Vikings Recap S2E8: Boneless

Blood falls into the water as Princess Aslaug prepares to bear yet another baby. She struggles with the birth, Ragnar watches in horror. Siggy and Ragnar worry over her. Siggy whispers to her, trying to convince to push the baby out and chose life. Aslaug bears down, and pushes the baby out. It lives, but she doesn’t look happy to see him. The midwifes look concerned as well.

King Horik wants to go west soon, but Lagertha tells him that she must return to her lands, to prepare her ships when Porunn comes and tells them that Aslaug has had another son. Bjorn thinks that he should go congradulate his father, and Lagertha wonders who Porunn is to her son. Bjorn says that she is a servant, slave and that he is in love with her.

Aslaug and Ragnar look at their new child. Something is wrong with him, his intestines look to be on the outside. Another prophecy has come to pass.

Lagertha prepares to leave. King Horik tells her to not be too long, and reminds her that they are equals, and that Ragnar must come to understand that they are all equals. Lagertha agrees. Siggy comes with a cloak to keep Lagertha warn, and she questions what is wrong with Ragnar’s child. Siggy claims nothing, but it raises questions in King Horik.

Rollo trains intensely with Bjorn. He warns him not to die stupidly, and with youthful zeal he pounces. Rollo reminds him that he could if he wished. He slashes Bjorn across the stomach, and arm, advising him to always finish his opponents. Rollo remarks that Lagertha is a remarkable woman, and Bjorn remembers that his uncle was once in love with her. Rollo knows that it was a futile emotion, and Bjorn tells him that the Gods love man too, and it is not futile. So philosophical all of a sudden.

Ragnar ponders killing the child, reasoning that he will die soon anyways. He doesn’t see the point of pretending. Animals would discard a weak child, but Aslaug tells him that they are not animals. Ragnar knows that a baby such as him would not live a good life, and although she knows that, she doesn’t care.

In the Kingdom of Wessex, Athelstan and the others await Princess Kwenthrith, the leader of Mercia. She killed her brother, the rightful heir for a chance at the throne. The kingdom is beset by the nasty squabble. Athelstan hopes that King Ecbert plans to avoid the kingdom, but being that it’s the largest and richest kingdom, Aethelwulf doesn’t see that happening. Athelstan looks upon the murderess as King Ecbert welcomes her to the kingdom.

Ragnar sits in a small boat alone with his thoughts. In the dead of night he creeps back into his home and takes his new babe. Ragnar thinks that there is no other way, his heart breaking as he holds the child. Ragnar places the baby upon the ground, and axe in hand prepares to do his duty. He walks away, leaving the child behind. Aslaug finds the baby unharmed.

Lagertha rides through the woods and returns home. She is welcomed by her people, happy to see her return. She tells them that they will have to do without her presence longer. She tells her people to be ready by the next full moon to raid with King Horik and Ragnar.

There is a celebration for the arrival of Princess Kwenthrith, who remarks that she does not eat meat, that it’ll kill you. She notices Athelstan, and asks who he is. King Ecbert tells her that he was once held captive by the Northmen, and she is fascinated by him, and the Vikings. She asks about the human sacrifices. He tells her that they do, every nine years. She asks about their ideas of fidelity. He thinks it to be different than their own, she asks if it is more natural. He has naughty visions of the princess, but repeats that it is different than their own. King Ecbert brings up the princess’ brother, and she tells him that her less than virtuous brother has already been sainted. She cuts to the chase, she knows why King Ecbert has invited her here, and she’s sure that her faction will win the throne in the end. Ecbert would like to send his son as an advisor to her, which she is keen on for more than just advice, and he’d like to hire some Northmen muscle. The mention of the Vikings again gets a rise out of the Princess, she would very much like to meet a few of them.

Lagertha soaks in her bath. She’s being watched, and she knows it. She invites her peeper to come in. He’d like to speak to her, but she makes him wait until she is out of the tub. He thought that they had an agreement, he’d help her become earl, and then they would wed. She did not make any such arrangements with him or anyone else. He wanted to be rid of Sigvard because he was crazy, and she killed him. He seizes her, pulling out her blade. He tells her that if he cannot enjoy her then he will open up her pretty face, but he doesn’t freighten her. If he was as powerful as he thought then his family would have made him Earl rather than her. He cannot and will not hurt her.

Siggy comes to see what is wrong with Aslaug’s baby. She tells her that everyone talks, but no one knows, that sooner or later she will have to present the baby, that she cannot keep him covered up forever. Aslaug shows Siggy the baby’s legs, they are twisted. The baby will never walk. Siggy agrees with Ragnar, she must leave the baby to die, but Aslaug would rather die herself than to do that to her baby.

King Ecbert beds Princess Kwenthrith and she thinks that she nearly killed him. He’s merely spent, but she is clearly not. He cannot play anymore though, and she inquires after the priest. Sure he’s a priest, but he spent time with the Pagans, and surely knows how to please a woman. King Ecbert thinks him to be a man of God. She has never met a man of God who didn’t like to rut like animals. King Ecbert asks if she would like to sleep, but sleep is the last thing on her mind. King Ecbert leaves her chambers with the promise of sending in some warriors to fulfill her needs.

Lagertha has returned with her ships, and she’s welcomed back by her son. She somberly embraces him before heading in. Ragna sits with Aslaug as she looks upon her son. He tells her that the child should have a name, and she tells her that his name Ivard. He calls him Ivard the Boneless. The people prepare for the upcoming raid. Bjorn goes to Porunn. He tells her that he should not talk to her, many wishes that he does not, but that it does not matter as he believes that he will die in battle. He kisses her, and he returns the kisses. Siggy watches the preparations. Floki tells Helga that there is something wrong with him, that he plans to travel with King Horik, because he understands the dark gods that haunt him. Siggy goes to Rollo, assuring him that she will be there for him when he returns if that is what he wishes. Goodbyes are made all around, some more saddening than others. The horn sounds, it is time. The ships set out while the women and children watch from above.

Dolphins swim among the Viking ships. Something is bothering Ragnar. He was told by the seer that Athelstan is alive, though King Horik told him otherwise. This raises Lagertha’s concern, and moreso when he tells her that King Horik said that Athelstan betrayed them. King Horik continues to spin his webs with Loki, asking how Ragnar is treating him. He tries to entice him to come build boats for him. He tells him that he needs his ideas, that they come from the Gods. Rollo asks Bjorn where his thoughts are. His thoughts are on battle, but Rollo assures  him that he has nothing to fear, that he will be by his side the whole time. Land is spotted.

Athelstan continues his writing. King Ecbert tells him that his friends have returned, that one of the ships bears the flag of Ragnar. He hopes that he can strike a bargain with Ragnar, and Athelstan tells him that he will listen to reason. King Ecbert makes it clear that if Ragnar will not play nice he will wipe him out. Athelstan goes back to his text, but cannot concentrate.

Ragnar and his people set up their camp. Ragnar paces, and King Horik watches him. Ragnar tries to look nonchalant, but he’s watching everyone. King Horik asks where Torstein is headed, Ragnar tells him that he is headed to King Ecbert, to tell him that they are there to speak, not fight. King Horik is upset that Ragnar took it upon himself to do that without consulting with the rest of them, and even Lagertha admits that it was a bad move. King Horik knows that King Ecbert will resort to trickery. Ragnar knows that the meeting didn’t go well, and Rollo keeps an eye on Floki who’s acting odder than usual.

King Ecbert prays. The Northmen prepare for attack as a group of riders approach. King Ecbert has sent his own son to meet with them. King Ecbert scatters sand. The Vikings wait to see what the envoy has to say. Aethelwulf tells him that his father wishes to speak with him, and Ragnar is ready to do so if they do a hostage exchange. Aethelwulf agrees, and gives Ragnar’s Athelstan’s bracelet. It was a gift that Ragnar gave to him personally, proving that he still leaves. Aethelwulf tells him that Athelstan is awaiting at King Ecbert’s villa, and Ragnar informs him that all of them will come to the Villa. The Riders head back when they’re ambushed. They’re slaughtered by a group of Northmen, lead by King Horik’s son. Only Aethelwulf survives the slaughter. He goes after the boy, but he’s far ahead.


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