Ripper Street S2E8 (Finale) - "Our Betrayal - Part two" Recap

Things are tense between Reid and Drake. Reid wants Drake to help rough up the man they have locked up for Hinchcliffe's murder so that they may get a lead on the men in charge. Drake insists he is not that man anymore. Rose learns she is to headline at the theatre and visits Long Susan to thank her for bringing this about. Duggan tells Rose he is the one that made it happen.

Three bodies have been found in a slum and they were murdered in the same manner as Hinchcliffe. Flight has grown weary of being a spy for Shine so he turns himself in as an accessory to murder. He admits his connection to Merrick and Hinchliffe's murder. Reid snaps upon learning that Merrick's death was not a suicide as previously thought. Flight admits his being sent as a spy by Shine.

Reid visits Cobden, who is upset that her relationship with him has ended up in the paper as written by Best. Talk shifts to the murders and they follow a property trail on some legal documents which connects Duggan to the murders. Jackson's brother informs him of Duggan's having shacked up in Long Susan's home and Jackson wants nothing more than to kill Duggan. Jackson's brother suggests a more strategic means of dealing with him.

Shine and Duggan are arrested but they have to be released when Shine reveals that Flight has charges of fraud and poisoning in his past, thereby discrediting his status as a witness. Without the testimony, there is no way to hold the men accountable for their crimes. Flight tells Reid that the work he did under him was good and a means of atoning for his past.

Jackson tells Long Susan of his intent to have his brother sell Duggan the diamond in order to shift the attention onto him. She only agrees to help when vengeance becomes the motivating factor. She coaxes him into meeting Jackson's brother at Rose's musical in order to purchase the diamond. Meanwhile, Jackson informs the men of the time/place at which they may get the diamond back.

Drake takes the place of the young competitor who is to fight Shine in a boxing match. With the young man's permission, Reid breaks his arm so as to incapacitate him, thus enabling Drake to fight. Shine taunts Drake in the ring regarding his recently deceased wife. Rose and Duggan sit and watch as Rose begins singing.

Shine is amazed by the fact that Drake has taken so many blows but has not gone down. Duggan is stabbed by the men who are searching for the diamond after he refuses to give it to them. Jackson threatens them with his gun and tells them to leave with the diamond. Long Susan addresses the dying Duggan and tells him she is disgusted by him and looks forward to using his resources to work for herself. She tells Jackson she remains uninterested in getting back together with him.

Drake gains the upperhand on Shine and Reid shouts at him to kill him. Jane arrives to see this and is shocked by this darkness in Reid. Drake ends up letting Shine simply fall to the ground beaten.

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