Exclusive Interview with Supernatural's Lindsey McKeon

The lovely and talented Lindsey McKeon’s character on Supernatural may have bit the big one recently, but she was nice enough to stop by and talk to us about the show, her character, and what she’s up to next.

I have to save the boy and girls on our site are huge fans of your character on Supernatural. She had this super tough exterior, but this gooey center and because of her I think the audience saw a bit more of Dean’s softer side. But looking back I saw that you were only in four episodes, but in that short time you were a real fan favorite. Does it surprise you to hear how much fans took to your character?

I didn’t know I was a real fan favorite. (Laughs) That’s news! But yeah, they were so supportive this time and on twitter. I’m always so humbled and grateful when I am a fan favorite. To me, it means I’m sort of doing a job well done, that I’ve done some justice to the character. So, I think I have this time. I think it was known and recognized, I think that the fans sort of loved the relationship between Dean and Tessa and it’s kind of like they come up against each other, they bicker together a lot because they’re so strong willed. They both believe in what they believe in, usually their beliefs conflict with each other, but at the same time there’s a fun back and forth there. It’s like ‘Oh, somebody gets me. Somebody can challenge me at the same time. They don’t make it easy for me, this is exciting.’

When you got the role did you do any research?

I do my own research for my character’s sake, and for their human behavior for the character. And then I did research when I went up to Vancouver and had some questions about the storyline and some things that had happened, so I wanted to be clear on that twist before I think. The assistant producer or the associate producer is just like a Supernatural encyclopedia and he gave me a brief breakdown of everything Supernatural.

Your character had a very surprising ending this last week.

Correct. But some people did call it. They didn’t think she was going to off herself, but they were like ‘Please don’t kill off this female character!’

I think every single one of use were like “Noooooo!”

I watched it with people too. I did an After Buzz TV interview, and I watched it with the people who did the interview, and it was so cute to watch them in the room.  They were like “Oh, no!’ Yeah, the reaction was fantastic.

Well, we all know with Supernatural, that dead isn’t always dead. Is there anything that you wanted to do that you didn’t get a chance to do?

Hmmm. I almost feel that at every level she has completed something, and done what she was suppose to do, but you know it constantly evolved as I do. And, I think there is always so much more that can be done, especially with the fact that Tessa is now in this…Well, we don’t actually know where she is. You know she says its nothingness, maybe its sort of a purgatory  or maybe it’s a whole other realm. Or maybe she’s being punished and she’s herself will go to an angel/reaper hell.  I think there are so many possibilities, and I think it would be interesting to see where she is and what happens there.

Well I certainly hope that we get a chance to see it.  The show is in its ninth season, its coming back for a tenth, and while I hope it doesn’t end any time soon, but how do you envision Supernatural ending?

Oh my gosh! I have no idea. I’ve heard some theories about Sam and Dean not necessarily working with each other anymore and being the light and the darkness. So that’s kind of an interesting theory. So Dean would kind of being working for a darker side and Sam for a lighter side. And that could be kind of interesting, it could be. Maybe nowadays people do it more, because a lot of shows don’t end that way. They like to end on a happy note for fans, where everything works out and life’s going to be great. For these characters.

We’ll just let Tessa sit on the big throne at the end, and make everything good, all Game of Thrones Style.

Yes! Exactly.

Well the boys on that show: Jensen, Jared and Misha, are known to be pranksters. Did you fall victims to any of their antics?

No. They didn’t do anything necessarily pranksterish to me. But there is always a lot of joking, like little pokes, and jabs, and fun stuff happening. So what’s great about it is that the whole thing is taken so lightly. So we everybody has fun, and it’s just like you’re working, but you’re playing at the same time which is absolutely fantastic. You know factors can be different than that obviously, we’ve heard stories. During one of the scenes I accidently, when it was Jensen’s coverage, I accidently left my iPhone playing and I thought I paused the music, and through my headphones during the scene you hear this great background music through his close-ups. I was mortified, but he took it in such good stride, and went through the entire scene and laughed about it afterwards and just joked about it instead of just being a pissed off actor, which he could have done but he definitely didn’t.

I saw that you have done a lot of television and film roles, do you prefer one medium over the other?

I do. I’ve always preferred film. Television is a little, well its hard. When you’re guest starring or recurring it’s a little bit easier because you’re in and out. And something else is that the days aren’t as long. But when you’re on a show, and you think it’s going to go maybe a couple of years, and here you are going into the tenth season, like Supernatural, it’s shocking. No one thinks you’re going to be on a show for ten years. So for me, film allows me to be more real than television, because you’re blown up on such a large screen that every subtle moment is picked up. So you don’t need to do anything big. For me, that has always been enticing, and exciting. I love working on things and different characters too for a few months and then going onto the next one. I’m a little like I always want to experience more. I feel like there’s so much here in this world that I want to experience as much as I can while I’m here. And so film allows me do that more, with TV you’re only doing one character while you’re on that show.

If you could guess star on any show, or in a movie series, which would it be and who would you play?

(Laughs) I just said Newsroom to someone else, so for you I would say either Girls or Penny Dreadful is kind of a cool new show.

Yes! I’ve been watching Penny Dreadful and loving it.

Yeah, I really like it, the acting is superb. So either someone on that show or you know some crazy tough girl on Girls to cause some trouble. (Laughs) I’d want to knock those girls around a little bit.

I love it. You’ve got a couple of movies that are in post production, can you talk about those?

Yes. Indigenous is a horror film, about five friends who go to Panama for a wonderful vacation and some local Panamanians take them out into the jungle and they come into contact with this awful indigenous creature the chupacabra. Then Flock of Dudes should be coming out towards the end of the year and it’s a comedy with Hilary Duff, Ray Liotta, Hannah Symone, a bunch of people, and that one should be pretty funny. I think audiences will really enjoy that.

Are there any actors that you would like to work with that you haven’t have a chance to?

I always say Angelina Jolie. She will always be my absolute favorite, and Matt Damon is just so stunning as an actor. I’d love to work with him and learn from him.

I know a lot of the other cast members from Supernatural are doing the Creation Entertainment Salute to Supernatural conventions and showing up at other conventions. Any chance we’re going to get to see you pop up at one of those?

I’m not sure. I think a lot of them are quite booked up. We’ve looked into it. I would absolutely love to. I’ve done one in the past with Rogue in Birmingham, especially since Tessa has come out now in the most recent episode, I think it would be great to have her back at these conventions in front of the fans. We’re definitely working on it.

Looking for more Lindsey? You can catch her on twitter at @MyLindseyMckeon


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