Ripper Street S2E7 - "Our Betrayal - Part one" Recap

Daniel Judge visits Long Susan's place looking for Jackson but she sends him to the station. Jackson greets his thought-to-be-dead brother with a punch. It's been a month since the previous episode and Drake is missing. Rose is searching the streets for him and Reid is also distressed by his disappearance. Reid's love-life is strained because he has not visited Jane Cobden since he confessed his love. He tells her about Drake but she is still hurt by his absence.

Reid and Flight investigate a confidence trickster who has cheated a jeweller named Nathaniel Hinchcliffe. The problem is that he is paying for protection from Inspector Shine, seemingly preventing the inspectors from getting to him.

Silas Duggan moves into Tenter Street and is intent on taking Jackson's place in Long Susan's life and bed.

Rose tracks Drake down to an underground ring where he is taking punches for money. Drake is less than pleased to see her and doesn't utter a word.

Jackson learns that his brother returned from working in a South African mining company from which he stole a giant rough 35K diamond. Jackson agrees to help him find a crook that will buy it under the condition that he gets half the profits, planning to use the money to help Long Susan.

Hinchcliffe discovers the fraudster that scammed him of his money, and visits the station to inform Flight of this. Flight prepares to come with him to apprehend Vernon but first relays a message. In the end, Heathcliffe is killed by Shine. As it turns out, Flight is a spy for him, though he looks shaken up and upset by his part in the death of Heathcliffe.

Rose follows Drake to the cemetery where he is shown to be labouring and digging a large grave with other men for the nameless faces of those that die on the streets. When he takes a break from it, she heads over to him and communicates her insisting that she is his friend and will not abandon him in his time of need. He is a good man and is not cursed, though he believes it to be untrue.

Flight brings in a suspect that Shine has insisted on taking the fall. Flight tells Reid he cannot find Hinchcliffe so Reid roughs up the suspect in order to try to learn of his whereabouts.

Silas Duggan attempts to charm Long Susan with a fancy dinner but she is un-moved by it. She is struggling with the idea of selling her body to him, though she has profited from other womyn doing so.  He is angered and tells her that if she does not give herself willingly, he will never get off the backs of her womyn, sending all kinds of rough men in and out of her business with blinding speed. He also promises to pursue her till the end of time if she tries to escape.

Daniel Judge is cornered in an alleyway after associates of the men he stole the diamond from track him down. He is beaten and brought back to Reid's place, where he is staying, while the men ransack the place in search of the diamond. He relents and reveals that the diamond is hidden in the heel of his boot. But as it turns out, the diamond isn't there. Jackson has it and shows it to Long Susan, offering to try to help her out. She tells him his idea is merely a fantasy and turns him down. Daniel laughs at his captor's and tells them to kill him if they must, but that they are doing so in the home of a police inspector.

Reid returns to Jane Cobden's place to redeclare his affections and tells her he wishes her to see his life as it is. They consummate their passion. In the end, Long Susan is shown to be visiting Silas Duggan in his room, finally offering herself up.

Jackson patches up his brother and hides the diamond in a case of arsenic in his place of residence. As Drake and some other men prepare to bury a body, they accidentally knock the lid off and Drake finds Hinchcliffe inside. He brings the body back to the station on his back, accompanied by Rose. Reid looks on in amazement while Flight looks worried.

Ripper Street airs on Mondays on BBC One at 9PM.

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