Turn S1E2 - "Who by Fire" Recap

Redcoats reach the scene of the massacre of their fellow comrades. This is the massacre that took place thanks to the intelligence Abe provided about an attack intended to take place on a nearby Rebel safe house.

Abe discusses their supply of cabbage and having enough to make it through the winter. But shortly after this, some masked men on horseback set the sheds containing the cabbages on fire. The identity of these fire-starters remains unknown. Abe later meets with his father who reminds him that people are still blaming him for the death of the officer. Abe tells him he did not do it and tells his father that he is sorry for not accepting his help. His father tells him he has kept his name off the list of suspects but unfortunately for Abe, one of the names on that list is Anna Strong. Abe visits Anna to let her know that she is a suspect. She thinks that Simcoe has been killed and therefore no longer be a problem to her or the others but he is in fact still alive.

Simcoe has been taken captive and is currently in a jail cell of the Continental Congress. A worker is trying to remove a bullet from his leg. Tallmudge comes to question him but Simcoe simply snarks about the rum he has been given and pours it onto the ground.

The Scottish Loyalist Robert Rogers meets with his informer, John Andre, who discusses the bonnet found on one of the Redcoat corpses. He says that they will find out who placed the bonnet and who provided the information about the planned attack on the safehouse.

Anna rifles through Simcoe's belongings and finds a letter that she brings to Abe. From reading it, they learn about a signal used by the Redcoats to sound the retreat. Robert Rogers goes to try to speak to Simcoe but learns that he is missing. Rogers asks how many were involved in the massacre but does not get an answer. Rogers asks Major Hewlett to tell him about "troubled" Captain Joyce. Joyce is the one that caused the confrontation in the pub that led to Anna's husband being arrested.

Tallmudge and Simcoe have dinner in the jail while Caleb stands off to the side. Simcoe asks what they want to know. Tallmudge says they already know what they need to, such as the fact that they have 4,000 Redcoats stationed outside of New York. Simcoe laughs and says they actually have 6,000. He laughs about how he shouldn't laugh at another man's misfortune and Caleb becomes enraged, attacking Simcoe and punching him repeatedly.

Robert Rogers meets with Abe and his father at the pub where Anna works. Rogers wants to know how so many Redcoats were killed without ant Continental Congress casualties. Rogers says that Captain Joyce's murder is part of this riddle. Abe turns over the letter Anna game to him to try to guide his investigation. He decides to examine Joyce's body, on which they find a knife wound. Rogers thinks a woman could have been his murderer and considers Anna as a suspect. Abraham says that there were four womyn who were close enough to have heard the retreat signal and commit the murder. But this ends up being narrowed down to two suspects, still including Anna.

A redcoat that served under Captain Joyce says that he would sometimes sound the retreat just to keep the men on their toes. Abe approaches a man and tells him he knows he committed the murder and tells him to meet him at midnight. Abe tells him to confess, pulling out the letter that he says proves it. The man pulls out a knife, admitting to the murder and making Abe the scapegoat. Rogers is hiding nearby and hears the confession and kills the man's accomplice who was about to kill Abe. Rogers says they will claim the dead man was Joyce's killer, as he wants the actual guilty man to be his spy and report back to him. Rogers warns him that Abe will also be keeping an eye on him.

Tallmudge and Caleb have Simcoe hanging by his wrists. They are beating and torturing him in an attempt to get information but Simcoe has not lost his sassy, insulting ways. Caleb wants to kill him but Tallmudge says he will do it instead. They are interrupted by General George Washington who is horrified by the display. He tells Tallmudge he will be facing disciplinary charges and apologises to Simcoe, saying men under his command are to treat other officers with respect, regardless of whether they are captive. Simcoe thanks him and says not to go too hard on Tallmudge, adding that he has been a perfect gentleman.

Following a hook-up with an actress from the play at which he had met with Rogers, Andre says he is headed to New Jersey. Abe meets with Anna in the woods and Anna tells him of a rumour that the company drummer killed Joyce, despite this not making any sense. Abe tells her that Simcoe's body was not found in Connecticut, so he may very well still be alive. Abe expresses concern for Anna's safety, though they are both likely to suffer if Simcoe returns.

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