Da Vinci's Demons S2E7 - "The Vault of Heaven" Recap

Ima announces that she and Leonardo will be entering the vault alone, and Riario is less than pleased about this. But then her father announces that all of Leonardo's company will enter the vault with them.

Clarice continues to enjoy her affair with Carlo. While the eye-for-an-eye policy may leave the world blind, it's not much of a stretch that she would find comfort in the arms of another given Lorenzo's horrendous mistreatment of her. Assassins break in and Carlo fights them off in magnificent fashion, leaving one of them dead. Clarice ushers Vanessa away, wanting her unborn child to be further protected. It all appears to be a continuation of the scheming going on by people looking to take over the bank of Medici.

Leonardo, Ima, and the others must work together to get to the Vault of Heaven, as there are many booby-traps through which they must safely navigate. To begin, Leonardo had to design a self-powered cart which was light enough to cross a path to the other side. Using some ropes, Leonardo used a lever on it to open the door and allowed the group to reach it without being harmed. However, Ima's father refused to continue on, telling her he would mourn the loss of her life when she failed.

The second test requires Da Vinci's strong understanding of numbers. The platform on which they are standing is gradually receding but Da Vinci manages to figure out that the keyhole for which they are searching is actually on the bottom of it.

Throughout the episode, we also see Lucrezia visiting Bayezid Osman, the son of a Sultan in the Ottoman army. She appears to be aiming to recruit his allegiance, telling him she wants to bring him to Rome, though it's not yet clear what her larger plan is. Bayezid ends up taking Lucrezia captive, not trusting her.

Leonard successfully makes it past the puzzle of the third test that showed the men working together only for Ima to pop back up and double cross them. She was not happy about his entering the vault without her and says she knows his heart belong to another. They hear a voice calling Leonardo's name before they head out, with Leonardo certain of it being his mother. We had to know this betrayal was coming, given the opening scene of the season and now we're left to wonder how Da Vinci will manage to think his way out of this one.

Da Vinci's Demons airs on Starz on Saturdays at 9PM.


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