Supernatural Recap S9E19: Alex Annie Alexis Ann

We’re taking a break from the angel war and the demon hell campaign to go on a little vampire hunt. A girl is detained by a deputy, and although she puts up a fight, the deputy gets her into holding before he’s called away. She asks that he not leave her, but he has no choice. A noise outside her cell, and Cody has come to retrieve her. She’s scared of him, thinks she’s safe inside her cell, but she isn’t. He has the key. He faked the call that sent the deputy running. She disappeared during the hunt and he came to find her, he tells her that she can run and she can hide, but he will always find her. He prepares o drop fang, and Sheriff Jody arrives swinging an axe, decapitating him.

The boys arrive in town, happy to see their favorite sheriff. She opens her trunk, showing them her latest kill. The boys reflect on how quickly their little girl has grown up, and she warns then that there are more vampires. Mills tells them about the runaway they picked up last night. The girl is all but feral, and she didn’t even thank her for saving her life, worse she tells them that the vampire was spouting off about needing to get her back, and how he’d gone through some length himself.

Sam “swabs” the girl’s cheek, but she’s not fooled. She calls them out as hunters, doing a fang check. Dean points out that she’s alive because the hunters trained the sheriff. Dean sets in asking questions, but the girl remains quiet. Mills has something. The girl’s prints come back positive for a missing child report  that’s eight years old. Eight years is a long time for to remain with vampires. Mills noticed that there was a familiarity with the way the vamp talked to her. Sam reports that her neck is layered with scars. They fed on her often, creating a sort of Stockholm syndrome, a Renfield, a pet, someone who would protect the nest.

They go back and speak to Annie Jones. She tells them that her name is Alex. The boys try to get her to see that the vampires were using her, but she sees them as her family, her brothers. When they struck out on a hunt she fed them. Sam asks her why she left, something made her leave, that she’s been with them for so long that they know her scent. She won’t get very far. The boys tells her that they can keep her safe, but she needs to tell them where the nest is, but she can’t, not after what has happened. She knows that if Momma finds her that she’ll kill her.

Dean talks with Mills. She’s a little hung up with some of the details, and understands why Alex didn’t thank her, she killed her brother. Sam tracks where Alex came from via her bus ticket. They plan to leave Alex in Mills’ care. The boys warn her that the vampires may come after Alex, but Mills can’t bring her deputies in on protecting Alex. Frank, though alive after Cody’s attack is certainly not ready to find out that vampires exist. He’s still traumatized after the barn scene on Walking Dead. Sam gives her a little pointer, that dead man’s blood will knock a vampire out, but Mills hopes that she won’t have to use it.

A bus travel agent locks up for the night after pulling a double when Ralph didn’t show up that day. She promises to be home soon, but when she gets to her car, Connor sneaks up on her. He’s looking for Alex. She claims to have not seen her. He asks if she sold her a bus ticket. She claims to still not know anything, as two other brothers flank him. One being the very attractive Greyston Holt (Clay) from Bitten. I love it when my shows have crossovers. Connor had a little chat with Ralph who told them that Alex did get a bus ticket, before they killed him. She makes a run for it, but she doesn’t get far. The matriarch  of the vampire nest stops her in her track, and she doesn’t appreciate her little comment about her weird family. She drops fang, and the girl screams.

Mills takes Alex out to her family cabin. The cabin has a lot of good old memories inside, and Mills assures her that it’s nicer on the inside. She warns that its easy to get lost in the woods, but that she knows them well, so running is futile. Mills prepares dinner, and Alex laughs over the cross, telling her that its useless against vampires. Mills doesn’t have it for protection against vampires. Alex moves on. She looks at the pictures around, and asks Mills about her family, but she isn’t interested in talking about the horrible way they died. Mills offers to make her a bed, but Alex refuses.

Dean and Sam scope out a place. The house is in forclosure, but its clearly being squatted in. They hear a wood chipper whorl to life out back. Dean finds a vampire playing with the wood chipper. Sam smacks him with a shovel. The vampire was stuck on clean-up duty, destroying what was left of his victims. The rest of his nest is currently not home. They’re at the police station. Dean works him over, the vampire laughs, knowing the boys were there about Alexis. Their momma didn’t turn the girl because she was a favorite one. Alexis thought she was better than the rest because she didn’t feed on humans. He says her brooding was all an act, when the chips were down she would always chose family. In fact she used that pretty innocence to keep them safe in the past, luring unsuspecting men home for dinner. And before the men could take advantage of her innocent looks the brothers would spring and feed. She was the best lure anyone could ask for.

Alex gives Sheriff Mills the slip. Jody looks for the girl, and finds her curled up in bed. She’s a jumpy thing, and all alone. Jody isn’t answering her phone, but she everntually calls the boys. Their warning that the vamps are coming is really too late. They’re already there. They break in and grab Alex before the boys even have a chance to leave or tell her what they learned about Alex. Mills gives chase but, she’s no match for them. They knock her out and take Alex.

The boys arrive the next morning and find Mills on the ground. Woozy, a little bloody, but alive. The boys are headed back to the nest, and planning on taking out the nest. Mills wants to come along to save the girl. The boys try to get through to her that the girl has been bait, luring people in, killing more people than most monsters. She isn’t listening though, she’s gonna save the girl.

Momma vamp tells Alex what a mess she’s made, and how the hunters tortured and killed Dale (Clay!). Worst end to a beautiful cameo. It’s time to pack up and find a new home, she worries that momma is gonna kill her, but never her. Not the golden girl. Alex was tired of all the bloodshed, of the guilt. She’d rather die than feel that way, and momma sees that it was all her fault. She should have turned the girl years ago.

The boys and Mills prepares to clear the nest. Dean makes sure she understands that Alex comes second in that equation.

Momma sees that wanting to see Alex grow up was selfish. The emotions that she’s feeling are human ones, and she could take them all away. Make her feel guiltless, and allow them to go on living a happy life.

The trio enter the house. It’s quiet and seemingly empty. They search it from top to bottom. Mills hears some moaning, and she goes to investigate. Sam finds himself with a shotgun at his back. When Dean drops his weapon, they knock him out. Mills finds Alex in bed. There’s blood all over her mouth, Dale was right, Alex sided with family.  Momma knocks out Mills. How many concussions can one person get in an episode?

Sam struggles in his bindings with Dean passed out on the floor. They hit Sam with the shotgun, wanting to know who removed the head of the sexy brother. They plan to get their revenge, brother for a brother, and then they’ll get out of dodge, but not without lunch.

Momma looks though Mills’ weapons. Alex is well on her way to being a vampire, but still when she’s presented with Mills as a blood bag, she asks that Mills be let go.  Mills has made quite the impression on Alex, and Momma isn’t happy about that. She may have taken Alex, but she loved her, fed her and clothed her.

The vamps collect their lunch when Dean wakes up, and wrecks shop on the vampires.

Mills realizes that she and Momma have a lot in common. Mills wasn’t the only one using Alex to fill a hole in her life. There was another Alex who died long ago. Momma doesn’t like feeling those troublesome human emotions and she takes it out on Mills.

Dean gets the upperhand in his fight against the vampire, and he makes one of the bitch vampires look him in the eyes before he beheads him. Dean goes to untie Sam, but Sam reminds him about Mills. Momma is about to reunite Mills with her dead family, when Alex hits her with a syringe of dead man’s blood. Momma can’t believe her betrayal, and she seems genuinely torn. Mills prepares to behead her as Sam and Dean come down. Mills tells Alex not to watch as she takes Momma’s head.

Sam isn’t too pleased with Dean’s performance. He thinks that Dean enjoyed it a little too much. Dean did enjoy it, they needed to die, and he killed them. Mills check in on Frank, who survived the little visit from the Nest. She admits that she tried to immerse herself in everything to ignore her grief. She thanks the boys for coming out, for curing Alex. There’s no need for thanks, she was the one that killed the sire. Dean is sure the cure will work from personal experience, but it’ll be a rough couple of days. Now it’s a matter of deciding what to do with the girl.

Alex is recovering back at Mills’ cabin. She admits that when momma offered to turn her, she did it because she couldn’t let her down again. Alex tells her that she’s done bad things, but Mills doesn’t need to hear the laundry list, she’s been through too much. She promises the girl that whatever she needs her to be, she’ll be. 


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