Star-Crossed S1E8 - "An Old Accustom'd Feast" Recap

This night I hold an old accustomed feast,
Whereto I have invited many a guest,
Such as a I love; and you among the store,
One more, most welcome, makes my number more.
Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene 2, Lines 20-23

Roman's uncle Castor visits the school to provide information to Gloria about an upcoming Atrian holiday called Dinaskyu. The Atrian Seven will be permitted to invited humans to the sector for the occasion. Roman pulls Emery into a janitor's space for some making out, to invite her to join him for the holiday, as well as warn her that his mother isn't too happy about humans coming in. Julia has also been invited to attend by Sophia. Ms. Benton asks Julia if she would be interested in an internship, which is clearly a rouse to get closer to her and her cyper-infused blood. Julia advises Emery to get some help from Sophia on Atrian customs.

Roman invites Drake to join him and his family for the Dinaskyu and Drake agrees under the condition that he can bring his favourite herb. Gloria asks Roman to pose for a photo-op with some dignitaries that will be visiting the Sector for Dinaskyu and he refuses. He will no longer be her dancing monkey, regardless of his support for the integration program. Emery breaks up with Grayson and he tells her he knows about her relationship with Roman as well as her part in getting his mother locked up.

Roman and Castor visit Vega to make sure she doesn't harm any humans that will be visiting for Dinaskyu. She says she will declare them off-limits if they do her a yet-to-be-determined favour. Vega asks Teri if she has found Zoe and Teri says that she is missing. Since Zoe is not here to be punished for her failure, Drake will have to pay the price instead.

Sophia tells Emery about Dinaskyu and its origins relate to men being shipped out to fish. The womyn get flowers because they would take care of the men while they were gone. Emery asks if she should bring flowers to her mother and though Sophia hesitates at first, she then says yes. Drake is buying flowers for Maia, Roman's mother, when Vega comes to ask about Zoe. Drake says he thinks she had spent too much time around the humans. Vega invites him to her Dinaskyu celebration so he can receive his new assignment as the new outside operative.

Julia visits Ms. Benton who shows her some DNA with Cyper in it. She then says the sample is from Julia, who claims to not know how it got into her blood. She offers her an opportunity to help with the research and asks her to consider it. She also tells Julia to keep quiet about it so no one will learn about the Cyper being in her system.

Drake tells Roman he's going to have to withdraw from the program, after which he'll have his marks removed and be sent to another city. He tells Roman he would have his throat slit if he doesn't go along with it. Grayson's dad visits him at the diner, trying to convince him to come home. He asks him about Drake and Zoe being with him at the party and how much he'd had to drink that night. They argue some more about their differing beliefs and part ways.

Roman visits Vega and says that Drake sounded strange, sounding like he was saying goodbye. He says he doesn't know what Vega is planning but wants her to release Drake. She says that she wants prisoner 337 released from the Crate and assures him the prisoner is a non-violent, wrongly accused not-Trag. Roman tells Emery about this and he says he can't tell Castor about any of this but he says he has a plan.

Grayson asks Ms. Benton about Zoe and she tells him she hasn't been seen since his parents' fundraiser. Ms. Benton asks Julia if she has changed her mind about helping with the research but Julia says that it's wrong since Ms. Benton wouldn't be so secretive if it wasn't. Roman visits Gloria and offers to help her again under the condition that he release prisoner 337 from the Crate. He tells her releasing a prisoner on Dinaskyu would be a huge gesture to the Atrians and that if his father were alive, he would be asking the same thing.

Emery and Julia arrive at the Sector and Castor advises Emery that the best way to win Roman's mother over is to make him happy. A young Atrian girl approaches Emery with a tangled net and Emery helps untangle it before forming it into a star. Sophia recognises it as similar to what Roman has. Gloria visits prisoner 337 and finds that the prisoners are surrounded by heat panels that keep them weak and dried out. The prisoner is an old woman, who is allowed into a water tank and comes out of it looking several decades younger.

Drake bids his mother good-bye in the hall of the missing. Castor brings a bowl of water in which Emery and Julia both wash their hands. Maia refuses to use the bowl after the humans. Emery tries to give Maia some flowers but she refuses to accept them, even after Roman and Sophia scold her. At Vega's celebration, the Trags bring flowers to Vega, calling her mother. Teri apologises to Drake, saying she wishes she could do something. Vega calls Drake up and tells them he will be leaving them behind, making the biggest sacrifice a Trag can make.

Gloria brings the prisoner Soroi back to her old pod and leaves her to allow her time to prepare for the feast. The woman then climbs through the ceiling, grabs a bag, and leaps out into the Sector. Maia refuses to go the feast because of the humans. Emery stays with Sophia to help her clean while Roman promises to save her a seat. Maia tells her she never understood her husband's desire for peace with humans and that nothing will make up for her father murdering her husband. Sophia interrupts and tells Maia that Emery is the girl that saved Roman's life on Arrival Day. Seeing the star confirmed her suspicions - it is like the one Roman keeps in his room. Emery apologises for making her uncomfortable and says she will leave. Soroi leaves her bag on Roman's door and Emery passes by it. She opens it and finds a silver container. Upon touching it, blue lines come from it, wrap around her arm, and she collapses. We then see Emery as an alien piloting a ship with Soroi as the other pilot. Castor comes in and shoots the version of her in the vision while Soroi cries out in horror.

Gloria nods from afar to Roman to tell him she has held up her end of the bargain. Emery wakes from her vision. Grayson watches footage from the night of the fundraiser and sees himself being returned to the party by Atrians. Ms. Benton approaches Julia in the Sector and threatens to put something in her father's drink that will kill him. Julia tells her she doesn't know how the Cyper got in her blood but offers to tell her where it's growing.

Roman tells Drake he has gotten him released from Vega. Drake asks how he did it but he says he'll tell him later, as he has been summoned for a photo op. Julia finds Emery and tells her she has to leave and that she needs to go with her. Emery is still searching for Roman and finds him with Castor. Grayson calls his father to say he's ready to come home and finds him at a Red Hawk meeting.

Maia and Sophia join Roman and Emery at the feast. Castor addresses the guests, saying Dinaskyu is a celebration of family. Soroi is brought forward with Gloria and asks where Nox is. Gloria tells her that Castor is the new leader after Nox was killed. Emery is shocked upon seeing Soroi, recognising her from the vision. Castor is also shocked to see her and not-exactly-subtly moving away, finishes his speech by telling the crowd that this year will change every Atrian's life for the better. Drake sees Soroi and is thrilled - it's his mother! They hug and cherish the reunion.

Ms. Benton finds the Cyper growing from an arm. She calls Mr. Burke to inform him of this discovery and orders him to bury all the Atrian bodies they have. Emery pulls Roman aside and he thanks her for being there for Dinaskyu. She then shows him the silver device, asking if he knows what it is. He says it's like an Atrian black box. She tells him someone left it outside his pod and when she touched it, she was piloting a ship. He tells her that if you touch the device, you relive the pilot's experience. Emery tells him that someone came onto the bridge of the ship and shot her. He asks who it was and she tells him it was Castor.

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