The Big Bang Theory S7E21 - "The Anything Can Happen Recurrence" Recap

Penny complains to Leonard about her horror film while Sheldon tries to figure out what his next area of professional focus will be. They decide to bring back "Anything Can Happen Thursday" and initially struggle to decide what to do. Eventually, they decide to go around town to find a new restaurant to eat at.

Raj and Howard are hanging out and Raj proposes they watch a horror film. Neither of them are interested in the genre but Raj's new girlfriend Emily enjoys the genre and wants to watch it the next day. Howard wants to watch it once so he can keep from reacting negatively in front of her.

Penny, Sheldon, and Leonard find Amy and Bernadette having dinner without them and are offended by the fact that they had lied about their plans. Amy and Bernadette are apologetic, saying that they simply wanted some time away from Sheldon's complaining about finding a new field of study and Amy complaining about her new film. Amy decides to drag Sheldon off so they may spend time together while Leonard stays with Bernadette and Amy, having been put in the dog house after regrettably admitting that she does complain about her movie. Over the course of their conversation, he learns that though he never lies to Penny, she has been known to lie to him about certain things.

Penny tells Sheldon to use fortune cookies to guide his way and he goes along with it but also remains critical of it. She also calls Howard to let him know about Bernadette's lies, after which Howard gleefully tells Raj that he'll be having sex with a Catholic schoolgirl that night (roleplaying). He calls Bernadette and she begrudgingly admits to lying and agrees to dress up in the schoolgirl outfit later.

Penny brings Sheldon to a fortune teller and texts Leonard to let him know. Amy admits to sometimes being jealous of Penny and Sheldon's close (non-romantic) relationship and Leonard tells her that Penny grew up around horses and therefore knows how to approach skittish people. At the psychic's place, Penny continues to drag Sheldon through the process. The psychic tells him that he should commit more to his relationship with Amy and this will solve his problems. He calls it a malarkey and storms out.

Raj has his date with Emily and admits to his strategy of watching it in advance as well as his finding it disturbing. She admits that she feels that way too but that the genre also turns it on, leading Raj to gleefully play the film.

Amy visits Sheldon dressed as a Catholic schoolgirl but he remains oblivious to the outfit's purpose.

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