Orphan Black S2E2 - "Governed By Sound Reason and True Religion" Recap

Kira manages to call Sarah while she is with Felix and Art but the mysterious man holding her captive hangs up the phone before Kira can give her location. Art uses his police technology to track the number to a motel and Felix warns them it could be a trap. They take his new clone phones before heading off to get Kira.

Alison is at Aynsley's funeral with her usual level of anxiety on top of the guilt and concern regarding her role in Aynsley's death. Her old friends are staying icy given what happened with her and Aynsley's husband. She then finds some mysterious texts on her husband Donnie's phone, saying "She makes her own choices. Placate her. Come outsides. Call ASAP -- urgent." The stress drives her to have a drink and this doesn't bode well for someone who was trying to lay off substances.

Cosima goes with Delphine to meet with Leekie. They still want to offer her a lab in which she can "make crazy science." She plays off Sarah's recent antics by saying they never really trusted her anyway. She and Delphine are led by Leekie to this lab, which appears less than impressive. But Leekie then says that he had developed a vaccine recently that he e-mailed to a colleague who was able to reproduce it using a 3D biological printer. Now that is impressive by Cosima's standards.

Sarah and Art arrive at the motel too late - Kira and her abductor are gone. They begin searching through the room but then Daniel, Rachel's bodyguard, shows up. Art goes out to muscle him but then Sarah spots a trail of Kira's possessions which she follows to a laundry room. She finds a car running with an open boot and a man tells her that if she wants to see Kira, she had better get in. AFter beign driven out to the middle of nowhere with bound hands, she's let out and meets... Mrs. S? As it turns out, Kira had never been abducted. Mrs. S simply messed up her place to make it appear that way.

Alison continues on her rehearsals for the strange, macabre local musical but her head is not in the game. Felix shows up and pulls Alison aside after claiming he is her acting coach. She admits to him about not intervening in Aynsley's death and breaks down in tears. She also shares her new suspicion that Donnie is actually her handler and the two plot to set a trap for him, whilst sharing a drink.

Mrs. S brings Sarah to her hideout, where the Birdwatchers have been keeping her and Kira safe. Old Brenda the hippie greets Sarah before she's finally reunited with Kira. Art fills Angie in on some of the recent happenings but still warns her to leave it alone. Angie heads to the hospital to see Helena but when brought to her room, Helena is nowhere to be seen. One of the Proletheans, Tomas, the same one from the diner with Sarah, is wheeling her away.

How did Helena survive the shot to the chest, you might ask? Well as a twin, she's a mirror-image of Sarah. Her internal organs, including her heart, is on the other side of where it would typically be. Henrik, the Prolethean leader has hopes of Helena having a child of her own, just like Sarah.

Alison speaks with Felix, who coaches her through saying certain things in front of Donnie to bait him into revealing whether or not he is her handler (which in case you haven't been paying attention, he is). She even goes so far as to say the name "Sarah." This does the trick and Donnie follows her to the cemetery. Alison meets with Sarah Stubbs. Donnie recognises her as the Sarah from the local musical and Leekie, who is on the phone with him, orders him to hang up the phone. Alison spots him and goes over to tell him off. Donnie claims he was worried about her, as she hasn't even cried yet, but when she offers to let him join them, he declines and heads home with his tail between his legs.

Sarah is furious to learn that Mrs. S has plans, with the help of the Birdwatchers, to take Kira with her back to the UK to get somewhere safe. Sarah confronts Mrs. S about the photo of Siobhan with Project LEDA and Mrs. S simply says she doesn't know who they are. It's then time for everyone to sit down for dinner, and the conversation touches on the loss of Brenda's husband, Jamie.

Rachel comes in and interrupts Cosima and Delphine's settling in to their new lab. Rachel wants Cosima to sign a new confidentiality agreement. Rachel knows Cosima had visited her university's GP two weeks prior and the test results showing her high lymphocyte count. But now she wants Cosima to do research on Sarah's biology and find out why she is different from the rest of them (and can have children).

Sarah takes Kira upstairs, who tells her that Mrs. S had been rifling through Sarah's birth mother's belongings. Sarah tells Kira that it's time for them to go. They sneak outside and Sarah attempts to get away in a truck. Brenda holds Mrs. S at gunpoint and the two end up in a scuffle. Mrs. S stabbed some utensils into Brenda's hands to keep her stuck to the table. Mrs. S runs out and shoots Barry, allowing Sarah to drive away with Kira. Mrs. S heads back inside and questions Brenda for her actions. Brenda simply claims to have found god, and god has deep pockets. Mrs. S now knows that Brenda sold them out to the Proletheans. She asks if she knows about Project LEDA and learns she doesn't. She then shoots her.

Alison calls Felix to informs her about Donnie being her monitor but unfortunately for her, Felix is on his way out of town, waiting for Sarah and Kira. Felix apologises and isn't able to offer much of anything that's helpful for Alison's predicament. Alison simply continues to sip her wine and stress over how best to proceed. Sarah and Kira reach Felix and drive off into the sunset... well, maybe not a sunset, but they're certainly trying hard to escape from everyone coming after them.

Orphan Black airs on BBC American on Saturday at 9PM.


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