Star-Crossed S1E11 - "Give Me a Torch" Recap

Give me thy torch, boy. Hence, and stand aloof.
Yet put it out, for I would not be seen.
Romeo and Juliet, Act 5, Scene 3, Lines 1-2

Emery runs into Roman in the school hallway and enquires after his well-being. He reminds her that she was the one to break up with him. Julia tells Emery that she should focus on the upcoming school dance. Julia doesn't have a date but then Eric comes over, bluntly asks to go with him, and kisses her before walking off.

Teri tells Roman she wasn't trying to hurt him but he tells her that she needs to tell him what the Trags are building if she really wants to earn his trust back. Drake tells Roman that his mother refused to work with the Trags and they discuss the fact that they need to stay united if they are to win against Castor.

Sophia finds Taylor crying in her car after spotting Drake in the hallway. She gives her a flower to ask her to the dance but then she notices that Taylor's tears are glowing blue. Sophia heads to Emery to tell her what she has just witnessed and explains that glowing tears are a sign of an Atrian pregnancy.

Roman speaks before the leaders regarding Castor's betrayal but Castor feigns ignorance. Saroya is nowhere to be seen and he and Drake need her to back up their story. Castor has taken the flight recorder so there's no proof. The council remains skeptical, saying they want to trust Roman but he had deceived them with his relationship with Emery. The council declares that the accusations are serious enough that they will be making enquiries.

Grayson tells the new Red Hawks that their only focus is the Trags and to sit tight until his Atrian source provides information. Vartan comes to visit, telling Grayson he wants in but Grayson doesn't want him involved since he thinks he is too dangerous. Vartan wants to go after Emery, whom he calls a "race traitor," but Grayson warns him to stay away from her.

Drake sneaks into the Trag base and is caught by his mother. He is angry at her for lying to him about agreeing to build the Suvek. Emery visits Taylor to tell her about her tears glowing and that this means she is pregnant. Drake tells Roman about his mother building the Suvek and that it's not finished yet. Roman is reverse-pick-pocketed and he checks his bag right after and finds a bomb inside. He takes off running, throws it into a dumpster and warns people to take cover as it goes off.

Emery warns Taylor to keep quiet about her pregnancy as she may be in danger from the Red Hawks. Sophia comes over and begins telling her about Atrian pregnancies, including an increased thirst for water, and perhaps consuming less salt as Atrians do not react well with it.

Teri examines the nearly-completed Suvek and Vega tasks her with finding an Iksen key which will be used to control the Suvek. She says Castor is hiding it somewhere and she must find it.

Lukas offers to take Emery to the dance as friends. Emery asks Eric if she has seen Grayson but Eric says he hasn't been speaking to him and has started up with the Red Hawks again. He also tells her to not get him involved as he doesn't want anything to do with the organisation. Emery spots Drake and Roman come in and asks Drake about Roman's injuries but Drake stays quiet about them.

Teri sneaks into Castor's place but is caught by him and his lackies. He tries to manipulate her insecurities regarding her relationship with her mother and offers her an opportunity to work with him. He lets her go and tells her to think about it.

Roman and Drake realise that Castor must have a stash of bombs hidden somewhere, which they could use to blow up the Suvek and frame Castor for it. Roman's mother pleads with Castor not to turn against Roman, saying he needs his guidance. Roman and Drake locate Castor's stash of explosives and abscond with a few of them. Meanwhile, Teri spots them doing this from a surveillance bug she had planted in Castor's place.

Taylor expresses sadness over the fact that not only is this pregnancy dangerous, she really liked (or likes) Drake. Emery admits to Taylor that she and Roman never had sex during their relationship.

Teri listens in on Castor discussing her many strengths, but I can't help but wonder if he knows that she is listening and is doing this just to further manipulate her. He later discovers that someone has been in his stash of explosives. He corners Roman and demands he get his explosives back, not sure why he would even use them since he doesn't believe him capable of taking him out. They get into a scuffle over Roman's bag but when Castor gets it, he finds it is only full of empty cans. Drake successfully plants explosives on the Suvek and blows it up.

Grayson approaches Emery and tells her how he's just trying to go after the Trags and not Atrians as a whole. He also learns of her break-up with Roman. Vartan tells Grayson that Emery is pregnant with Roman's baby as his eavesdropping has led him to come to that conclusion, not realising that Taylor is the one who is actually pregnant. He expresses disdain over race-mixing, saying this is how it all starts. Grayson again warns him to stay away from Emery.

The school dance is underway. Lukas and Emery arrive and meet up with Julia. Eric tells Julia that he's going to go out and drink by the bleachers with some friends. She tells him he's going to miss her song but he tells her he's already heard her practice a million times and that she will do great. Taylor meets up with Sophia and apologises for not actually giving her an answer when she asked her to the dance. Taylor asks how she can like her but Sophia assure her that she has many great qualities.

Grayson asks Emery if she is pregnant and Emery tells him that she's not and even if she was, it's none of her business. She tells him that asking her such a question isn't doing much to prove to her that these new Red Hawks aren't so bad. Emery warns Sophia that they need to keep Taylor out of the spotlight lest she risk exposure. Unfortunately, Taylor then goes up on stage to hype up the students at the dance on the microphone.

Vega is furious about the explosion and believes it to be Castor since he used the same type of explosive device on Roman. Teri tells Vega that it wasn't Castor but refrains from explaining. Vega is furious at Teri for failing at her task and tells the Trags to arm themselves, as Castor will pay for what he has done that night.

Taylor introduces Julia to the stage to sing a song when she spots Drake and Roman walk in. Julia begins to suffer from stage fright and sings timidly. Eric watches from the audience and comes up on stage, joining her in the song. She gets her confidence back as Eric encourages her on the stage.

Vartan sneaks up behind Emery, knife drawn, and warns her not to move. He pulls her outside and is insistent that she is pregnant despite her protests to the contrary. He attempts to put her in his car but then Grayson comes from out of nowhere and attacks him. Vartan gets the upper hand and begins beating Grayson but then the other Red Hawks come over and pull him off of Grayson.

Eric tells Julia he was drinking with his friends but realised he would rather be inside with her. Taylor approaches Drake and tells him she is pregnant. He tries to talk to her but she would rather continue on her path to get over him and walks away.

Grayson apologises to Emery as Vartan is arrested. He says that Vartan had nothing to do with him or the new Red Hawks and she says she believes him. He offers to take her home but she asks him to go inside for a dance instead.

The Trags shot Castor and begin chasing him through the back alleyways of the Sector. Teri intercepts and helps him hide.

Roman assures Drake everything is going to be okay and reminds him of all they have accomplished recently. Drake asks what the point is and Roman tells him that even though being with Emery had its difficulties, he doesn't regret it for a second. Drake heads off to find Taylor. He tells her he only broke up with her because of a bad situation but only ever wanted to be with her. He promises to be there no matter what happens. Taylor becomes emotional and begins shedding glowing tears. They embrace.

Emery tells Grayson she's willing to help him as long as he's not against integration or for hurting Atrians. She wants all Atrians to be free. Grayson insists that they are only focused on going after terrorist Atrians who would want to harm humans. Emery attends a new Red Hawks meeting and Roman spies this from afar, horrified.

Teri is shown to be patching up the injured Castor and we see when he is alone that he is wearing the key around his neck. Roman's mother tells him about Castor's being no longer in power. The Suvek is shown to be fine, as Vega and Saroya had built it to withstand attack. Vega says that it will be introduced to the humans in just a few days.

Star-Crossed airs on the CW on Mondays at 8PM.


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