Star-Crossed S1E9 - "Some Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars" Recap

I fear, too early; for my mind misgives
Some consequence yet hanging in the stars
Shall bitterly begin his fearful date
With this night's revels and expire the term
Of a despis├Ęd life, closed in my breast,
By some vile forfeit of untimely death.
Romeo and Juliet, Act 1, Scene 4, Lines 106-111

Taylor has enlisted Grayson to help her plan a party for an upcoming meteor shower. Sophia is excited because she is looking forward to the opportunity to socialise and has never seen a meteor shower before. Roman has watched the footage and tells Emery he wants more time to figure out if there's more to the story than meets the eye. He tells Emery he's happy to finally have her in his life as someone he can actually trust.

Drake is reconnecting with his mother but she becomes uncomfortable with all the staring and tells Drake someone is coming for her. Castor tells Roman that what he saw in the footage was true but it was because the pilots were disobeying orders from Roman's father. Roman's father had said they were not to land on an inhabited island but they wanted to colonise it. The reason why they landed was because Drake's mother fought with Castor and it caused the ship to crash.

Roman tells Emery what he has learned but she is skeptical about the story, saying Roman might not know him well or long enough to trust him. Roman says he has proved he has changed with every day. She encourages him to speak to Saroya, Drake's mother before jumping to any conclusions.

Drake and Taylor resume their physical relationship and she invites him to the party she is throwing for the meteor shower. He says he won't be able to make it but won't offer up more details. Grayson confronts Drake about what he saw on the footage and Drake says that Grayson was black-out drunk and tried to drive off but he and Zoe stopped him and brought him back. Grayson asks why he would bother to help and Drake says he was simply returning the favour after his helping when the Red Hawks captured him at the carnival, intending to feed him to alligators. Grayson asks where Zoe went but Drake says he hasn't seen her since that night.

Roman goes to speak to Saroya but she attacks him before he can say or ask anything. Drake comes in and breaks up the fight and Saroya tells Roman she was trying to get the footage to Roman's father and that Castor was the one who had disobeyed Knox's orders. Roman and Drake end up arguing since Roman wants to believe that his uncle is trying to keep Trags (like Drake) "on a leash."

Roman tells Emery what happened and how he is more confused than ever. It wouldn't make sense for her to try to show the footage if it was going to incriminate her. Roman wants to talk to the Tribal Elders and say what he has seen to figure out where to proceed and makes plans to meet up with Emery after doing so, so they may watch the meteor shower together.

Saroya and Drake are preparing in case they are attacked when Teri visits to tell Drake that her mother has summoned him. Emery helps Taylor set up for the party and Taylor is obviously stressed about her (non-)relationship with Drake. Without explicitly naming names, Emery advises her that you can't get close to anyone until they are completely open with her. Grayson asks Taylor if she has seen Zoe at all and tells him about how Drake tracked her down for him. Grayson says he thinks something else was going on with Zoe and asks for her help. She agrees, under the condition she's back by 8 to get ready for the party.

Drake and Saroya meet with the Trags and Saroya is horrified to learn that her son has joined them. Vega wants Saroya to use her engineering skills to build a weapon called the Suvek but she refuses, saying she'd rather go back into the box than help the Trags. Saroya argues with Drake about his joining the Trags but he points out that she wasn't the one who raised him, as he was alone.

Roman goes to find the Elders but instead finds Castor, who locks him inside the room with him. Castor asks where the flight recorder is and Roman tells him what Saroya said about him being he one to mutiny. Castor says that they had been searching for months to find a habitable planet but Knox wouldn't let them stop on Earth because he didn't want to risk a conflict. Castor says there was no guarantee they'd find another suitable planet and just wanted their species to survive. Roman says that the won't rest until everyone knows about what he has done. Castor strikes him.

Emery tells Sophia about her now being involved with Roman but Sophia says she had already suspected and sympathises with how difficult it must be for them to keep their relationship secret. Emery has Sophia help her sneak into the Sector, disguised as her, and reaches the place where Castor is keeping Roman captive. She doesn't see Roman, but does see Castor when he steps outside. Castor tells Roman he plans to plant an illegal weapon in Roman's things to have him sent to the crate so he can be the next leader of the Atrians and improve their conditions.

Emery heads to Drake's place, where Teri also is, and brings the security footage. She asks for their help, saying that Castor has Roman captive at the House of Cards. Drake says that Roman is his family and needs to go help him and Saroya refuses to let him go alone. Emery implores Teri to help her help them.

Grayson has Taylor help him retrace his steps and says he remembers feeling scared like something bad was going to happen because of Drake. They reach the place where their final showdown took place but Taylor insists on leaving while Grayson decides to stay behind, saying he still doesn't trust Drake and will find his way back to the party himself.

Drake and Saroya break into the House of Cards and fight the guards. They take them down and get Roman free from his restraints but Castor draws his weapon on them. Emery and Teri watch from afar, having formed some plan. Emery approaches them and tells Castor she has the footage and will give it to him if he lets them go. He insists that he take her to it now, threateningly. She brings them to a pod where the Trags are waiting. Vega tells Castor she has seen the footage and tells him to release the hostages if he wants it back. He orders them to be released and Vega hands it over. Castor tells Roman it's only the beginning and Roman tells him he can count on it. Vega tells Saroya that the Trags will escort them back to their pods but unless she helps them, she will be on her own from now on. With Castor gunning for her, it's unlikely she'll have much choice but to team up.

Taylor's party is underway with skin, drinks, music and dancing. Taylor is spending time with Sophia and Sophia kisses her. Taylor apologises, saying she's not particularly into girls and is also interested in someone else.

Roman apologises to Drake about fighting with his mother and Emery thanks Teri for her help. Grayson is still pacing at the scene of the crash and retracing his steps. He begins to remember flashes from the night, including Drake choking Zoe and saying, "We should kill her." drake arrives at Taylor's party and she gets angry, saying she wants more than just sex which is something he doesn't seem able to give. Drake says he couldn't talk about things because it was about his mother who was gone for most of his life and having her back has been difficult. He tells Taylor that she makes him want to be a better man (because we've never heard that line before) and they sit together enjoying the meteor shower. Grayson arrives and tells Drake he knows he killed Zoe and knows this because he retraced his steps and everything came back to him, including the crash, the fight, Roman, and Drake. He also remembers Zoe being on the ground with Drake's hands around her neck. Drake asks Grayson what he wants and Grayson says he'll let him know.

Roman and Emery sit on the roof and watch the meteor shower. She asks what he's going to do about Castor and Roman says he'll tell the Elders the truth, even without the recorder. He tells Emery she was right and that he should have listened to her. They enjoy their time as a couple but are interrupted by Castor showing footage of Roman and Emery together, telling the Atrians that Roman's interests lie elsewhere and therefore make him a less ineffectual leader. Teri asks Vega why she didn't take Castor and his men out and Vega says they need him alive... for now. Saroya visits and says that she was right and offers to build the Suvek if she promises to protect her and Drake. Teri asks Vega what the Suvek is and she says it is the last weapon they will ever need against the humans.

Star-Crossed airs on Mondays on the CW at 8PM.


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