The Following S2E14 - "Silence" Recap

Ryan is less than pleased over Claire's using Carrie to lure Joe out by reciting a poem. He wants her to stay hidden and stay safe, but what Claire deliberately keeps quiet from him is the fact that the poem is a way of signalling a meet at the place where he proposed to her. Emma is angry with Joe for wanting to meet Claire, saying it may very well be a trap. However, Claire was right about Joe; his ego wouldn't allow him to simply not go after her.

A woman sets herself on fire near Tanner's home and it serves as a signal to him to go and meet Joe, who had secretly called him. Tanner kept it from Ryan and the other agents, choosing to go after his son alone. He is taken by some followers in a van while Tanner's security look on in horror. His head of security tells Ryan that although he obeyed his employer, he also put a tracker on Tanner.

Ryan and the other agents track Tanner to a catholic church where the followers hold a service captive at gunpoint. The followers also rig the place with explosives in case anyone tries to enter. However, Ryan and Mike are able to get inside before it gets locked down. Joe shows Tanner how he was able to get his son to kill. He begins broadcasting to the Internet and forces Tanner to say there is no God and "praise Joe." He then places a knife in front of both Tanner and Preston, stating that one must kill the other or they will both die. After a tearful speech, Tanner slits his own throat.

Mike wants him and Ryan to storm in so Ryan can deliver a kill shot to Joe and end things but Ryan is against this course of action as it would trigger the explosives and kill at least a hundred hostages.

Claire arrives at the hotel where she was set to meet Joe but is instead met by Emma and Robert, whom Joe had sent ahead of him. Emma wants to kill Claire and even kills Robert as a way of building a false story to tell Joe: that she had no choice but to defend herself. Claire is able to kill Emma but is discovered by the twins. Mark is especially distraught by her killing Emma, as he still had feelings for her. Luke and Mark take her hostage to get revenge on Joe and Ryan.

Mike is forced to come out of hiding when spotted by one of Joe's followers. Joe tries to threaten Mike in order to draw Ryan out but Mike is willing to die if it means Ryan will be able to kill Joe. Ryan is sneaking around trying to determine the best tactical manoeuvre and we're left with the cliffhanger of Joe counting down and firing a shot. We're left to wonder whether or not Joe has just shot Mike.

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