The Following S2E12 - "Betrayal" Recap

Ryan is understandably shocked to see Claire alive. She sends her agents out and he orders Mike to leave. She apologises for not telling him about her faking her own death and she says she did it to protect her son. She tells him she has returned because she wants to kill Joe. He tells her she should go back to hiding where she will be safe but she says she won't be safe until Joe is dead.

Kingston Tanner, a religious (nutjob) pastor, is being interviewed by Carrie. He has declared that Joe Carroll is the anti-christ and he plans to defeat this evil. Joe watches the interview and laughs at him, saying that religion is a business and that he is helping him to sell tickets. He tells Emma he hates religion and the hypocrisy of it. He decides that Tanner is his next target. Emma asks if he has seen Mandy and he says "she is probably around here somewhere." In actuality, Mandy is meeting up with Mark. He asks where Joe is and she says she can't tell him, since he doesn't want anyone to know. Regardless, he agrees to take her back to Luke and his mother.

Carrie is attacked in a traffic jam by people wielding tire irons and spray paint. A woman gets in her car and gives her a phone. Joe is on the other line and tells her that he has a video message that she will air or else she and her family will be killed. The woman gives her a flash-drive and heads off with the other followers. Carrie gives Ryan a copy of the video and asks if she can spend the night at his house so he can protect her. He gets out of it, failing to mention that Claire is already staying there.

Mandy is brought to meet Lily, who greets her with a smile and a hug. Mark tells her that she won't tell him where Joe is and she says it's fine, before giving him a knowing look. Ryan watched the video message with Claire. He quotes the Bible and Ryan realises that Joe has declared war against religion and God. They realise he might be going after Kingston Tanner and his family. Ryan refuses to let Claire accompany him to check on Kingston's son in Connecticut. He choose to go with Mike and sends Max up to keep Claire busy.

Joe's followers are at the campus and murder a security guard. Mike apologises again to Ryan, who says he understands. Emma shows Joe surveillance footage of Mandy escaping. Lily guilt trips Mandy for leaving with Joe and Mandy insists that she is loyal to her but can't betray Joe either. When Mandy remains set on not telling her, Lily strikes her.

Claire finds lipstick in Ryan's bathroom and realises he has been seeing someone. Max shows Claire Ryan's office with all the maps and diagrams relating to Joe. Joe's followers arrive at Preston Tanner's frat house and his frat brothers tell him his room is upstairs. Since he's not currently in, they hide and wait after killing the couple already in there.

Luke and Mark are forcing Mandy to play truth or dare with them. She's frightened by their crazed rambling. Luke asks Mandy where Joe is and she still refuses to tell them. They then begin burning her arm with a candle.

Joe's followers capture Preston Tanner and videotape his reaction to their torturing and killing his girlfriend. Ryan and Mike arrive and find blood downstairs but no people. They head upstairs and find a room full of masked people. They then realise that it's mostly college students with masks glued to their faces. Joe's followers run out with Preston, load into the van and drive off. Ryan follows them in his car.

Joe calls Lily, thinking that Mandy went to see her and will likely give up their location. She puts Joe on speaker phone and has Mandy talk to him. Lily tells Joe that they have brutally beat Mandy and will kill her if he doesn't come to get her. He says, "I love you mouse," and then hangs up. It doesn't looks like he'll be coming after her.

EMTs and police arrive at the frat house and Mike calls Ryan, who says he is still on the trail of the van. He won't tell Mike where he is and says he doesn't want back-up. Joe is still upset about Mandy. Emma comes in and tells him that Lucas was killed but everyone else is headed back with Preston. Joe loses his temper and blames Emma for Mandy running away. Carrie then plays Joe's video on air.

Mike returns to Ryan's apartment and tells Max and Claire what has happened along with Ryan's going rogue. Ryan dumped his phone so they can't trace him. Carrie storms in demanding to see Ryan. She is amazed to find that Claire is still alive. The twins and Lily gather round for dinner with a dead Mandy sitting at the table with them. The followers arrive at the compound and Joe greets them, telling Preston it is time to pay for his father's sins. Ryan watches from behind a tree.

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