The Following S2E13 - "The Reaping" Recap

Following the events of last week's episode, Ryan is still on Joe's compound and is discovered by one of the guards. He kills the guards and continues forward. Claire wants Carrie to put her on TV to lure Joe out but Carrie says she refuses to do anything until she hears from Ryan. Max and Mike want to continue searching for him. Mike gets a call, summoning him to Kingston Tanner's house, where he watches a video message from Joe of the murder of Tanner's girlfriend, as well as a greeting saying he has captured Tanner. Kingston wants to respond quickly but he is advised against doing so.

Ryan continues to sneak around the compound and takes down another follower that locates him. He dons a mask to get closer, where he hears Emma telling Tilda that many of them will be leaving after the ceremony for the final mission. Joe comes on stage and addresses his followers. He has a follower named Courtney and Preston on the stage. He says that Preston will deliver Courtney from suffering and send her home. He pulls out a knife, intending for Preston to kill Courtney to show them that his father's words are a "web of lies," and "far from godly." Ryan slowly makes his way forward, still wearing his mask. Joe leads a chant, "No redemption without blood," but then Ryan shoots at him. Chaos ensues, as no one can figure out where the shot came from.

Lily is having some of her followers track down the location of Joe's compound. Mark would rather they leave and flee to safety but Lily tells him that Joe must pay for what he has done. Luke tells Joe that Ryan Hardy might have followed them following the confrontation when getting Preston. Emma wants them to leave, saying if Ryan is there then the FBI can't be far behind. Joe insists that Luke and others find Ryan and bring him to him.

Max tells Mike it's weird that he's not grieving the death of his father properly. She thinks he is trying to get revenge on Lily Gray. They get a call letting them know that Lily has been located and promptly head out to the location. Ryan is caught up to by some of the followers and surrenders in order to be brought to Joe. Mike, Max, and other FBI agents arrive at Lily's place but everyone is gone, except for Mandy's body. They're able to follow a trail of one of Lily's guards' credit cards and trace his recent usage for a rental car.

Luke is frustrated by Joe's behaviour and Emma tells him that he tends to think less clearly where Ryan is concerned. Luke wants them to head to New York for the mission. Joe has been tied up and left in a room. Joe comes in and tells Ryan he has missed him and knows that he missed him, too. Ryan tries to get Joe to let some detail slip about his plans but Joe will only say that he thinks Ryan will enjoy his next trick.

Kingston goes against the FBI's wishes and holds a press conference on which he prays and taunts Joe by telling him he will not be victorious. Joe has his followers bring Courtney and Preston in front of Ryan to continue from where they were interrupted when Ryan shot at them. He commands Preston to kill Courtney and puts a knife against his throat. Ryan tells Preston that Joe won't kill him since he doesn't have leverage if he is dead. Preston submits to fear and kills Courtney after asking god to forgive him.

Max and Mike figure out that Lily is going after Joe. Lily is headed to the compound with the twins and her followers. Emma panics when seeing the cars, thinking that it's the FBI. Joe refuses to kill Joe and leaves him tied up. Lily and her men arrive and begin shooting the followers with machine guns. Joe, Emma, and some others have already gotten away. The FBI arrive and Max tells Ryan, who has gotten free from his restraints that Mike has run off to go after Lily.

Carrie goes on the news and reads a cryptic poem for Joe. He watches and from it, is able to deduce that Claire is actually alive. Mike tracks Lily down and holds her at gunpoint. She tells him the twins did not come with her. Ryan and Max catch up and tell Ryan not to shoot her. He pauses for a while, says, "I know this isn't going to fix anything for me, but it will fix you," and shoots Lily Gray dead.

The Following airs on Mondays on FOX at 9PM.


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