The Big Bang Theory S7E20 - "The Relationship Diremption" Recap

Sheldon becomes disillusioned by the fact that a new gravity wave discovery has left little room for him to continue his research on the String Theory, which is what he has spent most of his career working on. His stress is increased when Barry Kripke begins mocking him. When he shares his concerns with Penny, she compares it to being in a bad relationship and how it's best to break it off and walk away. Sheldon takes this advice by getting rid of books related to it, to not be reminded of it, and Penny styles his hair, an idea he got after reading relationship advice from Cosmopolitan magazine. Sheldon decides that perhaps he should study black holes or dark matter now. Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard and Amy all think he looks hotter now with this new look.

Howard has been teasing Raj about his new relationship with Emily. Raj is no longer seeing Lucy since she was not fond of the prospect of him dating two womyn at once. Howard and Raj decide to bring their ladies for a double date. Raj insists that Howard promise not to embarrass him on the date. When Raj and Emily arrive at the restaurant, Howard recognises Emily, and panics.

Sheldon tries to find a new field to explore, and is against geology, calling it "the Kardashians of science." He turns down all suggestions the others receive until Penny advises him to let a new field find him. He says that this is how he came to study String Theory so he will employ this method again. They all toast with wine.

At the restaurant, Emily is trying to figure out why she recognises Leonard, but can't place it. Raj suggests that perhaps it is because he was an astronaut. Suddenly, Emily remembers and begins to share the story and Howard insists on taking over. He says they went on a blind date together four years prior. He came to Emily's apartment and had a digestive problem, and was so embarrassed for clogging her toilet, he snuck out the window. However, Emily has not held a grudge and tells Howard that it has proved a good story over the years.

Sheldon has gotten drunk off wine and Amy puts him to bed. Sheldon wakes the following morning and is horrified to find he has a geology textbook in his bed that he had presumably been reading the previous night. When he tries to sneak it out to the living room, Leonard teases him, saying he had been reading pretty loudly. Sheldon tries to call Amy to apologise and is again horrified, this time because he has found he had drunk-dialed Stephen Hawking.

Sheldon and Howard share their recent embarrassing mishaps. They begin to feel better until Barry Kripke comes in and teases both of them. Finally, we hear more of Sheldon's drunken voicemails that include his praising geology as well as The Lego Movie.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8PM.


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