Turn S1E3 - "Of Cabbage and Kings" Recap

In Northern New Jersey, Simcoe is being transported while still wearing his dishevelled wig. Ben and Caleb are riding up front when they stumble across members of the Continental Army and other wounded folk who tell them that many men have been either taken prisoner or killed. Simcoe smugly and cheerfully calls out, "By all means, let us continue to New York!"

Richard, Abe's father, is at Abe's place to discuss their upcoming business trip to New York. He heads out and Abe's wife Mary tells Abe she's jealous of his trip.

General Scott and the others stop at a farmhouse and ask the owners if they might stay there for the night. Scott warns Tallmadge he'll be facing disciplinary charges but he might be willing to overlook them if he behaves himself for the remainder of the trip. Tallmadge send Caleb off to find a boat and get more information from Abe

Richard and Abe have begun their journey to New York. Richard proposes they stop by Abe's old alma mater but Abe is less than keen on the idea.

Caleb is preparing to leave and is questioned by others in the militia who are suspicious, thinking he might be deserting them. After he leaves, they discuss the possibility of switching sides, thinking only of their personal self-interest and preservation.

Abe and his father reach New York island where they encoutner a Redcoat whom Abe's father tells he would trust Abe with all his affairs. The officer jokes that he wouldn't.

Caleb arrives on shore and is helped out of his boat by a friend. Anna heads out to her bone and finds Caleb hiding there. She tells him she can get information from the Redcoats who drink at her tavern, as they have a propensity for spilling secrets while there if and when she lowers the price of ale. Caleb doesn't think spy work is meant for ladies but she tells him off, saying womyn are plenty capable of the same covert work. She kicks him out when he won't change his mind.

Richard and Abe have dinner with the Redcoat officer. They're negotiating a business deal to sell hogs to the Redcoats. The negotiation comes to a standstill until Abraham steps in and sets up a stronger deal that will allow his father to turn a profit.

Simcoe, Tallmadge, Scott, and others are eating dinner at the farmhouse when the militia from earlier call them out and show themselves to have indeed chosen to switch sides. It's mutiny and they want to take them to Pennsylvania for a ransom. There is a gun fight that leaves some of the men wounded. Simcoe comes out and tries to get some of the mutinous militia to accept him as their leader but he instead knocked in the head with a gun.

Mary has a boarder in her home and rubs his shirt to try to get a stain out of it. He mentions Abe, saying he is a good man, and informs her of his seeing him when passing by the tavern. She immediately becomes suspicious.

Anna is still speaking with Caleb in her barn. He asks her to head to the wharf to see if there are any unattended boats he'll be able to use to "get out of her hair." She agrees and he apologises about Simcoe. She tells him how Abe has said he's "done with this double life." Of course Abe is not actually done with being a spy.

There is a standoff at the farmhouse. Tallmadge tries to talk the mutinous militia down, reminding them of the oaths they took. He tells them they are fighting against he British and King. The militia shoot again and tell them they must come out and surrender.

Richard and Abe get into an argument about morally questionable business tactics of Richard. Richard tells Abe that perhaps he overestimated him. He could have been a worthy man capable of taking care of his family. Richard goes on to compare Abe to his brother but Abe snaps back that his brother is dead. He then storms out and heads to King's College. A Redcoat spots him and tells him to go home. He instead comes across some German Redcoats gathered around a campfire and introduces himself as a cabbage farmer. They give him a bite of sauerkraut and discuss buying cabbage from him. Under this guise of selling and delivering cabbage to them, he is able to learn of some military positions.

Mary visits Anna at the pub and tells her she knows what she has been doing. Mary believes that Anna and Abe have been having an affair and tells her she's willing to allow it to continue so long as their time together is limited. Anna tells her they have not been having an affair, despite the fact that they'd had a secret engagement before Abe called it off since his father would not have approved of the match. Mary doesn't believe this but Anna tells her to simply ask Abe, or even his father.

It's morning and the standoff is still underway at the farmhouse. The militia tell the officers to come out or they will come in shooting. Ben and Scott, who has a leg injury, come out telling them not to shoot. Ben then pulls out his pistol and shoots the milita leader in the head and shoots at another one. Simcoe claps and snidely commends him for his work, all while being tied to a tree.

Abraham makes it back to Anna's house and shares the enemy positions he has learned of with both Anna and Caleb, who is still there. Anna shares the news of Simcoe's death. Caleb was about to tell him the truth but Anna asks him not to, preferring that the bad news come from her or perhaps simply wishing to put it off for as long as possible.

Caleb emerges from the water to hide beneath a blanket near some Redcoats.

At the farmhouse, Tallmadge learns that Washington had escaped and is still alive. General Scott order Tallmadge to execute one of the militia men that Tallmadge has previously promised to spare. Tallmadge would rather take the court martial than go against his word so Scott shoots the man dead anyway.

Caleb comes out from his hiding place on a boat with two oarsmen. He throws them overboard and some Redcoats shoot at them. However, he is already out too far for them to hit him and he continues to row on. Anna and Abe watch from afar with smiles on their faces.

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