The Big Bang Theory S7E19 - "The Indecision Amalgamation" Recap

Sheldon is complaining about having to urinate and when Leonard tells him he should just go to the bathroom, Sheldon says he cannot because he is trying to decide between getting an XBox One and a PS4. He says he is employing the work of a Dutch researcher who found that people make better decision with full bladders. Penny comes in and says she did well at her latest audition and was able to cry on cue.

Bernadette asks Penny and Amy for advice on something that happened to work. She says there is a lady that will be retiring soon and there was a card being passed around for everyone to sign. What she didn't realise was that this woman was also in a severe car accident over the weekend and the card was actually a get-well card. She wrote, "You deserve this. At least with you gone, no one will steal my yoghurt out of the fridge. LOL, smiley face. P.S. Good luck where you wind up." Penny gets a call from her agent and steps out. Amy assures her that she's not a bad person and simply someone who made a mistake. Penny returns and says she didn't get the part but the role in the awful horror film that she passed on came back around. She's conflicted on whether or not to take it.

Raj encounters Emily, the woman from the dating site, and apologises again for his action is and says he got really nervous. She tells him he's not the weirdest guy she's met off the Internet. He cracks a joke and tells him he has another shot.

Sheldon is complaining to Amy about the strange name of "XBox One" after XBox and then XBox 360. He becomes perturbed when he feels that Amy is not taking him seriously. She then says she will give him his undivided attention and begins reacting strongly in a manner that viewers will find hilarious, while Sheldon interprets it as serious, since he doesn't understand sarcasm. It culminates in her shouting at him to pass the butter.

Leonard looks over the horror film's script with Penny and they both agree that the script is terrible. He says that perhaps she can still be good in a bad film but they have a hard time taking the lines seriously. He asks if it pays well and she says she made more at the Cheesecake Factory. He suggests that she do it and take the opportunity to get away for a few weeks but a decision is yet to be made.

Sheldon is about to leave Amy's date night and before he leaves, Amy reminds him he's forgetting something so he comes back and kisses her and begins talking about the PS4's light-up controls while his lips are still pressed up against hers.

Raj recaps his date to the group and announces they have another date that Saturday. He demonstrates his latest "move" on Penny, with Leonard's permission. This "romantic astrology" is better than they expected. Sheldon bursts in and asks for a poll from the group on XBox vs. PS4. Raj gets an e-mail from Lucy, his ex-girlfriend, saying that she wants to get back together. He doesn't know how to choose and Howard suggests he see both of them, with Penny saying he can since they've yet to commit.

Wil Wheaton has coffee with Penny and Leonard so he can give Penny advice on whether to take the horror film. He tells them the business is brutal and to this day, he hates going on auditions. Bernadette's co-worker has been placed in a medically induced coma and has yet to read the card. Penny has yet to make a decision about the film. Raj decides to start saying "yes" to everything.

Sheldon decides to get an XBox One and is at the electronic store with Penny. He then becomes conflicted regarding some mistaken electronic decisions in the past and begins to think he should get the PS4. Amy is tired of his indecision and offers to buy him both but he says he only has one slot in his entertainment centre. She then tells him flipping a coin can help him reveal his true feelings, because he'll either be excited or disappointed by the outcome. It doesn't work and he's still indecisive.

Raj enjoys his dinner date with Emily until he becomes guilty and admits to saying he had agreed to go on a date with his ex. He tells her his friends told him it was okay but he doesn't like feeling deceitful. He doesn't know if he and his girlfriend are actually getting back together. She is charmed and says that they've only just met so he doesn't have to tell her yet about whether he is seeing other people.

Amy and Sheldon are sitting at the store and the worker tells him the store had closed 5 minutes ago. Sheldon begins to cry and Amy tells him she will get him some food. He becomes more distraught when he says he doesn't know what food he wants.

Amy is on set of the horror film and encounters Wil Wheaton, who is also working on the same project.

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