Orphan Black S2E1 - "Nature Under Constraint and Vexed" Recap

Picking up from last season's cliffhanger, Sarah is a panic searching for her recently abducted daughter and Mrs. S. She tries to call Felix but he's not answering his mobile. She stops at a diner to get out of the rain and hopefully get in touch with people who could help her. She even calls Paul and leaves him a message asking what the hell is going on. Rachel calls her and tells her to surrender herself in order to be reunited with her loved ones. Two Prolethean creeps come in talking about eggs not being normal and being "interfered with" and approach Sarah to intimidate her. The kind diner-owner ends up shot in the head and one of the thugs gets shot too. The other one pursues Sarah through the diner and she gets away by kicking through the bathroom wall.

Sarah tracks Felix down at a club and fills him in on the abduction, after berating him for not answering her calls. Unrelated to the plot, but worth mentioning anyway, Felix is wearing ass-less chaps. She then gets a call from Paul, asking to meet, which she agrees to with the intent of keeping her distance.

Cosima is having blood samples taken by her lover, Delphine. She wants Cosima to join the Dyad but Cosima insists that it is her biology and she will conduct her own research.

Felix, still high, calls on Alison in the middle of the night to ask if she has a gun they can use. Alison tells him she is doing better, having quit drinking and taking "little helpers." She gives Felix the name "Ramon," a gun dealer who will be able to get them unregistered fire arms.

Sarah goes to meet Paul but stays at a distance, choosing to call him instead. He tells her about a Dyad event at which Rachel will be present. Sarah gets away before the men in suits come driving up. Cosima tells Felix and Sarah about her invitation to the Dyad Institute and assures them she won't be fooled again, regardless of her heart.

Alison meets with Ramon to put in an order for a weapon for Sarah before heading in for her musical rehearsals. Following Aynsley's death, she is promoted to the lead. It's all rather macabre, as the show's plot includes the cleaning up after a murder. Art pops in at the back of the auditorium and is confused by the show as well as the increasing number of people who look like his dead partner, Beth. Sarah comes walking up and gets cuffed before she can get her weapon from Alison, who scurries back inside after witnessing the scene.

Rachel meets with Paul, telling him he's in a fortunate position by knowing what makes Sarah tick. She then goes in to speak with Dr. Leekie and sends Paul out and tells him to pack a bag, as they will be leaving for Taiwan the next day. She fixes Leekie's tie and says that his speech will great at the event set to take place that evening.

Art and Angie have no choice but to let Sarah go as they have nothing to hold her with. After she walks away, Art tells Angie that Sarah almost trusts him. Sarah heads back to meet with Felix and Cosima, who are delivered a bouquet of flowers from Ramon that contain the gun and a note from Alison. Sarah comes up with a plan to tell Rachel that she will turn herself in, giving a time/location and says she'll be driving a red minivan. In actuality, this sends Rachel's goons after Alison who unleashes some surprising but amazing butt-kicking, mace spraying, and whistle blowing. Once the goons realise that this is not the clone they're after, she is released.

Meanwhile, the real Sarah is at the Dyad Institute dressed and styled as Cosima with the gun carefully concealed. Delphine is thrilled to see "Cosima" there, as is Dr. Leekie. She tells them her attendance doesn't mean that she'll sign their contract and says that if she were to do so, she would want her own lab. Sarah swipes Leekie's key-card before he walks off and Delphine realises that it's actually Sarah. Sarah demands to know where her family is but Delphine says she doesn't know and has never met Rachel. She points her in the direction of a lab and warns her that she's going to get herself killed.

Rachel is in Leekie's office and meeting with some Korean businessmen regarding "the next trench of patent claims" and the legal status of natural versus synthetic DNA. The men leave and then Sarah comes in. Rachel tells Sarah that they don't actually have her family and that they were gone when her people came to get them. Sarah shoots a very close warning shot and lays a smack down on Rachel, who had clearly underestimated the lengths Sarah would go to for her family. Paul comes in and tells her to put the gun down, holding a gun of his own but first she knocks Rachel out. Paul tells her that they had played him too but when he gets closer, she knocks him right in the face. He lets her leave and says that he will make up a cover story.

Sarah heads to Art's place, not knowing where else to go. She tells him more information, saying how the Dyad people didn't take Kira. Meanwhile, we see a bloodied Helena at the hospital. She collapses and the medical staff begin tending to her while the same religious goon from the diner watched from afar. His belt buckles has the same fish symbol as the one on Helena's knife. In a motel room, an unseen man preps Kira to have her photograph taken.

Orphan Black airs on BBC America on Saturdays at 9PM.


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