Supernatural Recap S9E20 Bloodlines

Chicago, Illinois. A couple has dinner. She wants to know why they’re there, when Mr. Ross gets up, asking the Maitre De to put a engagement ring into a glass for him. He’s interrupted by a pair of men, one being a Mr. Lassiter, who take away the Maitre de’s attention. Their reflections show them to be some kind of wraiths. The maitre de takes the pair to a secret door, a hidden club. They’re greeted by Mindy who remarks that she liked him better as a blonde. He runs his hands over his hair, changing into a blonde. The club is full of monsters, all mingling together. Sal follows Mindy to the bar, when Julian approaches him, a werewolf. Sal tells him that he just wants a drink, no trouble, but Julian doesn’t take his little son of bitches comment well, and the two fight. Sal gets the upperhand, as Julian growls before the two are pulled apart. Sal taunts asking him if that’s all he has, but he has more he says. The power is cut, Mindy’s lizard tongue flicks out tasting the air. A hooded man with metal claws walks in, and no it’s not Freddy Kruger. He begins slashing at supernaturals everywhere.

Ross drags his girlfriend out of the restaurant, saying that place isn’t for them. He drags her to a ferry stop, it’s the first place he saw her. He’s getting ready to propose to Tamara when Sal stumbles downstairs stabbed through the stomach. Sal crumbles at their feet mumbling something to David, apologizing, as Kruger comes running out. He throws Tamara against a wall, killing her, and finishes off Sal.

North Chicago University. A professor comes back by his office, his assistant thought he was done for the weekend. When he gets to his office he turns into David Lassiter, the dead guys little brother. He’s there to steal the answers for a test. His sister, Margo calls him, ordering him home. She tells him that their brother is dead.

Ross talks with a detective, who doesn’t believe what he saw to be true. He’s sure that the thing he saw had claws, big silver ones. He tries to reason with him, that maybe it was a banger with a knife. The Detective worked with Ross’s father, but Ennis is sure he knows what he saw. Sam and Dean come in flashing badges. The boys get the detective out of the room in a hurry, and get Ennis to recap the story again. Sam is sure that there is nothing that he could have done, but it doesn’t make Ennis feel any better. Dean and Sam set out to find their monster.

Margo meets with the detective, she’s not calling down, she wants to know if the ghouls are with them, you know for when the Jets take on the Sharks. He isn’t sure, and maybe isn’t good enough. She doesn’t pay Freddy for a maybe. But with Sal gone, the ghouls are concerned. Margo plans to play hard ball, and bend them over backwards if she needs to. David arrives, and Margo is surprised to see that he came. Margo fills him in on Sal’s death. Julian and Sal had words. The Ghouls circled around, and then Julian clawed out Sal’s heart. She plans to make him pay for it. Margo is armed to the teeth, they’re going to war, and if he doesn’t like it the mob princess says to talk to Dad. Their dad is hooked up to machines. David had no idea it was so bad. Still, David wants proof before this drastic measure. Margo says that there is an eye witness, but David still isn’t so sure that the werewolves did this. Margo cannot believe that he’s still jumping to the werewolves defenses, just like old times. She throws it in his face that Violet is getting married, part of some negotiation. David isn’t unwilling to fight, he just wants to make sure it’s the smart move, but Margo points out that he left to be a human, and he should go back to it, and walk away from all this.

Julian has a drink. His tattooed friend wonders if the shifters will really make a move against them, Julian thinks so. Violet asks for a word with Julian. She just heard that Sal Lassiter died, but Julian is showing no signs of remorse. She asks if he killed him, but he did not, nor does he care. She asks about the Jinn, the tattooed guy, and he’s there because Margo wants him dead, she thinks he sliced up her brother, and he’s not telling her any difference. There is a war coming, and they need the Jinns on their side. Violet tries to stop him, and he puts her in the place. She’s the bitch in the pack, and her only job is to look pretty.

Ennis walks the streets, headed home, but he looks lost. He goes into his closet, into his father’s things, and takes out his gun, beneath it he finds silver bullets with symbols carved into them. Ennis watches over the crimescene as the police collect evidence, the scene replays in his head. He breaks into the back door, where Sal came out of. He takes his flashlight into the empty room, looking for clues and finds claw marks and broken glass, before he can investigate further someone comes in to clean up the room. He hides, but Maitre de smells him out. He draws his gun, and the maitre de drops fangs. Ennis shoots off multiple rounds, but the bullets have no effect, luckily Dean’s big bowie knife does the trick as he chops off the monster’s head with Sam by his side for support. Dean suggests that he leaves, but he’s not going anywhere without some answers. It’s up to Sam to give him the lowdown. They’re hunters, and they kill stuff. Dean finds some souvingieres, some sort of monster trophy room. Ennis wants to join the hunt, but Sam tries to talk him out of, wanting to give him a way out before its too late.

Ennis looks at pictures of his girlfriend, silver bullet in hand. Freddy comes in to talk to him about what he thinks killed Tamara. His story sounds crazy to someone who doesn’t believe. Ennis checks his phone, and his partner is showing signs of being a wraith or something, his eyes are all glowy.  He corners him, and he shifts. His name is David Lassiter, and he’s a shapeshifter. David is there because he read the police report, but Ennis doesn’t want to talk about it. David tells him that basically his city is divided by five monster families. They police themselves, keep the peace, and human casualties to a minimum. There is one guy trying to stop it, and he urges him to stay out of it. He tells him that the guy who he thinks is guilty can’t be, a werewolf wouldn’t have claw. David distracts him and makes a run for it.

Ennis fires up the internet to start. Sam and Dean are busy on a stakeout, and Ennis scopes out the same place. Violet walks past David, but his disguise doesn’t fool her. She thinks he should be there, but he’s come about Sal. She gives her condolences. David knows that, and he knows Julian didn’t do it, but Lily knows he won’t do anything to stop the war. The past between the two is rocky at best, she could have run away with him, but instead she caved to pack pressure, and stayed. Someone attacks the pair from above. It slashes David, but takes Violet before David shoots it. Sam and Dean arrive too late, the girl is gone. Ennis knows how to track her, but David refuses to help unless he gets to come along. For now they’re all partners.

Violet awakens chained up. There’s a serial killer’s board full of baby pictures. He tells her that he’s not a freak  like her, just a man with some toys. I don’t think that’s much comfort to her.

The four track Violet by her cell phone signal. Ennis and David are on shaky ground. Ennis tells him that his brother spoke to him at the end, saying “David I didn’t have a choice.”

The man tortures Violet because her brother and Sal tore his son apart. Violet tries to reason with him that it wouldn’t have happened, because Sal and Julian hate each other. She realizes that its all a lie, he’s trying to start a war, not thinking of the fall out. So many more children will die when the war starts.

The group splits up, Dean and David, Sam and Ennis. Dean continues forward, but David is distracted. He sees something, but never bothers to warn Dean. The human grabs him too, and strings him up next to Violet. He thinks its sweet, almost human how David sticks up for Violet. He slashes at David, and Violet lets her beast out. He tells them they can look human, and act human, but they’re still monsters. Violet springs on him, but David stops her from killing him. Dean, Sam and Ennis arrive, and the human admits that he killed Tamara. She was in the way, but reasons that the others are just monsters. Ennis shoots him, he’s the real monster in the room.

The next morning David walks Violet home. They’re both looking a little rough. David tells Violet Sal’s last words, but he doesn’t understand them. She knows. That night at the train station, Sal met Violet before she could meet up with David. He didn’t want to fallout of them running away together, knowing the shifters would be blamed. Sal gave her a choice. She could walk away, or he could kill her and dump her body. Either way the result would be the same. She told Sal that he she loved him, but it didn’t matter. Violet doesn’t reveal any of this to David, but instead of turning and walking away she passionately kisses him, and then turns tail and practically runs.

David goes to his father. His sick father tells him that his sister wants war, that she has to stop her. He brings the human’s claws to her, taking war off the table. She wants to know if they’re done, but they aren’t. He tells her that he wants back in, and she puts on a show of welcoming him back into the fold, but her face behind his back is clear he needs to sleep with one eye open.

Sam and Dean take Ennis back to his home. Dean gets a call that sounds important. Castiel called warning that lines have been drawn, the angels are going to war. Sam wants to call in other hunters, tell them what is happening, but Ennis thinks he can handle it. Sam tries to persuade him otherwise. He lest the boys drive off, but there is no way he’s going to just walk away. This is his city, and he’s in the middle now. He goes back to the serial killer board, looking it over. An anonymous caller, his father, asking him what he’s doing, warning that the monsters will kill him.

So that’s the preview of the new spin-off bloodlines. I’ll watch it, but I’m not sold on any of it, but at least the next episode looks phenomenal with the angels warring and the demons out playing.


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