Turn S1E4 - "Eternity How Long" Recap

Richard Woodhull, Abe, and his wife and child gather round for the funeral of Captain Thomas Woodhull, one of Abe's brothers. Meanwhile, a Redcoat is flogged for "looking in the wrong direction." He's suspected of allowing some Rebels to get by. High-ranking Redcoats, Major Hewlett and Appleton discuss military positions, and hope to use stone from the gravestones to fire on their opponent from behind. Richard doesn't approve of the idea, saying that the ancestors and loved ones of the townspeople are buried in that cemetery. Hewlett proposes that Richard's loved ones will be immune but Richard still doesn't approve. Another officer comes in to discuss which stones are best to use; only ten appear to be needed. Richard concedes, and agrees to choose the names of the stones that would cause the least protest.

General Scott talks with Captain Tallmadge and Caleb, wanting to know the source of information regarding the positions of the Redcoats, but Tallmadge and Caleb refuse to give Abe's name up. General Scott says he can't trust them if they won't offer him the same courtesy and has paper with the information on it burned.

Abe tries to convince his father not to get involved with the desecration of the gravestones but Richard claims he is simply making the hard decisions that Abe would no doubt run away from.

Major Andre is still cavorting with the prostitute he was previously seen with. At the same establishment, another prostitute plays "Marco Polo" with a Redcoat general before Major Andre interrupts.

Mary puts the moves on Abe, saying she can be anything he wants in order to coax him into having sex with her. She says there should be no secrets between them but she knows there is another in his thoughts. He makes her promise to keep it secret and then shares the news about his father at the gravestones. The following day, Mary is at a knitting circle with some other womyn who press her for information on what Richard is up to. It should surprise no one that she ends up spilling the information about moving the gravestones.

Major Andre interrogates the general, saying he is a deserter of the Royal Army. He threatens to hang him if he doesn't provide useful information. The prostitute he had been involved with is actually in league with Andre and his men. She's screaming as if in pain from the other room when she's actually playing cards.

Mary recites her prayers to Thomas and Abe when they hear a commotion outside. Abe looks out the window and sees at least half the town with torches in hand headed to Richard Woodhull's house. Mary admits to "letting it slip" and apologises to Abe. Richard steps out to meet the villagers who ask him if it's true that the gravestones will be taken. Richard tries to stay diplomatic. Abe rides up and tells them Richard is protecting everyone. Richard declares that no one's stones would be taken without consent of the heads of the families, saying that the stones would be used to protect the families and would expect them to rise to it. He bids them goodnight and they all leave. Abe tells him he has done the right thing but Richard replies that all he's done is take a difficult task and made it impossible.

Caleb and Ben talk about the burned letter and Caleb suggests that Ben rewrite it, "beef it up," and then sneak it through to General Washington.

Richard talks to Lucinda Scudder, trying to convince her to donate a gravestone in order to inspire others. She refuses despite his insistence that he has tried to make Major Hewlett see reason. She tells him that if he forges ahead of this, he might as well be digging his own grave.

A man named Martin comes up to visit Abe, saying that he has a message for Richard: if he tries to take their stones, the townspeople will defend themselves. He goes on to threaten them, saying he knows people in New York who could cause harm to Richard. Abe knocks him down and draws his knife, telling him to never threaten his father again. Martin tells him that though his quarrel had been with Richard, it is now with Abe as well.

Caleb and Ben write up a new letter with false information added to conceal the true intel that they had wanted to get through. General Scott has had a habit of only reading the first bits of whatever he's given so they are successful. General Scott tells them this is the kind of intelligence they should have been bringing him.

Major Hewlett tells Richard off for the current predicament with the gravestones but Richard explains that the townspeople see this as a reproach against God. Richard wants more time but Hewlett tells him if he doesn't give him a list of names by the next day, Appleton will choose which gravestones to move.

Abe is heading out in the middle of the night and Mary enquires where he is going. Abe says he's off to see his father, needing to tell him something.

Major Andre is still keeping up the charade of roughing up the woman, Iris, in order to get his prisoner to talk. Andrew wants him to be in charge of the surrender which, if successful, will see his promoted to the next Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.

Abe arrives at his father's place. Richard asks if he thinks hell exists in more than one place. Abe asks what the Bible says, but Richard says it along with his law books are silent in regards to this. Abe suggest that if Major Hewlett didn't think there was a threat to the town then perhaps the gravestones would be left alone. Abe suggests that he lead the townspeople to Hewlett's place to protest moving the stones. Richard doesn't see why this would work. Abe points out that Hewlett is acting like a capricious King. Richard sees Abe's point that Hewlett won't want to lose the town and agrees to go forth with this plan. Abe helps his father to bed while he babbles about another of his dead sons.

The letters written by Caleb and Ben are added to a desk completely covered with letters. It is unknown how long it will take for the intel to reach General Washington.

Richard leads the townspeople to Hewlett's place of residence. He declares how he was always against the plan. He speaks to the townspeople of how they have forgotten to consider that God wants sacrifice and that this is more important than what he or Hewlett wants. He speaks of God's sacrificing his only son to save them all and in order to punctuate this, he goes and digs up the gravestone of his son, Captain Thomas Woodhull. This inspires the other townsfolk to begin digging up the stones of their loved ones, while Abe looks on in quiet horror. Martin goes to Abe and asks for him to ask for Richard's forgiveness but Abe tells him to ask him himself, which he does quietly.

Hewlett tells another officer that he had chosen the gravestones because he knew that Rebels would not to fire upon them. He goes on to say that this is how you tame a colony. Not through battle, but through winning their hearts and mind.

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