Star-Crossed S1E10 - "What Storm Is This That Blows So" Recap

What storm is this that blows so contrary?
Is Romeo slaught'red, and is Tybalt dead?
My dearest cousin, and my dearer lord?
Then, dreadful trumpet, sound the general doom!
For who is living, if those two are gone?
Romeo and Juliet, Act 3, Scene 2, Line 64-68

Teri sneaks on board the Atrian ship and knocks out a guard with a kiss and a leaf. She presses some buttons and calls someone to tell them "it's done." At school, Roman spots Teri speaking Sondiv with some unmarked Atrians, saying "We have until sunset. I'll handle the job inside the school myself." He confronts her but she won't tell him what the Trags are planning. He warns her to stay away from Emery, concerned that they might be going after her. Roman pulls Emery into a closet to tell her what he overheard and Julia comes in to tell them that everyone knows about their relationship, as Castor's video was leaked online. They are harassed by some people in the lunchroom but Taylor steps in to defend them and scares them off.

Grayson approaches Drake and is ready to call in his debt. He wants information. Julia catches Eric making a snide comment about Roman and Emery's relationship but he is ashamed to see that she overheard and tries to tell her it was a joke. Teri slips some powder into Roman's drink in the lunchroom which makes him become more paranoid, hostile, impulsive, and erratic. Julia is forced to submit some of her blood to Mr. Burke while Ms. Bennett threatens to harm her family if she does not cooperate.

The school is placed under lockdown as a hurricane has begun. Sophia and Lukas begin investigating the storm, as it has come from out of nowhere and is happening at an unusual time of the year. Roman expresses increasingly erratic concerns to Drake about Teri, the Trags, and a threat against Emery. He ends up attacking Grayson when he attempts to warn Emery to stay away from Roman. Taylor tells Drake that she's interested in going public with their relationship, having been inspired by Roman and Emery's being out in the open. Grayson overhears this conversation.

Drake confronts Teri, listing his symptoms, and says that he knows she has drugged him with Fetal. She won't admit to it but he knows that he is right. Mr. Burke tells Ms. Bennett that he has found that Atrian blood is needed to catalyse Cyper but he'll need a whole lot of it to confirm his findings. Drake tells Grayson about the Trags and that he used to be one and Grayson says that he wants to know about the Trags' plans. He also tells him he has until the end of the day to break up with Taylor, saying he doesn't want her to get hurt.

Emery expresses concerns to Roman about his behaviour and pulls him back into a closet to try to figure out what's happening with him. He repeatedly kisses her but she pushes him off and says that he needs to stay put and cool off. She leaves him in there and is approached by Eric, who asks her to check in on Julia, still feeling bad about what he said. She finds Julia with a needle mark on her arm and tears in her eyes. Julia finally tells her about Ms. Bennet, Cyper, the threat against her family, and the fact that it's only a matter of time before she figures out that Atrian blood is needed to use it.

Drake approaches Taylor and ends things with her, saying that he can't deal with the type of treatment Roman and Emery are now facing. Taylor says that some things are worth fighting for but Drake replies that he doesn't think that they are worth fighting for. Lukas and Sophia are investigating the storm's origins (right above the Atrian ship) and Sophia tells him that the ship's artificial gravity generators could have caused the storm but they don't know how or who could have caused this.

Roman and Emery get into an argument where Roman says that he always chooses her over the good of his people and that it's always the wrong choice, saying that she is his weakness. She tells him to go get his head together before he hurts someone else. Teri overhears this argument. The lights go out at the school and Teri goes after Roman in the broom closet, trying to get him to have sex with her. They kiss for a bit but he's able to snap out of it, saying he doesn't want this. Emery and Julia walk in on the closet to see them topless and walk out. Teri tries to make him stay, but Roman tells her that they were never good together as she brings out the worst in people but with Emery, he's who I want to be.

Roman is trying to find Emery and ends up getting rough with Drake, who keeps his cool since he knows what's going on with Roman. He tells Roman about Teri drugging her and that he needs to stay put till it wears off as he's no help to anyone in this condition. Drake promises to help out. Emery and Julia head into the lab to try to get rid of Julia's blood samples but are forced to hide when Teri comes in. She attempts to steal some supplies but is caught by Mr. Burke who chloroforms her, lays her out on a slab, and begins to drain her blood.

Eric talks to Grayson about rumours of his starting a new Red Hawks group. Eric warns him that it isn't a good idea but Grayson tells him to not try to stop him. Mr. Burke steps out of the room to take a phone call, during which Emery and Julia try to get Teri out. They are attacked by Burke in a stairwell and when Julia calls out for help, Roman comes charging in and begins viciously beating Burke. Emery pulls him off and gets him to stop.

Sophia tells Lukas that it might be one of the Atrian Seven that has caused the hurricane and that they need to figure out what's going on before reporting them since it would halt the integration program. She points out that the storm appears to be winding down and asks him to wait ten more minutes before telling Gloria. Ms. Bennet confronts Julia about the destroyed lab and threatens her again. Gloria comes in with Emery and school guards and reprimands her and Mr. Burke for extortion, kidnapping, attempted murder, and by assaulting an Atrian student, she will now be classified as a national security risk.

The lights come back on. Teri thanks Roman for his help in saving her life but he's still angry about her drugging him. He tells her that they are no longer friends. She then goes into the lab and begins stealing various chemicals. Sophia is still heart-broken over Drake and Sophia approaches her to see if she is okay. Taylor asks her if she thinks she is the kind of girl that's worth fighting for and Sophia tells her she's the kind of girl people go to war for. Taylor kisses Sophia while Drake looks on sadly. Eric approaches Julia and apologises for his earlier comments, saying it was dumb and that some habits are hard to break. He says that the obsessive paranoia regarding Atrians is who he used to be but doesn't want to continue anymore. He tells her she's the kindest person he's ever met and she kisses him. He huckles, saying "For a nice girl, you sure don't kiss like one," and they kiss again. Roman tells Emery about his being drugged and asks for her forgiveness. Emery does forgive him but believes that he was right about her being his weakness and how for the good of his people, they shouldn't be together. He tells her they can get through this but she says that right now, this is how it has to be. He tells her he's not letting go and she tearfully kisses him goodbye.

Back at the Sector, Sophia tells Roman about the storm originating from the Atrian ship. He tries to figure out why the Trags would do this but then spots the unmarked Trags seen speaking with Teri earlier disguised as post-storm relief. Grayson is shown to be leading his first meeting with the new Red Hawks. He tells them they need to be smart and not resort to chaotic violence but do need to not rest until they find stop every Atrian that wishes to do harm to humans. Roman and Drake watch as the unmarked Atrians smuggle in unknown supplies. Drake tells Roman about Vega wanting his mother to build the Suvek, which means "blast" or "flash" and they realise that they need to stop this unknown weapon from starting a war.

Star-Crossed airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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