Da Vinci's Demons S2E8 - "The Fall From Heaven" Recap

Leonardo and Riario are imprisoned yet again. They're discussing their likely short futures and Riario reveals that he was raised in a monastery by the imposter-Pope. Ima visits them and says they will be sacrificed to please their gods so she and her people will receive access to the Book of Leaves. Zoroaster and Nico will be spared, as they are now slaves. Leonardo is able to get a message to Zoroaster telling him to get out of there. Nico kills a guard and the pair set out to find an escape.

Ippolita tells Lorenzo she wants to run away with him but he is committed to the people over which he rules.

Leonardo and Riario are led up to be sacrificed, as they were seen in the season's opening. Zoroaster and Nico are still looking around trying to orchestrate a way for all of them to go free. Riario is about to be killed but Leonardo is able to get the jump on his captors and holds a sword to the neck of the leader. He addresses the crowd while Ima translates. He says that he had gotten close to the Book of Leaves and implores them to give him permission to return to the Vault of Heaven. A bomb goes off, courtesy of Zoroaster and Leonardo steals the ring back from Ima.

The Sultan's son visits Sixtus but since he didn't know that Lucrezia had not visited him under Sixtus' orders, he and his men are thrown out after some wicked sword-fighting and combat. Lucrezia is meeting with Jacob Pasha, who is an adviser to the Sultan. He knows her true identity and threatens to expose her, thereby undermining whatever plans she has in being there.

Ippolita's husband Alfonso schemed with Sixtus against Lorenzo. Piero meets with an emissary but ends up kidnapped by pirates. Ippolita has Lorenzo meet with them to try to earn favour. Lorenzo and Ippolita are able to best the pirates but Ippolita reveals that she had orchestrated the entire thing to make Lorenzo look good.

Leonardo, Riario, Zoroaster, and Nico head into the vault, pursued by Ima and her people, and lock themselves in to lock their would-be captors out. Leonardo hears his mother's voice and grows frantic but still manages to get the vault open. Upon getting inside, he finds a shiny metal head that plays a recording of his mother's voice. He's able to hear a longer message from his mother that tells him that the only way he can find the Book of Leaves is to give up his quest to find her. They must then make their escape and Leonardo instructs them on how to fashion a parachute. They all jump out of the vault with Leonardo going last while Ima pleads with him to not take the book from her people. He tells her there was no book and she says, "Then we are all doomed." Everyone lands relatively safely but Riario ends up with a broken leg. Zoroaster wants to leave him behind but Leonardo and Nico insist on bringing him along.

Lorenzo begins having sex with Ippolita but they are interrupted by a message saying that the king will see him now. The meeting goes well but then Alfonso returns home with Sixtus, who demands Lorenzo's surrender.

Leonardo and the others are waiting on the shore. In private, Riario tells Leonardo about how Sixtus tested his resolve. He tasked Riario with killing a Jewish prostitute and as he carried out the task, he realised that he was killing his own mother. Riario says he has been foolish to follow the Book of Leave to the end of the world, thinking it would absolve him of his sins. Da Vinci remains intent of finding it. It's then that they spot the Amerigo headed their way.

Da Vinci's Demons airs on Saturdays on Starz at 9PM.


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