releases what he took from her. It knocks both Rayner and Trick down, but does nothing to Bo. Bo punches him, but Massimo  just turns the other cheek, and sends Bo reeling. He smashes a chair over her back and throws her through a table. Trick realizes that he stole the seed from his vault, and Massimo swallowed it whole. He plans to deal with the druid, but Rayner wants to handle it. Trick lets him, and Massimo breaks Rayner’s arm. He tells Trick to tell the Valkyrie that his soul is hers again, as Massimo twists him around. Rayner looks at Bo with an apology on his lips, and lets Massimo snap his neck.

Bo awakens back at her house under Tamsin’s watchful eye. Trick drug her home, he went to the light fae library to see if he could find anything that could help. Tamsin assesses her injuries. Hale and Rayner are gone, Lauren taken, Bo has really let things get out of hand, she’s let everyone down. Tamsin tells her to get her shit together, tells her to start acting like the chosen one. Bo succubuses her, and she notices that Tamsin tastes different, happier. Could it be the wolf loving she’s getting? Tamsin brushes off her curiosities and Bo admits that she’s not strong enough to take on Massimo, Tamsin plans to try to make him die over and over again. Dyson and Kenzi come running. Dyson embraces Bo, but Kenzi, not so much.

Kenzi is still wearing Hale’s ring, but she’s not ready to forgive Bo. Tamsin tells Kenzi that life is too short to hold grudges, and Kenzi understands just how short it is with Hale so recently dead. With Rayner dead, Tamsin has a second chance to deliver it where it belongs in Valhalla. It could end her exile, Kenzi barely hears her words. Kenzi reads one of the prophecy books, but its all foreign. She asks Tamsin to translate. The daughter’s heart will close the portal. Tamsin wonders if Bo has to rip her heart out of her chest, Kenzi tells her to not tell Bo yet, that they need to get Lauren back first. When Tamsin leaves the room, Kenzi tears the page from the book. Oh Kenzi.

Bo tells Dyson that Lauren comes first, that they get her out or they get dead, that her daddy can wait. She needs something from Dyson, and his mind goes to sex, but she’s already fed off Tamsin she says and he’s surprised, maybe jealous. Bo tells him that if she wants to stand half a chance against Massimo she’s going to need a witness. She’s going to get rid of her dark fae contract, but now Rayner is dead, the unamense is dead, and so are her ties to the dark. She rips up the contract, but Dyson doesn’t think it works that way. He asks if she’s okay, she’s not. Rayner was her partner against tyranny, he was going to help her end the conflict between light and dark, a good man who made a bad choice. Dyson understands now why Hale was so grounded, he had a purpose. All his life he has been searching for a King, and now he understands he should have been looking for a Queen. He swears fealty to Bo upon bended knee, and Bo lifts him in an embrace. She thought they were fighting, and they kinda were. He tells her that he loves her, and that is why she needs him to serve with her not for her. Tamsin interrupts. She found more about the portal, its in the home of the horse nuns.

Bo and Dyson find the portal. Horse head, broken bits of carousels, Daddy has a thing for horses, but they don’t have to wait to see what is going to come out of the portal. A trio of revenants come stumbling out. Bo sucks their chi before Dyson can stop her and she goes all dark and her eyes glow Dune blue. She tells Dyson in her creepy voice that she is his Queen whether he swears it and that her army cometh. Ru-roh. She was bound by blood and now she will bathe in it. Humans and fae will all fall before her. Bo can’t get control back, she tells Dyson to do something, and he kisses her. Hot wolfy kisses can bring a girl back from anything. She loses the glow, and tells him he needs new moves, but it seems to be a proven method to cure her madness. The Revenants growl, and Bo and Dyson prepare to take them on.

The Morrigan pours a drink, and she finds herself hot for Trick. She asks him why they’ve never hooked up, but Trick isn’t into bitches. The Morrigan figures that if the Priapus is as bad as he seems to think he is, they should have a little fun first. Trick isn’t interested. He thinks to resurrect the terracotta army, or a talking mace, but the Morrigan tells him that there is only one way to close a portal. The Morrigan wonders if they’re going to just sit around and wait for enslavement and death, but Trick has something more heroic in mind. If she’s gonna go down, she’s going to look fabulous, and she does look fabulous.

Dyson and Bo took out the trio but not easily, and that’s only the beginning. Too many have died on the battlefield. Bo asks about that kiss, Dyson isn’t apologetic. He asks if she’s okay, and she is. She feel awesome. The room shakes, her father is close. Dyson tells her that she’s channeling him through the portal, tells her to control it. But Bo is looking to get a little out of control. She’s going after Lauren, and she tells him that he has to contain the dead warriors that come out, to have Tamsin cast doubt in them, and then take them out. He asks what about Kenzi, and she tells him to keep her close and keep her safe, a tall order, but Dyson is up for it. He’ll hold back the armies of hell for her.

Bo puts on some jewelry, Kenzi and Tamsin arrive. Kenzi and Bo hug it out. Kenzi gives her her sword, and tells her that she’s going to be fine. Did that feel like goodbye to anyone else?

Lauren struggles in her chain, as Massimo tells her that he is Evony’s son, that he was burned alive for seven days, and he can handle the Wanderer’s gift. Lauren realizes that he has Rayner’s foresight, that he killed him. Massimo is straining under weight of all the gifts, and Bo is prepared to help him release it all on the end of her pointed blade. Bo asks if Lauren is okay, but Lauren tells her that she couldn’t come. It’s kinda her thing though, she saves the world. Bo taunts Massimo with his mommy issues, but he tells her that his mother just wanted him to be the best and now he is. Massimo has all the power of the Unamense now, and it is a nifty bags of tricks. He brings out last gift from when he was human, and hits Bo with Hale’s siren song. Bo goes down.

Kenzi embraces her destiny as she toys with something in her fingertips.

Massimo tosses Bo to the ground. Lauren tells her to let Bo go. Massimo taunts Bo that she will breathe her last breath watching him kill the good doctor. The voices in Massimo’s head grow louder. Lauren is close to being out of her cuffs, having learned from Kenzi’s Shadowthief training. It’s not just panty removal she says, and she’s ready to kill Massimo. Bo succubuses Massimo, but he cuts her off.  He finds her origins fascinating, the powers of the Priapus. He thinks that being raised by humans made her soft, that the keeper was right to warn her of the shit storm coming, and Bo can barely stand. He points out that being helpless, human, feels crappy. The Morrigan asks if that’s how he’s always felt, and Bo takes her hostage. The momma’s boy loses his mind with his dear mommy in jeopardy.

Dyson and Tamsin take out some Revenants. Her fighting is very impressive. They’re outnumbered, two against the scourges of hell, but they aren’t alone. Trick is there too to beat back the horde, he asks where Kenzi is, but Tamsin says she’s safe.

Massimo threatens kill her if she hurts his mother. Evony mocks her son’s threat delivery, and Bo wonders how the now human Morrigan tastes. Bo succubuses her, and Massimo tells her not to hurt her. Massimo moves to strike Bo, but Bo moves out of the way, and Massimo chi sucks his mother. Bo is special not because she’s a succubus, but because she learned how to stop sucking someone’s chi before they died, and she knows how to give it back. Massimo is trapped, unable to stop the flow of Evony’s chi into him. She tells him to use his love to break the connection, and he does but its too late. He runs to his mother’s side, and tells Bo to make it better. She can, but she’ll need someone else’s chi to do that, a life for a life. Bo takes his chi, and he doesn’t fight her, and she returns it to Evony. As Evony recovers Massimo pulls her into his arms, Lauren reaches into his pocket. He thinks Bo can’t kill him, but Lauren has stolen his twig, she crushes it in her fingers. Massimo thinks it all doesn’t matter since they’re all gonna die soon anyways. Bo beats Massimo down for Lauren, for Hale, and stabs him through for breaking Kenzi’s heart.

Kenzi walks though the Revenants, and not one of them attacks her. Dyson sees her, and runs to her to see what she’s doing there. She tells him that she cannot wait any longer. They’re out numbered and Dyson is injured. It’s time to close the portal. Dyson doesn’t think they’ve found a way yet, but Kenzi knows how. She has a part to play. Trick tells him that destiny has a sick sense of fun. There’s only one way to close the portal, and she’s it.

Lauren notices that Bo is wearing her necklace. She asks about Rayner, Bo tells her that she was wrong about Rayner. At least Lauren has always been right about Bo. And Bo has always been impressed by Lauren. All the girl gushing is great and all, but there’s an impending apocalypse still. Bo warns that being a human doctor who can turn the fae mortal, she’s a target, but Lauren is ready for it. Bo comments that she is dark, but she’s not, she’s Bo’s. Bo finally remembers about the hell portal, and wants to go off to save the day. But Lauren is staying behind to protect Evony, she made her vulnerable, and now she needs to make sure she’s okay. Lauren sends Bo off to her destiny.

Tamsin wants to pull back, there’s too many revenants. Dyson doesn’t accept Kenzi’s explanation of Bo’s heart. Kenzi has always been Bo’s heart. Kenzi reasons that things are never straight forward with the fae, the heart is a symbol, its Kenzi. Dyson doesn’t want Kenzi to go afraid what the synvat portal will do to her, but she knows that they need Bo, and she needs her to help. Dyson thinks it should be him that goes. Kenzi knows that Bo loves Dyson, that she loves Lauren, but she knows that she is the heart. Kenzi has a plan. Rayner had the gift of foresight, he knew this had to happen. She reasons that Tamsin now has Rayner’s soul, the golden ticket. She can take her to Valhalla, that’s where she’ll wait. Dyson still doesn’t accept this. Kenzi hopes that if she can go out like this, like a warrior, then maybe she can see Hale. She promises to wait for Bo in Valhalla, that Bo will never stop fighting until she is returned. Something big is coming from the portal. It’s now or never. This is the only way for Bo to save the world.

Bo’s neck hickey flares more, and Bo finds Kenzi’s engagement ring in pocket.

Kenzi walks away from Dyson towards the portal. All he do is watch her. She steps around bodies, past Trick. Dyson roars as Kenzi ascends the ramp. Bo comes just as Kenzi reaches the opening. She rushes to stop her, but Dyson stops her. Kenzi walks in, and is hit by the pure energy of the synvat. The portal collapses. Tamsin rushes forward to Kenzi’s fallen body, weeping over her. Dyson utters Valhalla to Bo. Tamsin goes full Valkyrie, and extends her wings. She stands over her, as Bo breaks down completely. Tamsin takes Kenzi away, leaving Bo, Dyson and Trick behind.

Tamsin lies before the gates, when Dyson arrives. She tells him that he shouldn’t be here, but he is. She starts to cry, tells him that Kenzi is gone. Dyson tells her that they will get her back. She tells him no, and that he cannot let Bo find the second Hell Shoe. Dyson tries to find out what Tamsin saw, but she’s shaken up, and he carries her away.

Bo drives through the cemetery, bearing sunflowers. They buried Rayner near the battlefield. It seemed right that he should lie next to the ones who fought and died with him. There has been too much dying, she’s lost so much, but she has to remain strong, now more than ever. She lays the flowers upon Kenzi’s grave. Her grave stone says friend, warrior, heart, the perfect description for Kenzi. Bo misses Kenzi now more than ever, and she more than that she needs her, her courage. Bo carries Kenzi’s ring with her. She’s done crying, done being scared. Bo vows that no one else will die on her watch. Whatever it takes she will get Kenzi back. They want Bo afraid, but they should be the ones afraid.

That’s the end of the season. Hopefully Ksenia Solo will be back next season, she has to be, she is the heart. And the song that just broke everyone’s heart is “You” by Keaton Henson.


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