"Star-Crossed" Interviews at Wondercon 2014!

On Friday, April 18, the CW's Star-Crossed made an appearance at Wondercon for a panel at which episode 10, "What Storm Is This That Blows," was aired followed by a brief interview. Before their panel, the folks from the show met in a press room where Museled sat down with the cast and show-runners.

Titus Makin Jr. and Brina Palencia talked about the joys of being sci-fi fans on a show that William Shatner has begun to live tweet, representing the LGBT community, and teased about what's to come for the rest of Season 1.

Chelsea Gilligan discussed that epic headbutt as well as the dynamics of Teri's relationship with her mother Vega while Victoria Platt covered the difficulties of shooting with a 2-year-old experiencing separation anxiety and her reaction to learning the identity of Gloria's baby's father.

Greg Finley and Natalie Hall shared their favorite parts of working with each other and their thoughts on "Draylor" fan videos.

Aimee Teegarden and Matt Lanter talked about the difficulties of speaking a new fictional language, shooting underwater, the villainous Castor, and the original fan content inspired by the show.

Malese Jow and Jesse Luken teased at Eric's most difficult scene to film (which hasn't aired yet), the show's ability to explore important social issues, and the joys of filming scenes with more of the cast members present.

Meredith Averill and Adele Lim shared the joys of seeing fans enjoy the scenes and moments that mean a great deal to them, developing Atrian culture, and formally invited William Shatner to appear on Star-Crossed!

Star-Crossed follows an alien species known as the Atrians, who crash-landed on earth and have been forced to live in a place known as The Sector, isolated from humans ever since. 10 years after their arrival, seven young Atrians are given an opportunity to attend high-school as part of a test-run integration program. An Atrian boy named Roman is quite smitten with a human girl named Emery, since she had helped him on Arrival Day and shown him kindness. But the show is more than just a simple love story, as it explores the perils of differing species coming together and the difficulties of forming bonds with others when discrimination and social injustice come into play. The show airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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