Da Vinci's Demons S2E9 - "The Enemies of Man" Recap

Leonardo and the rest of his group are still on the ship headed back. Leonardo is trying to mend the brass bust and is annoyed at his not having the right tools to work more efficiently. Riario says he intends to return to the Pope, despite Leonardo's warnings that the Pope won't be gentle. They head out onto the bow of the ship and note that their friendship/alliance will come to an end once they reach the oncoming land.

The oracle has been questioning Lucrezia with the same three questions for several days now: Who sent you here? The Pope. Where are you from? Florence. What's your name? Lucrezia Donati. The Italian, Jacob Pasha, comes in and asks what she has learned. Much to Lucrezia's shock, the oracle states that there are two Popes, with one being kept in secret. Lucrezia's father is seeking war, which is another shock for Lucrezia.

Leo, Zoroaster, Nico, and Amerigo are back in Florence and it's raining. Amerigo invites them over for a drink but Leo wants to stop at Veroocchio's studio first. Verrocchio tries to tell him some news but Leo is too excited about showing him the head. It's then that Medici palace guards come charging in and take them all in chains to the Medici palace. Clarice is chained to a fancy chair. Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, announces that the Pope paid him a large sum to take over Florence. Clarice says that Lorenzo has gone to undo Naples' alliance with the Pope but the Duke says it's more likely that he slipped off to France with a new mistress.

The Pope wants Lorenzo to surrender the bank of Medici. Lorenzo offers to give all the Medici gold to King Ferrante if he will guarantee the safety of Florence and its people. The Pope insists that it's not a negotiation but Ferrante says that being offered the opportunity to become the richest man in Italy indeed does make it a negotiation.

Leo and Nico are thrown into the prison where they are reunited with Vanessa, who is very close to giving birth to Giuliano's baby.

Ippolita gets affectionate towards Lorenzo in the dining hall, an unwise move when pretend-Pope Sixtus is skulking around.

Riario visits the true Pope, Francesco, and begs for forgiveness. Francesco refuses, reminding him of how he stood by while his youngest daughter was killed and the fact that his actions led to Lucrezia having to whore herself. Riario says if he is not forgiven, he will have nothing. Francesco replies, "Nothing is what you deserve." It's a moving scene for Riario, as he seems to be truly repentant and tearfully walks off while leaving the keys and heads to the Pope's chambers.

Leo is brought to and put in the stocks and is temporarily left alone with Carlo, who is also in the stocks. They're meant to be tortured but Zoroaster and Amerigo show up disguised as the Duke's torturers and knock out the guard before releasing Leo and Carlo. They meet up with Verrochio and Leo is set on their taking back he city. Captain Dragonetti reveals himself and discards their initial plans to get into the Palace. But then Leo has an idea: the windows! He's off on one of his whizzing mind-palace moments and a plan is concocted; in short, Leo will gas the Palace.

The oracle brings Lucrezia some water and assures her that she did help by informing them about her father. She sees war in every possibility her father imagined but he will bring peace when he is Pope again. She also says that the dead are always peaceful.

Leo has put a catapult together that will deliver his chemical concoction. He chats with Carlo, who is curious about the Book of Leaves. Unfortunately, Dragonetti, Amerigo, and Zoroaster get captured while attempting to steal pliable needed for their plan. Carlo is able to help Leo with the situation by reminding him of the grate that leads to the forge. Nico defends Vanessa from the unwanted advances of a jailer and it inspires the others in the cell to keep him from going through with his intentions to force himself on her.

Leo and Carlo climb up the forge chimney and reach the rooftop. They go about leaping from one rooftop to another and Leo reaches a spot where he is able to watch the Duke's festivities. Clarice is dolled up like a peacock and is forced to serve drinks. The Duke warns her that she'll give herself to him willingly, the only way he will have her. The Duke then demands entertainment and brings Dragonetti, Amerigo and Zoroaster in. Amerigo and Zoroaster are tied together and directed to fight to the death. Amerigo lands several devastating blows.

Leo has prepared the gas and drops it down into the room where it explodes, knocking everyone out except for the Duke who had covered his mouth. Leo rappels down and also covers his mouth before grabbing some swords and following after the Duke. They're both strong fighters but Leo is able to use the fact that the Duke has only one eye to calculate a disadvantage. He breaks off the tip of one of his swords and puts it down, betting that the Duke will pick it up and he does. He keeps trying to cut Da Vinci but he's unable to do so, as his lack of perspective has been his undoing. Leo gets the upper hand and then Clarice comes in, ordering him to stay his hand before taking a sword and stabbing him through his good eye herself.

Lucrezia is bathed and scrubbed in front of Jacob.

Riario walks into a lake while it's raining and declares he will embrace his penance bfore slitting his wrists. But a hooded figure is shown to be watching him from afar. There's no way this is the end of Riario.

The entire city of Florence is celebrating its freedom and Clarice is dressing in the Palace to join the festivities. She thanks Leonardo and he says that anyone would have done the same in his position. She doesn't understand his humility and he says he has had an enlightening. She returns his sword to him and says there is a reason Lorenzo wanted him to have it. Verrocchio runs in and says he has something urgent to show Leonardo.

Lorenzo comes to speak to Ferrante but he is dead. His eyes have been removed by Alfonso, who summons his wife and orders her to render the king's verdict: "He rejects your offer and will honour the agreement to be the sword of Rome." Then the evil Pope comes in to demand the gold.

Verrocchio has brought Leonardo back to his workshop where he as reassembled the brazen head and Leonardo's mother's message is played in its entirety. "Leonardo my dearest, I was betrayed. I could not keep the Book of Leaves here. The only way you will find its location is if you give up your quest for me. You must beware of the Labyrinth. Beware the Enemies of Man. They are everywhere." Additionally, there are musical tones in the background forming a coded message.

Riario wakes suspended upside down . A man who had apparently rescued him tells him that he was dead but now he is born again. He says that they are the Enemies of Man.

Leonardo deciphers the notes and from them realises that his mother is alive and in Vinci. Verrocchio walks off to prepare the supplies they'll need to take the trip. It's then that Carlo reveals himself and says that the head is from Leo's mother and she too will pay for the sins of Daedalus. Cargo slices Leo down the chest and Leo realises that Carlo is the Labyrinth. Carlo had taken the book from the Vault of Heaven but Leo's mother had stolen it back and disappeared with it. Only one map was left and da Vinci has led them right to it.

Verrocchio comes in and Carlo axes him in the stomach when he tries to help the wounded Leonardo. Leo cuts the rope which sends a flying machine knocking Carlo back. There are voices calling so Carlo pulls some shelves down and starts a fire before heading out. Leo cradles the dying Verrocchio and promises to fix this and make things right. Verrocchio's dying words are, "I know you will, my boy. You know no other way." Leonardo lies beside him while the workshop burns.

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